Sunday, 22 May 2011


Today is so blustery I actually just found some washing that had fallen off and into a bush full of bees!

Been for a lovely family walk as the husband is working all weekend but on the late shift so we do get the lunchtime period to do "stuff" and it's always a walk around the fields or villages.

I stuck a joint of beef and spuds to roast away in the oven, made a quick berry crumble, got three loads of washing out on the line and away we went.

To this gorgeous countryside nearby. I never, ever tire of it.

Kids always love freedom and fresh air don't they?!

The Princess and I (wearing that cherry tree tunic top again)

Was very pleased we didn't have roast lamb awaiting us!
Off to three cherry tree shops in the morning, all being well,  so hoping for some bargains. It's hard to know what to wear when the weather can't make up its mind. It is blue skies and sunshine again now but it was a different story earlier.

Desperate for more hot sun, I love the roasting heat. I could hack living abroad when the sun shines constantly. I hate being cold - don't tell the husband but I had the electric blanket on last night. End of May. Tut tut.

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