Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Better get my skates on...

I didn't blog yesterday as was out all day and didn't get home with the children until 7.30pm, waaaaay past their bedtime. How wild for a Monday night.

We had tea at a friend's and she and I were having a right good catch up while the children ran around like feral animals and at 6pm, she realised the dinner should have been cooking and had forgotten - whoops! We go off on terrible tangents and she fills me in on the gossip but I want all the details AT ONCE so I interrupt her a thousand times,  the conversation takes forever, and dinner was finally served at 6.30pm but the kids loved it and we as always had a blast!

Yesterday morning I took the Prince on the train (he spent the whole time saying "choo choo") and we went to a great messy play session, followed by a visit to the charity shops.

Look what I found for the Princess.

For a bargain £2 from Oxfam

I love her cutesy socks (her bridesmaid socks!)

Happy as Larry (whoever he was...)

I then found the most exquisite LK Bennett suit in Oxfam which I kind of regret not buying, It was electric blue tweed skirt and jacket with gorgeous blue and yellow floral lining and a steal at just £12.99.

But the jacket made me look too booby (let's face it, what doesn't) so I decided against it. And have been obsessing ever since. Grrrrr. But I think it is mainly because I know how much LK Bennett suits are brand new and this one was in amazing condition. Am trying to move on, but struggling.

Today has been my evil day. Tuesday is ALWAYS my evil day. You can guarantee I will have a bad night's sleep and then I work all day, the husband has the Prince and then he rushes into my work place at 3pm, drops off the Prince and dashes to catch his train into London for a late shift. By which point he has already done a day's work and is exhausted and slightly bad tempered.

By 3pm I am usually on my knees with tiredness as work is very busy and I rarely come up for air. Then it's the school run and the usual madness.

And just when I was hoping to relax tonight it's looks like I will be working! I got a new freelance job and actually I am thrilled about this one as I love the company and it beats writing about house building, which I had to do a few years ago. Recently I've been travel writing and that was hard work as deadlines were tight but really lovely to write once I'd researched the places. Not that I actually get to go to any of these places, but still!

So now I am clearing up the aftermath of the afternoon, washing up (WHY don't we have a dishwasher?), sorting the washing, bathtime and bed routine and then will start getting my brain into gear for the writing job.


xx home bird xx said...

Ooh, reminds me of Xanadu! Another favourite film/soundtrack of mine.

Absolute BARGAIN and the Princess looks thrilled! I'm going to give this 'cherry tree' thing a whirl. Wish we lived in a posher area, I'm sure there are better quality thrift stores in the nicer towns.

Shame about the body cream - bit weird that Waitrose would get it by mistake but must admit they haven't replenished the stock. Grrr.

Hey, you've got 6 followers now... we're getting actual readers, you and me!

Nicki x

Romi and Bob said...

Hi, just found your blog via somewhere else. I wouldn't mind a pair of thise boots, it was such fun as a kid.
I love the skirt you found in a chazza shop. I no longer live in the UK and I really miss my hunts around the charity shops.
I couldn't help but smile about the birdie poo incident. You have my sympathy. I had one poo on my fave purple coat recently. But I was going to say, don't chuck the skirt, see if you can customise it in some way. I am always gutted when my fave clothes are ruined.
I love your pics of you in your outfits, looking gorgeous and happy. It has inspired me to put a bit more of me on my blog.
Will say bye now, I do ramble on,