Tuesday 12 July 2011

Silliness and treasures

Never, ever ask a fisherman if he has crabs............it doesn't go down well.

I did this in Whitstable on Sunday morning at the fish market. My friend dared me to do it with a sensible face and no smirking; she knows I love a challenge. I was brave and ballsy but the fisherman wasn't best pleased.

His eventual response? "Don't worry, you'd be safe with me, love."

It was my turn to be speechless.

Still obsessing about my weekend for all the wonderful moments as well as the Noo Noo moment. Am in the middle of writing a little news story for the local Whitstable rag as well as blogging at the moment. I will track that lost toy down, but until I do, I promise not to keep mentioning him. Would hate to lose followers over it...

I bought these beauties for £1 each from a cherry tree shop whilst in Whitstable.

Can imagine a mini knickerbocker glory in these!

NEVER iron tea towels. Ever

Just added some frozen raspberries for a "bit of fancy"
Have my parents coming on Friday so will make individual Trifle Crawfords as the kids and the husband love it.

Wore a £2 cherry tree shop dress today and four people complimented me in it. It's one of those dresses that I think makes me look pregnant as it is quite "balloony" at the front and back (under the bust). But a chap at work loved it, so did a cashier in Waitrose and a couple of mums on the school run.

I really delighted in saying "Oh thanks, it's a cherry tree number" until I realise they have NO idea what I am wittering on about. The only pic I have of me wearing it at the mo is one Cuckoo took in May. Yer tis.

Actually you can hardly see it.
 Will get another pic soon

 Oh and note to self. When you give the children an ice lolly in the garden, in the hope it will buy you extra blogging minutes, never assume they are still slurping lollies whilst you continue to lose yourself in Blogland.

Instead, the Princess decided to dress herself up as a boy called James. One of her favourite pastimes.

 I then heard much wailing as the Prince walked down the stairs. Dressed as a fairy. Sparkle to be precise.

And actually deciding to wear the pink Crocs, rather than his own blue ones.
 He seemed to get over it though and rather enjoyed prancing around the garden giggling like a girl. Must not encourage this though I guess. Will find his rugby ball tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

haha Gem ,you do make me chuckle!!Naughty girl!I think the prince makes a gorgeous sparkle fairy.xxx

sarah said...

ha ha love the crab moment brilliant , zumba is so much fun isnt it glad you enjoyed xx

Grateful4Crochet said...

oh how James and Sparkle made me laugh!!!

Unknown said...

I felt bad about my comment on yesterday's post. I sounded really unsympathetic about the Noo Noo, didn't I. I didn't mean to, I was just reading as I went to bed and the whole comment trail was making me giggle. I know how distressing it is for children to lose their comforts - hope you find it. Great idea to put a story in the local newspaper, might jog some memories. Is your husb still in the dog house?

Love those little bowls, what a find! Did make me laugh that you put frozen raspberries in for 'a bit of fancy'. ha ha! Wish wish wish I lived near you, I'd be popping over for coffee and a laugh all the time.

You look super pretty in that photo Cuckoo took, you know. I'd like to see more of that dress too, I think I have it. Is it from Great Plains??

Nicki xx

Cuckoo said...

Yep that dress is the biz on you!

James?? Riiiiight. God she's magic!

Sparkle, ah poor little bugger!!!


Sarah said...

Fab sundae dishes, I have a set from when we were kids but don't use them much as I'd hate to break them but that's a bit silly really isn't it?

Would love your recipe for Trifle Crawford and a piccie - actually thinking about it I have a trifle dish as old as me too - in amber glass, very 1970's!!

You go on about the lost Noo Noo as much as you like hunny, 'tis your blog and should be *you*, that's what we love!!

S x

April May said...

you and your fam are just great! xxx good luck with the no no hunt, I hope the prince is sleeping ok without him x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

too funny! love how her alter ego has a name...
off to see how unsympathetic homebird was...!
(then dramatically strike her from my friends list!)
fee x
(ps postage on said replacement toy only cost $6.95 so at £17 all in - I think it's a bargain. Can't wait to see Cleggys response when he sees it...especially since we already know that #2 son has no interest whatsoever)

Tracy Glover said...

Aw, you look so pretty in your dress. I love it that the kids like to dress up, it looks like lots of fun. Eliska is a funny one. She likes dolls, but she can often be seen cradling a car in her little hand.
Eliska has never had a noo noo, or any toy she is particluarly attached to. She had a lovely Miffy that got lost, but I was gutted and she was oblivious.!
I do remember having a Cheekaboo and dropping it in the road and my mum wouldn't let me pick it up because of the cars! I still feel sad when I think about it. I hope you find the noo noo. It must be awful. My friend's little boy had his toy monkey nabbed from him by another tot in the supermarket, but luckily, she got him back.x

Bee said...

Ow Gem, still no news on noo noo, fingers crossed he turns up. My two are always loosing their comforters, little lady has a favourite dolly called 'darlin' whose got a wonky (or as she says honkey) eye and little lad has a miniature spiderman toy and that has gone missing many times BUT has always turned up, he was once left in a train station and 3hrs later we found him...

Loving the princesses stance, looks like a rebel, she much take after her mum, CROCS, I use to hate them, now I love them, was given a free pair today, so many colours to choose x x x x