Tuesday 5 July 2011

Working 9 to 5 (and the rest)

Hoorah, I have more freelance work. Not only am I writing more, but I have now landed a proof reading job on top. Just need to fit it all in now around family life, cleaning, nap time for the toddler, the day I do at the dental surgery etc etc...oh dear. Some late nights coming up I think, however it keeps me out of mischief.

But next September the Prince starts pre-school (2012, not this coming September) and then I will have three hours extra time to write and read. I am delighted, busy is good, and it distracts me from the biscuit tin.

Still time for cherry tree shopping of course. The Princess is doing far better than me in the cherry tree clothes though as I've picked up these shorts/skirt/culotte ensemble from Oxfam. Originally from Gymboree, they are very cute and perfect for the beach.

Bath time was interesting. The Prince did a vanishing act to avoid being washed at all costs. Finally found a clue in the Princess's room...

Hmm where CAN he be?!


Too cheeky by far

(100th time) BATH TIME!!!! Come on children.

15 mins later (with me flagging and getting irritable)
 Having breakfast at the garden centre with a friend tomorrow after the school run, and then my nose will be to the grindstone if the Prince allows it. Hoping the play area at the garden centre will exhaust him so he sleeps longer!


Grateful4Crochet said...

congrats on the extra work- that's great!!

Rebecca said...

What is it with boys? My 3 year has no fear jumping into a swimming pool yet try and wash his face or hair and all hell breaks loose - on a good day the morning wash will take 15mins on a bad day a good hour chasing him round the house!! x