Sunday 31 July 2011

Horse's eye, my finger and other such random gubbins

I stuck my finger in a horse's eye today. A total accident but I can't get the squelching sensation out of my head. I really hope he was OK and not in pain.

"Get your freakin' hand away from my eye, lady"

We'd gone for a pub lunch but were early so decided to walk through some horse fields. Only this horse looked playful and I got the fear. I went to pat him, in the hope he would let me leave (he was in the way), he jerked his head towards me and I jabbed him. It felt horrid - like poking a pickled egg - and I felt queasy. He seemed fine and unscathed, but it was still horrid.

I love horses, and used to ride a bit when younger, but they are unpredictable. I remember going in the Shetland pony field near where I live once with KMMMS and we had a tub of blackberries. Error. Huge error. Thirteen little white stumpy ponies went psycho at us for our berries and we were scared. Well I was, KMMMS can speak for herself. So I was a leetle scared today. Poor horse. I named him Hector, one of my fave names.

Anyway, thanks for your lovely comments re the mental day that was yesterday. Today has been better. The husband was here until around 3pm so we finally got a few hours together. Although he is around in the day, he gets up late and I am then usually out with the Prince so we are passing ships.

But we go on hols this week for a fortnight and are really looking forward to it. Time to "just be" as my mum often says.

And I am in desperate need. I am sick of tidying bedrooms several times a day.

The Prince's room. Still to be painted so don't look closely

Oh and he'd weed on his quilted rug so it's in the wash

Oh good lord, she isn't even a teenager yet. There is no hope.

And again don't look too closely.
 It needs decorating and something nice on that wall!
Spot the cherry tree rocking donkey and Russian doll bunting.
Went out on Thursday night to our friends' house. See, I do have friends!!! A lot of them are all out tonight for a mutual friend's 40th but I couldn't get a sitter and the husband is working. But am thankful for a nice Thursday night. We troughed a delish pork casserole, then Jane made a lush rhubarb crumble and much wine was consumed.

The lovely Jane and my husband. (AKA Where's Wally?)
 The kids played in the garden and had a sleepover when they got tired.

Here come the girls...(at 50mph)

The weedy boys were too scared. Two words: Man. Up.

Feeding time at the zoo
 The Princess is a funny one. It was so hot on Friday but she stayed in watching TV and moaning that she was bored. Then it poured with rain. I mean poured. So she decided to go out and play. I do not get her sometimes! She was sodden.

The Prince spent many an hour trying to kiss my friend's baby Annabel...she resisted everytime.

She is soooo playing hard to get now.
 Oh and I bought this odd homemade dress from Barnardo's for £4.99. I thought it would be great for work as we have to wear black (I work once a week in a dental surgery) but when I got it home, I realised it showed ALL my boobs. I mean all of my boob area. Not all my boobs, as if I have three or four. I don't, I just have the regular two.

And even with a vest top underneath it doesn't look right. So alas, I shall return it and selected something else.

Very Fraline Maria don't you think?
And that leaves me to say a farewell. I get back from France in a couple of weeks so will be in touch on our return.


Alex said...

Have a lovely holiday Gem!

I wouldn't worry too much about the horse. They're usually not bashful about letting you know if you've done anything that upsets them, so he probably didn't even feel it.

Unknown said...

Ew re the horse. Made me shudder.

Have a fab holiday - look forward to hearing all about it.

Nicki xxx

Anonymous said...

The night with friends sounds wonderful! Rhubarb crumble and wine? MMMMMMMM!!!
I'm sure the horse didn't mind too much about the eye. :0)
Your Princess is absolutely gorgeous!
Baby Anabelle is so chubby and sweet!
Aaaaaand lastly, have fun on your vacation!

Michelle said...

When I was about 12, a friend and I were walking through a field of horses, when one of them started galloping towards us. My friend was horse-mad but she still looked terrified and legged it, and I, being the less fit of the two of us, lumbered along after her as fast as I could, and I actually yelled "aargh, I'm too young to die!" I still get embarassed when I think of that...

Have a lovely holiday! xx

Missy said...

France! Oooh lucky you.
I absolutely love The Princesses bedroom. My two are 18 and 14 and sometimes I'm hard pushed to get in their doors because of the mess piled up behind them. Now I have got to the stage where their bedrooms are off my tidying radar. I thrown the clean clothes in and get out quick. Sometimes I pass clean bedding through a gap in the door, but other than that I steer clear. I can do without the stress.
Have a lovely holiday, keep away from horses' eyes.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

I'm SO not a fan of horses for that unpredictableness (?). I do like to look at them but would never get near for I think they smell my fear.
Re boobs and dentists...I think they might go quite well together! I was a dental nurse in my holidays when I was a student...and was all the more popular when there was some booage on show! only 2 boobs though - 4 would be careless.
happy new week, hope your little tribe are well behaved, te he
fee x

Andi's English Attic said...

Black? In a dental surgery? Going out at lunchtime during the week, all I see is people wearing black. Are companies scared they won't get taken seriously if their staff wear colour?

Guess you won't be playing 'Nelson's Eye' at Halloween after the horse experience. Yuk.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, you had me rolling from the beginning with your description of that poor horse's eyes.....OMG your description was very vivid!!! AND THEN THE have a fabulous and detailed inner thought view of raising your kids that have to make people laugh at the craziness of childhood. Like I have said, I am not a mum, only a teacher. But there have been situations where I just had to laugh and forget and MOVE ON...and those kids come back years latere and remember that incident and how I handled it. They always appreciated that I laughed our way out of the mess, rather than going into a rage or tizzy over something...PICK YOU BATTLES I always say....HAVE A GREAT TIME IN FRANCE DEAREST...see you then, Anita

Tracy Glover said...

Eek, finger in horse eye, yikes. I am scared of cows though, there is something sinister about them.
Have a super holiday.
I love the doll bunting and both your littlies are beauties. x

Country Rose said...

The differences between the bedroom shots are Amazinggg! It must have taken you ages to get them looking so spotless.. although maybe now you've had so much practice, you've got it down to a fine art..!?

Ewww to the horsey eye prodding! Very random but, poor horse! haha

Ashley xxx

Annaboo's House said...

Gubbins. What a great word.
Flange is another of my favourites, but there's not so much call for that, these days.
Yeuch to horsey-eye scenrio. Boooo to tidying up endlessly (i swear when my children are grown up I will mess up their houses eveytime I visit. If I am ever allowed to visit, that is.) And awwww for black dress not fitting.
Have a good week.

Unknown said...

Just a new follower of your fab,honest,funny fabbytastic blog,having 4 kids I so know where you are coming from with the constant tidying up ,I'm a professional!!!... Kim and Aggy !! well lets just say I'm on Parr with them ha-ha
X Manda X

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fab holiday Gem,look forward to hearing all about it.xxxx