Sunday 3 July 2011

What a difference nine years makes...

I resemble a Weeble at this moment in time. Remember those from the 70s and 80s? Little round, chubby, wobbly people. That's me.

It is a combination of being on iron tablets that are playing havoc with my, ahem, shall we say "insides" and the fact I've eaten non-stop today.

We had my aunt, uncle and cousins over for lunch today and had a thoroughly wonderful time. I made the food last night (massive vat of chilli and my "famous" trifle which is known to my immediate family as Gem's Trifle Crawford*) and blitzed the house, which meant I was freed up today to be sociable and chilled out and the madness of yesterday paid off.
My cousins are now both in their teens but nine years ago they were my bridesmaids, along with my sister Anna.

We took an up-to-date pic of us today and I love comparing us now to how we were then, although it is slightly depressing at the same time. I. Feel. Old. Please excuse the face I am pulling on my wedding day, think I was over excited.

There we were then, on August 17th 2002.

Young sweet and naive. Them, I mean, not me!
  And here we are today.

Yes of COURSE that is a cherry tree shop dress.
Originally Boden, I got it from Oxfam for £6.
My auntie brought me these gorgeous pink roses and sweet peas. The latter in particular smell amazing and are sweetly scenting my living room as I type.

And I couldn't finish my brief blog update (brief as I am exhausted and forcing myself to have an early night) without mentioning the cheeky children. The Prince pranced around in his Hawaiian shirt and the Princess actually wore a dress. It's one I picked up for a reduced price in a boutique on the Isle of Wight two years ago and am thrilled it still fits her.

He was charming my cousin at this stage, hence the casual look

She was being silly and writing down naughty things. Her favourite pastime.
And so another week begins. Bring it on.

* It is called Trifle Crawford for the following silly reason. Remember the scene in the Royle Family where Grandma is staying over and she talks about how her doctor is called Michael Crawford? She finds it really amusing and keeps reliving the story to the rest of the family. Anyway, in her accent, the name "Michael Crawford" really tickled me for some reason. I thought Michael sounded a bit like Trifle, so my trifle is now called Trifle Crawford, which you must say in the same Northern accent. If you've never watched this show, you will be sooo lost and think I am a nutter. Which you possibly do anyway. Ho hum.


fee @ chipper nelly said...

loved the 9 year updated photo! (you don't look 9 years older)
Also liking the trifle naming - how bizarre to think it will probably live on for generations!
fee ♥

fee @ chipper nelly said...

right - just popped over from Cuckoo's post to tell you to quit being paranoid! if someone has stopped following you they either followed you twice in the first place or else they just don't get you. I think that's ok - you only need a select little band of followers to keep you happy and write nice things. If you had hundreds it would mean you were run of the mill, middle of the road, bland, mediocre, much of a muchness, appealing to the masses...Gem, noone wants that....
fee ♥

Cuckoo said...

Lots of commenters = lots of comments = lots of replying stress!!!!