Monday 4 July 2011


I am gutted. I have lost a follower. What did I do wrong I am wondering... maybe I am becoming boring. Maybe my charity shop offerings were no longer exciting.

I'd love to know.

It's a bit like being dumped as a friend on Facebook, although for some reason, on here I find it more of a shame.

I wish I knew who it was, but Blogger only gives me the number of followers and not the names. I wish I could find out if they were just a passing follower or someone I often contact after reading their posts. Am trying to work it all out but also trying not to dwell on it too much.  Was just a little surprised and now feeling a little bit flat about it.

Onto Treasures from the Cherry Tree. My treasure today is this for the Princess. A cute, ditsy floral dress originally from Boden . It was from Sue Ryder for £3. I nearly missed it as it was falling off the coat hanger and fairly hidden away.

I love the simplicity, the pattern and the gingham ruffle at the bottom.

Ooh talking of ruffles, I have TOTAL dress envy today. One of the mums at school had the lushest dress on ever. It was a bit boho, colourful and has ra-ra ruffles. She can't remember where it's from but thought it was possibly from a catalogue that she ordered from a few years ago. I had to refrain from grabbing her, wrestling her and pinning her down to look at the label...yes, it's total dress envy. Imagine that in the school playground.

Evil Tuesday again tomorrow. I swear it comes around quicker each week.


Cuckoo said...

Doll, your follower probably just shut down their account or is in the process of setting up a new profile. I've lost a follower before and couldn't give a poo and nor should you. If i lost a proper bloddie I'd be destraught (sp?) though.

Glad to hear you like'll see..........

Off to bed, wanted to go much earlier but If I feed Mini before 11pm he wakes twice!!! Little bugger. I will be doing bootcamp soon I think as nowt is working and I get..., well you know how mental I go!!!


Country Rose said...

I'd feel the same about losing a follower too... I think even though it doesn't really matter, if you only have a small number of followers then your much more aware of how many you have! As your still kind of questioning whether people actually find your blog interesting.. well that's what goes on in my head anyway!

Lovely lovely dress, very pretty. Wish I was that lucky with finding clothes in charity shops... I think I must always go in at the wrong time, just as someone else has purchased the brilliant finds!

Evil Tuesday!? I think I must have missed something there...!

Ashley xxx

April May said...

Don't let ot bother you too much Gem, I think you and your blog are fab!

lotsa love.


sorry to hear the iron tablets have been making you feel icky, I hope you feel better soon!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

you know how i feel about this (not writing it again incase I offend those people with hundreds of followers!!)
You know you can see your followers on your dashboard - names and all?
fee x

Sarah said...

Don't dwell on it hunny, they were probably someone you wouldn't have wanted to be friends with anyway!!

Love the pretty dress, you always find such lovely clothes at the Cherry Tree shops - I have only ever found hideous things in my size (fatty) and nothing for my boys - maybe because boys wear out their clothes and so there is less choice?

BTW about my wallpaper sampling at B&Q - I do do it all at once!! Just grab as many large samples as I want and have never been reprimanded for it. I reckon they just think I am really indecisive and thus need to sample a good 50% of the available selection, lol!!

S x

heartshapedbruise. said...

I've lost lots of followers in my time (probably not something to boast about!), so I know how you feel. I remember the first time it happened, I was gutted! I try not to take it too personally now (as I said, it happens quite a lot.. I've had to get used to it!) - I try & tell myself it's someone that's deleted their blog or something, not necessarily that they've chosen to stop following me..

I have to say though, I find being deleted by Facebook friends far more offensive, as they're people I actually know in 'real life'! So that's definitely harder to not take personally for me!

That dress is very cute - the gingham ruffle is my favourite bit :)