Thursday 21 July 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Cherry Tree

We all have good and bad days don't we? I have days where I am tearing my hair out with my two children whingeing and fighting, and literally watch all the chores pile up and get out of control.

I have days where it's a miracle that I can fit the lid back on the laundry basket and give myself a high five if I've managed to get to school and the Princess's classmates aren't all sitting down with the register already done. And if I've managed to drag a comb through my hair, it's an added bonus.

It's a bad day if the kitchen table is still full of the breakfast bowls, toast crumbs, spilt juice and squashed fruit at 11.30am. And last night's plates are still in the washing up bowl.

It's a good day if I've already thought about the fact we will be needing an evening meal and try to cook it in advance in a bid to be Miss Organised.

It's a bad day  if we've played after school in the playground and get home at 5pm and I haven't cooked a thing. When the whining "I'm hungry, I want my tea NOW" commences, I know I'm in for a rough ride, especially as the Princess is a fussy eater (she hates so many things it would be easier to list what the heck she does eat).

But today things seem to be under control and therefore a good day. I have washing on the line (and no rain yet!) and none left in the laundry basket and the kitchen is pristine for once. I did the school run and arrived just as the bell rang. Then the Prince and I went to the garden centre for a coffee and a play together and visited the farm shop.

I returned home and made a cooked breakfast for the husband who was just rousing from the late shift. I am now his Favourite Wifelet apparently (like he's Lord Bath of Longleat with loads on the go!!!) as I also made him a lovely packed lunch for later. I like to spoil him at times. At other times I tell him to b****r off and get his own food...again, depending on a good or bad day!

Ooh am thrilled because the Prince is in two newspapers this week in Whitstable over the lost Noo Noo saga. I wrote a new story and both have used it with pics. The husband says Whitstable must be deadly quiet on the newsfront and my brother thinks the world has gone mad for some "lost blanket thing and my nephew needs to man up".

I, on the otherhand,  am so pleased. Now I feel I have truly done everything I can to get the toy back.

Despite saying I wouldn't fit it in, have actually slipped by a cherry tree shop and am THRILLED with these. Who remembers Tasseltip?

£1.99 from Oxfam. I love it because....

I already owned this one (secondhand too)!
And the below book was one of my favourites at school. Most cherry tree shops now have a section for Ladybird books. In a way it's good because I know where to head, but it takes away a bit of the thrill I get in unearthing it from between non Ladybird books. It also means they are so popular and everyone wants them.

The Prince is sleeping so I am blogging and then doing some writing work and have just made some cards.  Only simple ones that literally took seconds but pretty. I used Laura Ashley materials and hand finished some with Stickles, to add a subtle sparkle.

The Prince slept for 12 hours last night, fifth night on the trot. I've waited two years and two months for this...this certainly helps make it a good day!


Annaboo's House said...

Am so pleased for you getting a mention in the paper!!
Fingers crossed for a Noo Noo reunion soon.
Also well done on the little'un sleeping through. Mine is 21 months old and still wakes, so you have given me hope...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning, Gem! Well, it is morning for me, on this side of the GREAT POND! You visited me yesterday or day before yesterday, I believe, through CHIPPER NELLY...I just went to Fee's post today to see that she had provided a link to your post, BYE BYE NOO NOO....I LOVED IT. THAT TOWN as well and the shops look so lovely!

THANK YOU for coming to visit me and I look forward to more of your words and photos! You have a lovely family. Anita

Grateful4Crochet said...

Awesome idea writing the article, so glad they published it, and good luck with the search!
Fingers crossed someone finds it and you're reunited

Sarah said...

Really glad that the papers are running your story, fingers-crossed that Noo Noo is found!!

Cute cards and your conservatory looks lovely!!

Congratulations on the Princes full nights!!

S x

Anonymous said...

Lol Gem,no slaves hidden away,just ADDICTION!!
Lush ladybird book finds and love the handmade cards. Doesnt everything seem so much brighter on a full nights sleep,well done the prince!! hope your well,speak to you in two weeks,juliexxxxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh GEm, you are a gem indeed! Thank YOU for coming to leave a kind word..well, my home is on my sidebar..and at the bottom of my blog page, I have a picture of half of my studio! I need a wide lens....I play the harp and my harp is not seen in my photo...I did have a post last week that featured my home!!! But due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to take my post off-line. I may put it back up again, but I got a little scared after receiving some strange emails from a stranger! But thank you for liking my home! The picture of the water is not near my home; many of the pictures featured in the body of my post are from Pinterest, Tumblr or other photo album sites. I am getting better however, at my own photography!

I am following you and I have also put you on my blog roll so I can see when a new post comes lovely, you writing and world!


Country Rose said...

Oh my gosh.... this post makes me worry about how I'm going to cope in the future when I have to get Rose to pre-school/school on time!
I can't even get myself to anything on time at the moment, I'm gonna need to get a lot more organised if I'm going to survive the stresses of the school run!

Ashley xxx

Anonymous said...

No Noo Noo yet, huh? Sorry! I know how it would be if my Trouble lost his "Munga" (monkey) blankie.

Anonymous said...

*PS: I also meant to say, thanks for the sweet words on my miscarriage post and I know exactly what you mean about a baby healing the heart. I felt the same way about Trouble when he was born. As if I finally had something to be happy about after all the sadness.
PSS: The tattoo is a traditional heart with a lock and key. It's so funny because people always ask me, "Who has the key?" Not realizing that the key is tattooed right on the lock! lol

Nelly said...

Hello there,
Lovely books. I like it when you find something that really jogs a memory and evokes certain feelings from the past!Enjoy reading them all over again,
Nelly xxx

Annaboo's House said...

Hi back to you -
Just commenting back about the lace votives - I thought about stitching them and then I thought, naaaaaaaa. So I got me some tacky glue and voilà!
Job done.
P.s. Glad you liked the cowl. A Simon Cowell is defo the next project Xx