Tuesday 16 August 2011

Back Once Again (with the ill behaviour)

Bonjour. Or should I say Bon Soir.... Always makes me feel like Delboy Trotter, that!

Going on holiday is mental, is it not? All the items on the To Do Before Going Away list are obscenely impossible to complete but returning home is even more hectic.

We returned home yesterday from two lovely weeks in France to scenes from Great Expectations. The interior of the house was like Miss Haversham's gaff, decorated in cobwebs left, right and centre and dust piled high. I'd forgotten to wash two cereal bowls before we left, so there were green trees growing outside of the washing up bowl.

The garden was either overgrown or dead. It was stressful as I didn't want to come home anyway, I love being abroad too much, especially when there has been so much unrest over here with the riots.

Our car was a "Bitty Car". This is a phrase that me, my brother and sister used to use to describe holiday cars that are so packed you can barely see the people inside; you know, completely covered in sand and filled to the rafters with all the randomness of holidays; suitcases, fishing nets, crabbing equipment, box of Cornflakes, croissants, the odd nappy, various shoes, a wetsuit, wine, a sick bag and a towel that wouldn't fit in the cases.

Was it worth going away?

What we saw

What we read

What we ate

With plenty of this

Say Cheese

We got plenty of sleep (note the duplicate Noo Noo)

A view fit for a Prince

Sun tan for the Princess

What we spotted

And this one

Love it!

The kids got on well...most of the time anyway!

The Prince scoffed his own weight in ice cream

Stunning scenary

Dreamed of living in a place like this

Watched the Princess bodyboard 1,000 times

Enjoyed croissants every day

Shopped. They do tattoo sleeves in Brittany!!!

Hit the beach

Loving the Victorian look!
 Yes I'd say it was definitely worth it. Now I am shattered after a rather hectic day back at work, endless washing to do, clearing up, unpacking, de-sanding everything. No rest for the wicked.


Sarah said...

Welcome home, I missed you!!

Wow, looks as though you had a lovely, lovely time!!

I always wonder if all the effort is worth it especially when I have the post-holiday blues, but look at all the memories you created!!

Love, love, love the view through the cheese pic!!

Feeling a wee bit *meep* now as we are not having a holiday this year as we hope to go to Florida in the spring (never been to the US)!!

S x

kmmms said...

Hey lover, tried calling you earlier but you were engaged for ages! Great holiday pics there, your kids are so photogenic aren't they?
Still on for Weds?! xx

Country Rose said...

Welcome back! Lovely to 'see' you! :-)
Have missed reading you posts..
Looks like you had a lovely holiday, it's made me all excited for our holiday in Sep!

Ashley xxx

Grateful4Crochet said...

Welcome back, the photos and your holiday looked amazing!
Good luck with the unpacking :)

Unknown said...

Yay! You're back! Nice to hear all's good, it's been quiet without you! Gorgeous holiday photos, it looks right up my street. Love that the princess bodyboards, she sounds like fun, I'd have been friends with her at that age! The prince looks so very cute in the ice cream picture. Look at those eyes!

Sorry you're feeling the stress of returning home - I had that on Monday. It sucks doesn't it. You'll be back in the swing of things at home again soon.

Love love, Nicki xx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

ah, the holiday blues. Or le holiday blues as we say when back from france! (chic huh)

Lovely pictures - all my favourite things (beach, france, cheese, croissants, 2CV;s, children getting on blah blah blah)

Nice to have you back.
(calling 'time at the bra'...genius!)

little homebird said...

Looks like you had a lovely time! Would you recommend Brittany? We've yet to venture abroad and wondered whether to try France. Did you stay in a cottage or on a holiday park?

Love reading your blog!

Bee said...

Yah you are back, I've missed you Gem.

Wow Brittany, Darr and I were thinking about going there next year, would you recommend?? he wants to go camping while I'd prefer a cottage but we're on a budget so who knows, might be under the stars.

Looks like the little ones loved it and the place you stayed looks like you recharged your batteries, lovely.

I hate the return bit, all the washing, ironing, cleaning and just getting back to normal but I'm a bit weird and on the last day of hols I always get a bit excited about coming back, I'm a home bird!!!

If I lived closer I'd have offered to do you ironing.

Glad you are back, lotsa love x x x