Thursday 14 April 2011

My sugar plum fairy skirt

One of my fave charity shop finds is the most gorgeous, girlie, fluffy, floaty skirt ever. Tiered with sparkles and lace, it drips stylishly and cost me a mere £5.99.

If you look closely, you can see that it is originally from Pink Soda and was a trifle more expensive. That is when I get a total buzz.

Planning to wear it over Christmas I think, which seems a long way off, but it seems the right time to wear it. I think it will look pretty with my pink ruffly shoes or my brown suede knee boots (the latter were a bargain £5 from a charity shop in Bath and are from Sasha). I made a bee line for them straight away but another girl tried to loiter behind me hoping I would put them down. Never!

I don't have time now but will post the boots up later.

Here is the floaty skirt though.

I wonder why someone decided to buy it and then donate it brand new. Well, it's gone to a happy new home, that's the main thing.

Off to a friend's wedding tomorrow, hope the weather will be ok for her. Children will be with my parents so it gives me and the husband a fab day and evening together.

I don't drink any more, it just doesn't agree with me, so I quite like being the only stone cold sober woman on the dance floor, and intend to dance my socks off.

Not that I will actually be wearing socks though to a wedding. Not a good look. I shall be wearing an outfit that cost next to nothing though, although not from a charity shop, sadly.


Cuckoo said...

Just sent you an award, doll x x x

thriftymissustalesfromtoadstoolhouse. said...

Hi Gem, I found your blog today and have to say its great!Im also a charity shop fan,at the moment looking for the old wooden coat hangers for crochet projects! I managed to find a couple last week,and agreat new top also.Anyway ,bye for now ,julie.xx