Tuesday 12 April 2011

Seven charity shops beckon me tomorrow - HEAVEN!

Eek! (that's a shriek of delight by the way)! I am now off to Reading on the train tomorrow morning with the Princess and Prince, and can therefore fit in three more charity shops before the afternoon ones I am planning to visit.

I need to get the Princess's feet measured for her bridesmaid shoes and then I can get her some cutesy twinkly shoes from John Lewis. This is something I've not been able to find in charity shops unfortunately, although I've kitted myself out with plenty of second hand footwear in the past. More on my charity shop foot fetish another day, there's enough material to fill several pages on that front.

One charity shop I HAVE to visit tomorrow is the Oxfam bookshop. Oh my days, it is fab. When I started rebuilding my Ladybird book collection several years ago, I nipped in there and discovered eight of the ones I needed. Oh it was like a dream. I don't think my husband will ever understand my passion for unearthing treasures like these. You see, finding a perfect item in a charity shop is a treasure to me.

I can't explain the buzz I get from finding clothes or Ladybird books in charity shops. I will upload some photos tomorrow of my favourites and add them to this posting. The Princess has asked if she can be my official blog photographer! Here she is, the cheeky little thing, in our blossom tree.

My blossom fairy

Cheeky girl

Too much ice cream yesterday

This is how silly she can be...

She cried as she thought it was a real cow.

I had to include the Prince, below. He can blow the messiest, dribbliest raspberries ever.
All his clothes are second hand, mostly from charity shops, except the Converse which were kindly donated.

So I shall leave this blog here for now, and see what I can pick up on my cherry tree travels tomorrow. Lush.


kmmms said...

LOVE that pic of the cow milking episode, had forgotten about that! Enjoy tomorrow and let us know how you get on. Would love to do a joint venture again soon xx

Cuckoo said...

Put up the pic of you and the bird...too funny!!