Tuesday 26 April 2011

Beside the seaside

We went to the seaside for the weekend, before returning to do all things chocolatey on Sunday afternoon.

We got up really early on Saturday and got a ferry to the Isle of Wight, a place we all love very much. By 11am we were on the beach, the Princess was body boarding, the Prince was scoffing ice cream and the entire picnic we'd brought and it was fab.


It is the most beautiful and perfect place in the world and I even dream of it. Stunning, quiet, a treasure of a place.

The seaside reminds me of one of my favourite charity shop purchases. I picked up the following (not clothes this time!) from Oxfam in Bath several years ago. It was donated by a Cornish artist, from bits of driftwood he came across and cost a mere £60 - it would have cost a fortune, had he not kindly donated his work to a good cause.

It has travelled to every home with us since, but rarely fits in the bathrooms and is too heavy and cumbersome to stick on the wall.

But it brings me back to the beach every time I see it and the artist even made a sweet little toilet roll holder to go with it. Very cute.

Now I always keep my eye out for driftwood and bring it home with me.

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