Wednesday 27 April 2011

Work it baby...

I went to a charity shop today (Oxfam) but it was mayhem. Bursting to the brim with shoppers, black binbags piling up by the door. All rather stressful.

I found myself offering to be a very part time volunteer because I would love to give something back to the place I hang out in most. And they look like they really need the help.

I bought a lovely little white chemise style top to wear with jeans for £2.99 (New Look) within five minutes of being there and I also returned a dress I'd bought (Phase Eight £14.99) because the husband's comments didn't exactly thrill me: "Oh, that is striking. Hmmm, those colours. Striking. Very weddingy, isn't it. A dress to wear to a wedding."

Knowing full well I am NOT going to any weddings, other than my sister's on Saturday when I will be the old maid (aka Matron of Honour) and the dress is sorted.

Promptly, I returned it and got my money back. They know too well in Oxfam that I will only spend it in there another time.

So I now have a volunteer form to fill in,  a nice white top and a warm feeling that someone else's husband will LOVE the Phase Eight striking dress that is PERFECT for any female guest to wear to a wedding. Bitter? Moi?!

I visited my friend today who has just had her 4th baby, a baby girl called Ruby. The most gorgeous little dolly. I had an hour and a half of cuddles and then spent the rest of the day doing chores (hoovering flies off the blinds in the conservatory, two loads of washing, hoovering blah blah blah.)

Then we had lunch in the garden. I can't get enough of these sunny days, although it's changing for cooler weather with rain. How typical with the gorgeous weddings this weekend.

And then we released the butterflies William and Kate who have been living with us since they were teeny tiny caterpillars back in February. It's been a really good project for the kids, although I think I probably got into it more than they did.

William and Kate are Painted Lady butterflies and we decided to release them today as they have been butterflies for two whole days. Before that they had turned into a chrysalis. Two weeks before that they were caterpillars. Amazing life cycle.

Here they are above, one has already turned into a beautiful butterfly, these were nearly ready.

Here are the three empty chrysalides above and below 

The above net house was their home

Getting ready to let William and Kate fly

And here they are in all their glory.

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thriftymissustalesfromtoadstoolhouse. said...

Wow how lovely the butterflies are, fascinating too,especially for the children,how did you catch the caterpillers,I never see them anymore.
Great news about the job in oxfam,you can get all the bargains! I ve been thinking of volunteering in my local charity shop for a few hours a week, I got a bargain yesterday ,some wool,for crocheting for £2-00,I ll do a post about it juliex