Wednesday 13 April 2011

My dolly bunting...

Today wasn't terribly productive, sadly, on the charity shop front.

Mainly because we didn't get to as many of the shops as I was planning to because of dawdling seven-year-old girls (yes, I mean a certain Princess) in a total airy fairy world of their own, and a Prince who wanted to stop and talk to every single dog/tree/car/train we passed.

I have no patience left and at 6.22pm, I feel ready to go to bed and read my new library book (so not new, but new to me).

But what I did buy is this:

For a fantastic golden £1 coin!!! I love the Russian Doll bunting and can't believe it wasn't snapped up sooner - it was donated yesterday so I am thrilled. I have shoved it up quickly to take a pic and I love it! Wish I was a little girl again so I could have it in my room.

I didn't buy a single item for myself as nothing caught my eye but my most recent charity shop purchase is this:

Indeed. A stunning, bohemian Morgan skirt for under a fiver. She shoots, she scores.

Can't wait to wear it this summer. It's slightly snug around the belly, but hey after two children and an addiction to chocolate, what isn't?!

1 comment:

kmmms said...

Ooh love the skirt, gorgeous!
And we have that Russian Doll bunting! Lovely Emma sent it for the girls room last year :)