Sunday 10 April 2011

My Boden beauty

Three years ago I stopped a mum friend in the school playground because she was wearing the most stunning Boden sundress. To most people it was probably just a pretty dress, nothing more. But to me I fell in love with it.

She revealed she'd got it in the sale and so I headed home sharpish to pick the same one. But they'd all sold out. The only one left was a bold blue and orange floral one in the same style, dirt cheap in the sale but not the one of my dreams. Still I bought it (will try and dig out a photo of it later) and tried to forget about the one I really wanted.

I then didn't see this mum friend again for ages because both her children went on to the junior school.
Then, a month ago I was shopping in Henley-on-Thames and popped into the Helen and Douglas House hospice charity shop and bought some pretty things for my daughter. I went to pay by card but was told I needed to spend another £2 first.

So I hunted around the shop and you will never believe what I found. Lo and behold, slightly tucked behind a huge silk gown, was the very Boden dress that I had coveted. No price tag on it, but (and I love the next three words so much) IN MY SIZE.

I grabbed it, couldn't believe my luck and went to the counter where the girl charged me £6 for it (even cheaper than when it was in the sale). She said it was probably more but couldn't work out how much it should be. I was delighted.

The weird thing is, ten minutes after buying the dress, I walked down to the river with my children to play in the park. And guess who I bumped into, having a picnic.

The mum from school. I told her about the dress I'd bought and showed her! She couldn't believe it. She said hers was at home and she hadn't donated it, but remembered how much I wanted it and we both found it strange that having not seen each other for ages, we should bump into each other like this, straight after I bought the dress.

I've posted a pic of me wearing it today. I love it so much and it is really comfy. Will be great to wear when we go to France in the summer.  I just love the pattern on it and green isn't normally my colour.

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