Monday 11 April 2011

Suits You

Today has been fraught. End of. So before I even say the words charity and shopping, I need to release...

It started off beautifully at the local garden centre this morning where the children and I had a good mooch around, selected presents for various little birthdays coming up, and then met a dear friend (she is expecting her 4th baby in just 5 days and she's only 30! Yikes!). We had a good catch up over coffee and cake in the warm sunshine while the kids played hide and seek. Pure heaven.

It suddenly all got manic at lunchtime when my Princess refused to eat her tuna pasta bake ("because I hate butter, cheese and milk and you put all three in") and then she kicked off enough to put the Prince off his. He started looking at the food as if it was poison.

After 45 minutes of losing my rag ("release, releeeeeeeease") the Princess ate it all up and asked for ice cream (isn't it weird, she HATES anything to do with dairy, but eats vanilla ice cream) and I put the Prince to bed for his 2.5 hour nap.

Only to find I was running out of the contraceptive pill and the chemist wouldn't give me more until I saw the doc and the only appointment was an hour after I called. So it meant I had to wake the Prince one and a half hours too soon. FOUL boy.

I then realised my husband (what do I call him in the blog after naming my kids after royals; the King??!! God no, imagine his ego).  Anyway where was I? Ah yes, I realised he STILL hadn't taken his suit to the dry cleaners, and we are off to a wedding on Friday. For two weeks he has been meaning to do this (he walks past the dry cleaners every single day on his way to the station). So I shoved that in a bag to take on my way to the docs. Then I remembered our library books were due back and ran off to get those. Then I needed the spare nappies and wet wipes.

The Prince was crying badly by this time due to being hungry (for not eating the poisonous tuna pasta bake) and for being woken up. The Princess was taking forever to get her shoes on, and time was ticking on.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I lost my keys, we got caught in the world's slowest changing traffic lights, the doc's surgery was full of Slapped Cheek Syndrome and sick bugs (great), the Prince trashed the surgery with a toy chucking game, I dropped the suit off at the wrong dry cleaners, remembered I had to post a parcel for my godson's birthday (late as always) and then totally forgot what I needed from Waitrose (teabags and chocolate) and it was too late by the time we returned home. Grrrrrrrr.

So anyway, not a disastrous day by any means, but a bit more crazy in the afternoon than I would have liked.

Now, about the suit I took to the dry cleaners for my husband - the most amazingly cool suit ever, which we found in Oxfam in Henley-on-Thames for a paltry £15.

There is a label sewn on the inside saying made in Singapore, and then in beautiful handwriting, a man has written his name and then the date 1970.

How do I describe this tailored suit? Hard to say now as only doing it from memory and a few photos, now that it's being dry cleaned. It is bottle green, fits my husband like a glove, and has a lovely light tweed feel to it. He looks ever so dapper and here is man in the suit, although I am sure he won't thank me for it.

I was pregnant (obviously!) in the photo above when we went to my brother's wedding. He then emigrated to Hawaii soon after and missed the birth of the Prince who arrived 6 days late. I was so huge, nothing nice fitted me and I hated what I wore on the day. I wanted to wear a gorgeous dress I'd seen but when I tried it on in the shop I looked like an elephant. I felt frumpy and very heavy and sore. But the wedding was fab and the bottle green suit was lush.

Ah this was at the Prince's christening in January. We had such a lovely day with both sets of grandparents and my sister and her fiance who are godparents (they get married the day after the Royal Wedding!).

My sister and I used to fall out loads when I was a teenager (she is six-and-a-half years younger than me and used to drive me nuts) but now we are over all that and are best friends. In fact she is more like my older sister, as my husband often points out. She is the calm, placid, mature one. I am...well, I am me!

She is good fun and we speak on the phone daily. At the moment it's all about her wedding plans. We are very excited as it's in a lush place and I just know it will be one of those feel good weddings.

Every guest had to choose two songs they want to dance to in the evening when they sent the RSVP, so I know the dancefloor will be packed! The Princess has chosen "I Got a Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas and "Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby" by Kaiserchiefs. They are her favourite songs ever.  I have, of course, chosen Bon Jovi (Livin' on a Prayer, natch) and my other favourite song "Hey Ya" by Outkast. Shake it, shake it!!!

On to other things, I am going to my breast feeding group on Wednesday and have four fab charity shops to hit so watch this space!


Cuckoo said...

Ahh look at you! On a blogging roll and you wondered how I do it. You've had a crappiy crap day and yet here you are posting like a trooper. I'm really enjoying this blog, It's going on my blog list my lover.

Oh and about the answer phone, can't have on as it would answer when the electric gate is calling and then it wouldn't divert to my mobile, stupid system I know! Don't even know if any of that makes sense asI'm not sure I ever explained how our gate works

kmmms said...

Aww have just read through all your entries and am loving it! What fab finds, I love the story about Floppy. I think you and Emma feed my addiction to charity shops too, as you two always send things for the girls and I look out for things for your kids. You're so right, it's that "AND IN MY SIZE!" feeling that's a real kick.
Keep blogging this time! ;o)