Thursday 16 August 2012

He da man

Psst! I am vanishing til early September now; a little blog break if you will.
I shall return ready to catch up with people I've been meaning to message but haven't. The Gems and Anita, really sorry I've not messaged you all back but I will be in touch in the autumn.
Eek, the autumn. How did THAT happen?!
The clock is ticking now for my 10th wedding anniversary to chime. Thanks for the lovely emails and messages, I feel all squishy (ah, that'll be the chocolate).
This time ten years ago, my sister and I were sitting on her bed drinking gin and it only seems like yesterday.



Anonymous said...

Lovely piccie Gem,enjoy your bloggy break,I'll miss ya! See you in the Autumn,xxxx

sandiart said...

Have a lovely break Gem, and a happy anniversary to you both, your wedding photo's are gorgeous and you don't look any older.
To quote Julie 'I'll miss ya' hooroo as we say in Aussie.
xoxo Sandi
Oh your kids crack me up, just sayin!

Mimi said...

HAVE A GREAT Break...I understand!!!We all need them time to time!!!!
hugs 2 U,

Jay said...

Have a good break, look forward to catching up with you in the Autumn. Happy Anniversary! x

Annaboo's House said...

Love that picture!
Aw, Missus have a super-duper time on your hols.
I shall look forward to catching up with you once our littl'uns are settled back into school.
PS I got the acting job you passed on to me. Watch out, dahhhling, it'll be Hollywood next. Mwah! X

Gem said...

Great photo :)

Well I'm goning to miss you while you are away, but hope you have a lovely break. No doubt you will have plenty to share with us all on your return, I look forward to that.

Lots of love my sweet x x x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH HOW I LOVE THIS PHOTO OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This deserves to be in a magazine!

Oh Gem, I will miss your daily escapades on the will just have to find another location to document all the shenanigans of your kids and YOURSELF! I will wait for your return. LOVE TO YOU! Anita

moleymakes said...

Lovely photo :) Enjoy your blogging hiatus. Look forward to hearing from you soon with more escapades.

Ruby x

Julia said...

As it's the holidays I've been a bit slack but I've just caught up with your posts and I don't know how many times I have laughed out loud!! Happy anniversary to you and your husband, enjoy your bloggy break and will look forward to more of your hilarious tales in September xxx