Tuesday 14 August 2012

A roundup of gubbins

Oh I was so excited to come across this in the Cats Protection cherry tree shop yesterday.

I LOVED Jemima and Hamble more than words. It was such a blast from the past. As a kid, I adored Floella Benjamin and funnily enough, my parents were at a dinner not so long ago and there she was.
Floella and my ma, gassing in the loo like they were old friends.

You couldn't get a finer kids' show in those days (#veryancient).

Well, the good weather is slowing me down. Housework hasn't happened in a while, we've been down the beach more times than I've had chocolate (yep, THAT much) and tonight I discovered the pleasure of people watching on the prom, as the sun went down.

Loafing around on the wall of a sunny play park while the kids throw sand in each others eyes. Paradise (or bad mum, take your pick).

I wish I'd been able to take photos of the people who passed, but it would have been too obvious.

This town seems to be positively heaving with fit guys all of a sudden. Semi naked joggers to be precise. Ooh I could have played tunes on the six pack of one of them but I had to sit firmly on my hands as he sprinted past.

Other things that have happened this week:

The Prince fell in the sea again. And had to be driven home in his pants. Which he thought was hilarious.

I bought this lovely H&M denim dress for the Princess from the Scope cherry tree shop for £2. She loves it.

Yeah yeah enough already

We went looking for crabs when the tide went out and came across this.

HOW hidden is that? Makes me wonder how many are dangerously near my toes!

Went to Primark. Never again with two kids. You don't get anything done.

You are NOT wearing those to school young lady

Went fruit and veg picking again.

I love Broccoli so much, do you?

SUCH an immature man...

Went back to Scope and really liked these little bargains. £1.50 for the flip flops and £2 for the shoes. They look better on, take my word.

They have a little kitten heel. Cute.
The Princess had one of her best friends to visit for a day. It was red hot and we had such a wonderful day lazing on the beach.

I finally learnt how to shut the kids up. Stick them in a police car.

Look how scared the Prince looks in the back!!!
They didn't stay quiet for long. The Princess decided to start yelling "Heeeeelp, I've been arrested!" so it was time to move on swifty.


Ooh and it's my 10th wedding anniversary this coming Friday. It was such an amazing day, I loved every single second of it.

Ten years. How fast has that gone?!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Gem and Hubby,awwh what gorgeous piccies of you both,You re a very beautiful bride Gem,stunning.Onto the carrot ,clears throat,gosh what a big one ,I loves broccoli too,I do :) Princess looks so gorg in her outfit and the prince a little smasher!love the piccies in the police car,he looks petrified,lol.Oh I remmember playschool and LOVED it ,especially Hamble and Gemmima too. take care sweetie,love juliexxx

Tracy ~ If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Baked A Cake said...

Happy Anniversary to you two lovelies time really flies when your having fun! your dress is amazing you looked stunning. Had to laugh at the carrot picture. You all look like you have so much fun enjoy the summer its only 20 more weeks to Christmas Aghh. The play school book looks so familiar, you find the best bargains. x

Jay said...

That is such a lovely post, it made me smile right from the Playschool book to the end. Have a very Happy Anniversary. x

Musings Of A Gem said...

Hi Gem!

Ooo I absolutely love Broccoli! I think it is my favourite. I'd have it with every meal if I could.

You look goregous in your wedding pics. Hope you have a fab wedding anniversary ; )

Gemma xxx

thriftwood said...

Happy Anniversary ... you looked amazing! Loved Playschool too, even before Floella Benjamin (I'm a lot older than you!). Looks a great day out at the beach... have a lovely week,

Claire xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HA! Wait until you get to 30, like US.....and you will wonder where in the heck it all went....but I can say that your life is full of memories that will never leave you dearest Gem...your children and husband are wonderful. OH THAT BEACH OF YOURS! YOU MUST and I mean, YOU MUST write the chronicles of GEM at the beach!

So good to see you on this wonderful August day. Love, Anita

Sarah Jane said...

Happy anniversary dear. Your wedding photos are lovely. I can't believe the luck you have finding vintage children's books. I'd have snapped that Playschool annual up in a heartbeat, such memories...sigh. I must be #ancient too! ;) x

Gem said...

I am in love with the prince, like seriously, he is such a cutie. Love the princesses hair in her modelling photos too, it looks great.
Happy Anniversary to you both, you don't look any different, you certainly don't look any older so you must be doing something right :) x x x x