Friday 3 August 2012

Skirt and sand

This cherry tree purchase of the week gets an Olympic Gold from me, I am thrilled with it.

French Connection, £3.99, British Heart Foundation. Sugar sweet!

Yeah, not quite a beach volleyball figure.
But then I eat a lot of cake...

And breathe..........

I am soooo tired at the moment. The Prince keeps appearing in our bedroom at the crack of dawn, his warm face pressed up against me. "Hello my mummy. Let's get up!"

I can't say no to that, but I am reeeeeeally tired.

I have found a little free time recently for my hobbies though, probably because we now have a dishwasher and I realised how much of my time it took up. I am reading Before I Go to Sleep by SJ Watson which is amazing and I am half way through.

I have also made a tiny bit of progress on my giant granny blanket, having spent a glorious day on the beach last week.

Oh we had a great day, after the initial (and predictable) hour of hell where the kids were fighting, the Prince got a whole heap of sand in his eye, they trod sand in all the towels and there was bickering galore. It then all calmed down and was lush.

Onto other things, recently I was awarded this:

I would like to nominate it to the below blogettes for their writing, thoughts, style and inspiration. I LOVE these blogs, take a peek if you've not come across them before!

Tracy at

Lucy at

Jus at

As I type this, the kids are fighting big style. The Husband is attempting to get out of his armchair (he got home from work at 3am so is very slooooooooow today) but I decided another tactic:

"Just let them kill each other. See who wins".

Not my most mature approach but sometimes I just give up and want to zone out of it all rather than keeping nagging and raising my voice. The noise they make can be overwhelming. This morning we had the Olympics on, the radio on, the Princess was singing a song she has written and the Prince was on his keyboard Elton John style. Meanwhile the Husband was talking to talk to me about something important.

It was all too much. So I zoned out and thought about which chocolate bar I would buy later.

Oh, and finally......

WHERE'S WALLY?!!! (aka the Husband)

Found him?? Hmmm?

Ha ha, the things I make him do!

Spotted him????


Gem said...

I think I found him, you know the funny thing about the first photo, there is actually someone wearing what looks like red shorts and a red and white stripey t-shirt hillarious.
Sounds like the kids are enjoying the holidays :p almost time for schools to return, just a few more weeks x x x x

Pink Milk said...

What a gorgeous skirt! It's got a kind of vintage sheet look about it which I love. Fabulous find my friend!

Dying to see a bit more of your blanket, loving the colour combo.

Squabbling children eh? Yep, I have two of those. It drives me nuts sometimes. However, when we were on holiday, it suddenly dawned on me that there may not be so many more holidays when the four of us are together. My son is 13 and in a few years he's not going to want to come away with us is he? Made me feel so sad and I'm REALLY trying not to get stressed with the argy-bargy!!! Ask me again in three weeks though! ;-)


PS. Flip flops were from Accessorize! x

Missy said...

Flying visit due to packing for holiday tomorrow and trying to cope with all manner of emergencies- smudged toenails (mine) and having to pick my dog up from my sister's tonight when she was supposed to be looking after him for a fortnight because he barked her to death all night and she's chickened out.
Your beach looks like flipping abroad! Lovely pictures and I know how you feel about the fighting kids, mine were the same and we still get the odd bitchfight now. Great skirt, you sure find some great stuff.
Hope the summer holidays turn a bit more relaxing for you, mrs!

justjill said...

Loved your post. It looks beautiful where you live now.
And kids will be kids and husbands frequently get lost. I once had to tannoy mine in a supermarket.

Marina said...

Ha hilarious!! Love the Where's Wally pic - that's just the sort of thing i'd do to my poor long-suffering hubby too! ha! Great pics and your skirt is fab too - what a bargain it looks fantastic! I must do a post on my recent charity shop bargains, i've found some nice bits & bobs of late - which makes a nice change! Thanks for your lovely comment on my recent post:) it's going really well now back at work (I'm a legal secretary in a firm of local solicitors), i'm starting to enjoy it and Baby Boy has settled in very well with his childminder :)

Hope you're all enjoying the hols,
Marina xx

Annaboo's House said...

Hello, missus.
Am soooooo loving that skirt- french connection eh? Bargainous!
Gorgeous beachy photos- love the Mister in his hat too!
Ha ha!
Off to check out those new blogs now...
Happy weekend to you!

Miss Magpie said...

My brother and I used to scream at each other so loud you could hear us at the end of the street! It all calmed down a bit when I hit my teens and we get on like a house on fire now, so only about 10 years to go.....
Have you thought about a blackout curtain for your wee man?

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

It gets easier. Boy2 still comes and climbs in with me at the crack of dawn, but then goes to find his brother who is now able (at 7) to pour them both cereal and juice if they want breakfast waaaay before I'm conscious. Then we watch Olympics in our dressing gowns til lunch.

(Please don't call SS)

Sarah Jane said...

Yay, thanks for the award! I feel your pain with the early morning waking thing. I used to sit her in the bed with me, put the kids programmes on, give her some chocolate and go back to sleep!! I'm a laaaazy girl through and through!

Have you got rainbow nails yet?? xx

Vintage Coconut said...

That skirt looks absolutely lovley on you.
I am totally jelous!! Everyones posting pictures of the Ocean... my favorite place in the world. And I am 4 hours away from it. *lol*
Your photos are great.

sandiart said...

Skirt...gorgeous. Beach......wonderful, and I found 'Wally' not hard to miss in the last picture!!!!
The photos of the beach through the bushes could be here in Victoria at a beach/town called Dromana. Arrhh I miss the beach, I HAVE to go every year, but missed out this last summer. Kaila and I used to go on her birthday every year, but that has slipped by the wayside these last couple of years.
My last husband and I had a mobile home at the beach and we would go down on Friday nights and come home late Sunday nights, was bliss. Prob the only good thing about that marriage lol.
xx Sandi
Oh I have to tell you, my eldest always asked tricky questions in the car whilst I was driving eg. 'Is SEX a naughty word' and 'Did dad put his tongue in your mouth when he kissed you' hahahaha lucky I am good in weird circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Love the skirt Gem,Your legs are so tanned!The crochets looking so great,are you enjoying it? Love the where s wally piccies,poor hubby,lol.
Off to check the out the new blogs too have a great weekend,love juliexxx

Jay said...

Love the skirt! And a day on the beach looks great despite the bickering - I know what you mean, mine are at it all the time just now!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Gem, I thought of you yesterday morning as I flew out the door without visiting my bloggette pals! (Love your term here!) YOU ARE GORGEOUS IN THAT SKIRT! I applaud you. I applaud all mums and dads around the world with children. Being a teacher, I had to deal with the noise but as teachers, we do have an advantage of being that OTHER with a different type of authority. "NO RECESS FOR YOU IF THIS NOISE CONTINUES" and other tactics were always a sure win!

What chocolate bar did you end up with?????? You are brave, beautiful and one day, your kids will come back and thank you for all that you did for them. THE BEACH LOOKS FABULOUS MY DEAR! Hang in there, as we say out here!!! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Oh you sweet friend, YOU! Thank you for visiting my blog post; I was supposed to change it on Friday, my usual day, but I am running frantically to make new items for my Etsy shop before my cousin arrives on Wednesday! AHHHH! She is coming to stay with me for an entire week here in the MIDWEST. She is flying all the way from the shores of California....we are having however, the BEST SUMMER WEATHER, fitting for a day at the beach.

I hope you are having a fantastic day on sand or in the garden! YES, books must fill the home, the heart and the mind, always! Anita

. said...

Thank you petal... I have tried but due to lack of internet time I'm afraid I recycled. Back soon xx