Saturday 11 August 2012

Taboo subject

Oh flipping heck, my friend Simon has just randomly tweeted "Taboo" from Black Eyed Peas to find out (on my behalf) if his real name might actually be Keith.

I just jokingly said "I bet Taboo is really called Keith or something" and before I knew it, Simon had tweeted the man to ask. We are currently waiting for a reply......we could be waiting a long time of course.

"Taboo"/Keith is one of my very guilty pleasures.

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I have a lot of guilty pleasures. Some I am more guilty about than others (yes I am talking about you 50 Cent, although to be fair that was mainly when I was pregnant and my hormones sent me nuts). Honestly there really was a time he could have taken me "to the candy shop". Oh dear, he and the Husband are so polar opposite it is scary. 50 Cent, aka Fitty. Or is it Fiddy.......anyway. Real name is Marcus.

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But I always think that celebs with crazy names like that were born with really "normal" names. Yes I am referring to you Elton "Reginald Dwight" John.

Anyway, that's about as exciting as my night got other than watching Tom Daley in mega skimpy speedos...ho hum another guilty pleasure there too. And don't even get me talking about Harry and Zane from One Direction.

One thing I am not at all guilty about is the fact that I got talking to a hot kite surfer this week. This one to be precise.

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He is ranked 13th in the world and is a British Pro who travels the world. He is a big deal in our coastal town and he tried to convince me that I might not be too old and frumpy to learn to kite surf after all. He is up for giving me a lesson (the thought of squeezing my ampleness into a wetsuit is mildly terrifying right now but I am going to think it over).

At the end of our conversation, he leaned towards me so I held out my hand to shake it but he kissed me. Right there on my cheek. Oh my, I sooooo tried to play it cool. The Princess shrieked "OMG, he ACTUALLY kissed you. You! My mum!!!!!! Wait til I tell Dad!"

Well, I instantly texted my friend who headed on over to corner him too as she wanted a kiss from him. At the end of the conversation, she came away empty cheeked! Ha ha!!!!! S.M.U.G.

Of course he probably did it in a bid to persuade me that I might actually want him to teach me after all. To prove I am not THAT old and frumpy.

Anyway, let's move on.

I got this Nigella book from the cherry tree shop (Scope to be precise). £1.50! I was chuffed as don't already have it. She does annoy me, but I still can't help but find her hair lovely and glossy. Plus I can't deny she churns out decent grub. Not "supper" Nigella, GRUB. Let's stop this Rebekah Brooks' "country supper" nonsense NOW.

PS Just found out Taboo's name is actually Jamie. And no he didn't tweet me. I just went on Wikipedia.


Kylie said...

You're meant to call him fitty (cent) I think Gem. I only know this because my husband told me. I guess in your eyes he is, a fitty!

My guilty pleasures are things like eating sago and rice pudding and wearing my tracky-dacks around the house. Boring!

Lastly, there are two things you should def try from that cook book, the chilli on page 235 and the Roquemole on 243.

I also think you should give that kite surfing lesson a go.

Annaboo's House said...

OMG!!! (shrieked in teenage-fashion)
What a fit kite surfer- t'is always worth hanging around that part of the beach- what with them and the real surfers, you're spoilt for choice, eh?!!
And a kiss??!!! Like, OMG again!!!
I NEED to spend more time down there, methinks.
BTW, I used to fancy the one from the Backstreet Boys. His name was Kevin. Tee hee.
PS am free Monday with kids- any good? X

Tracy ~ If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Baked A Cake said...

Your a funny one Gem I too still lust over the odd celebrity, loving the cook book you should make some of the recipes and post them on here. Need to get back to you on my secret of multi tasking. Have a fab week Jem. x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhhhh.... I am finally back in Blogland after a week hiatus. My dear cousins were in town for a week and now they are off back home.

I am here, loving my GEM FIX!!! Dearest, YOU ARE A HOOT as we say out here; your guilty pleasures are most beautifully documented here and I tell ya woman, you need to publish these! GO FOR THE SURFING LESSONS MY DEAR! YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD! Your children will be in awe of their mum who gets out there and just DOES IT!!!!! got a kiss? Oh how I loved it when I was in France; many times was I treated like a queen by an 80 year old, a 50 something year old and a 28 year flatteriing!!!!!