Thursday 1 September 2011

Henley and headaches

I have a really nasty headache this evening. My hormonal, once a month evil headache. I should be lying on the sofa in the dark but I can't be jiggered. I want to write a post, so I shall do so in my dark glasses. Very Roy Orbison I hear you cry.

I took les enfants to Henley-on-Thames today.

We ate our lunch on the train while chugging past the most stunning riverside houses. Actually, I should rephrase that bit about lunch because only I ate the food. The Princess wanted to save hers to eat by the river when we got off the train and the Prince picked over everything I packed him and licked each bit, before shaking his head and declaring "I light it. Away. Now". This means he doesn't like it. He does, however, like crisps......"Bips mum bips mum. Want bips". Repeat, increasing the volume until you can barely think straight.

I didn't want to give him a packet of "bips" on the train purely for not eating his sandwiches but then he performed The Shriek. It's long and loud. Ear piercingly loud. Maybe this is why I have a headache....

We walked past our little dream home.

I love the colours, the flowers and it's so neat and tidy

Yes, Myrtle Cottage, I think I love you

I love the colour of the front door
 Then we scoffed ice creams by the river.

Stop looking down my top...

Couldn't eat his sandwich, but had plenty of room for this....

Anyway I bought this book, only to return home to find I've already bought it. Gah!  This is the problem with over 100 vintage Ladybird books. Lovely Piggly, what a dear, from Oxfam for £1.50.

 And this one for £1.99, also from Oxfam.

I also nabbed these babies, 20p each, from an antique shop. Very cute, will look lush with cake on. I love cake...

 On a totally random note, I bought the below soup, purely for the carton. NEVER judge a soup by its carton. It was like supping warm pond water. I could manage a small bowl, but not the gargantuan one I filled. It tasted healthy, but in a bad way. I had a craving for chips afterwards. And cake.

And I finally succombed to  all the excitement over the below product. National papers rave about it. Will see how it goes. If it is great, it is a bargain at £9.99. Let's see if it transforms the mug I possess.

Tomorrow is a busy one. I shall have six children here by 10am, ranging from 8 weeks to 10-years. Helllllllp...


Grateful4Crochet said...

I want to live in that cottage!
And for it to be neat, with no books, toys, shoes, clothes strewn all over the floor........I am now quite carried away with the thought. And have lunch in the sun near the boats.
What an awesome day!
Sounds like you needed a day like that to cope with tomorrow!!!
Good luck with that!
Although I do find that sometimes more children is easier (but noisier) as they tend to entertain themselves more

Sarah said...

Oooooh, (why do all my comments begin with a version of that?!!) what a gorgeous cottage!! But how do they get in that front door?

Sorry you have a headache hunny, we have to gloss our woodwork tomorrow so I shall have one to keep you company as we have gone for the old-fashioned stinky stuff that actually stays on the wood even though it'll prob give me a migraine.

Love the vintage plates, gorgeous!!

The Princess looks so much like you, and bless The Prince and his ice-cream!!

S x

Alex said...

Do report back on the miracle cream please!

It looks like a fab day out and I'm muchly impressed with your finds, esp those gorgeous plates.

ps - surely the dream cottage would have to be renamed Cherry Tree Cottage? ;-)

April May said...

Loving your posts as always! What a beautiful place! Looks like you all had fun regardless, hope the heads better soon.

hugs xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there dearest.....OH THAT COTTAGE IS A DREAM!!!! I love tidy, white cottages with little flower boxes. My cottage is sweet as pie, but it is a stone cottage. I have often wondered how it would look painted white, but people would think me strange for painting over stone! OH and your sweet little book on Piggy...what a wonderful find for an afternoon hunt!

BE WELL and enjoy your weekend! Oh, those headaches....or rather those HORMONES! WOmen have to endure TOO MUCH!

sandiart said...

I love Myrtle Cottage too, and that basket of flowers over the front door, sigh......
Stop looking down your top, that just made me look :) haha.
I think I need a bucket of that Skin Perfector, does it also fill up tunnels etched into your face??
Hope your headache went because it is not what you need with 6 children, good luck with that.
x Sandi

KatGotTheCream said...


Just catching up on your blog. I have just had the biggest childhood memory jolt looking at that ladybird book Piggly plays truant. I remember it so well. If you still have the duplicate, please can I buy it from you, I'd love to read it again.

Also, really want to try that miracle foundation, sounds amazing!

K said...

Ohh that house looks beautiful, I agree, the door is a lovely colour.
I used to love Enid Blyton books when I was little! I unearthed a load the other week, I can't throw them away, I think I shall save them, and then give them to any future children I may have!
Lettuce and cucumber soup doesn't sound appealing at all, although the cover would say a different story! x
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