Sunday 25 September 2011

Heaven and hell

A mixed bag as standard with this blog.

I could gloss over all the dreary/annoying/boring/negative/bad bits but then this is a blog for me, written by me, and I would know about the gloss-over and it would ruin it. Does that make sense?

Nice bits since my last blog are as follows:

I had a lovely afternoon chez moi with my friend Gabi after school on Wednesday.

Noticed all the cake gone before I could take a pic!

 The children played pretty well together (there are usually far more fall outs) and suddenly it was nearly 7pm and we were still drinking tea. She is one of my most grounding friends and I love her for the fact she is so giving. For a mutual friend's 40th, Gabi gave her "Food for a family in Bangladesh" rather than some material possession. She only told me what she'd done because I asked her. She is top notch and extremely thoughtful. And she is a GP so I often bombard her with health issues that I have! Poor thing must get exhausted, but STILL she comes back for more!

I've been playing a lot with the Prince in the garden now that the Princess is back to school - I treasure these days with him, he is such a good boy its unnerving at times.

Excuse his face in this one. Like a weird Oompa Loompa!

More crumbles to be made 

 Then I bought this lush French Connection denim skirt from Oxfam for £4.99

I decided to return next week as saw more things I wanted but it was packed and the pushchair wouldn't allow it - things that are meant to be mine will still be there....that's my belief anyway!

I sent the husband out to buy some groceries and asked him to buy me a Jif lemon (because I always squirt some in my mug of boiling water whenever I run out of fresh lemons). He came back with this from Lidl, I kid you not.

He even asked if it was the right thing.....(sigh)

Speaking of Lidl, I succumbed to all the hype about its Suddenly Madame Glamour perfume. It swept the perfume awards for smelling like Chanel and apparently Chanel ain't happy. I am not surprised as it's £3.99 a bottle for eau de parfum and is gorgeous.

As you can see, I rather like it, despite the cheesy name.

A lot.

Today we went to Turville, the village where the Vicar of Dibley was filmed, and the village that is home to the windmill featured in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (one of my fave films).

I want to live in Windmill Cottage on the left

The kids are windmill obsessed and it was a gorgeous autumn day for a picnic and a walk. It was heavenly, sitting high on a hill, watching Autumn sprinkle gold on to the tops of trees.

Golden and heavenly (the view, not my boy)

Thinking no one was looking

Eating too many pies, needing a hair cut badly

We went into the church featured in Vicar of Dibley which is a stunning little church.

Love it! Just like in that episode!!!

 Then the Princess brought a tear to my eye when she lit a candle for her great grandparents:

The one at the front is for Nan and Bamps
 I also Skyped my brother Rob who lives in Chicago, he lives in an apartment with the coolest views and I can't wait to go over next year, although going without kids, which will be weird. Have NEVER been far from them and hope I will be able to unwind and enjoy it with the husband.

So all in all, very nice times.

(oh yeah, the bad/sad things...... I found myself shedding tears behind my sunglasses as really missing my grandparents today and told the husband it was the wind making my eyes water, the Princess trod mud in my hair today while I was sunbathing by the windmill and we fell out. She then ran down the steep hill and tripped and fell, resulting in a very grazed torso. I have been laid up since Wednesday with sinusitis and felt sick and dizzy with it which has been dreadful, although on the mend now. Oh and the house is a tip and I don't know where to start cleaning, I am behind with billions of things, Chester the cat has disowned us, something I've eaten has left me hugely bloated and there is no chocolate in the house). 

The last bit bothers me far more than the rest.


Alex said...

Oh I can't stop laughing at the Jif lemon thing. I can just imagine the face you pulled when he produced it.

Tracy Glover said...

Me too, sort of thing Roman would do.
It suddenly comes sometimes, the missing people thing. Bless you. I miss my Dad and pretend something is in my eye sometimes.
Ta muchio for comment re dolls. I did a giveaway earlier this yr but not many people entered. Think a Crimbo one would be in order.
Oompa loompa! Chortle!
Cute windmills.Loving your red lippy. xxx

Cuckoo said...

Right my girl. Tomorrow, lets talk on the blower. So much to talk to you about and I know I'll not get a proper blabber with you on Sunday. Man I can't wait to see you my girl.


Carol said...

Ah yes, a shortage of chocolate, any problems will definitely be made worse by such a catastrophe.
The Jif lemon - bril, I don't think he would be the only hubby to get it wrong though.
I hadn't heard about the fab perfume but I shall now be visiting Lidl this week.
My Nan died 50 years ago, I love(d) her to bits and still miss her. Don't feel it is a bad thing to miss someone, it just shows how much you loved them when they were here. They still live in our hearts.
Carol xx
Carol xx

Annaboo's House said...

Do you know, I was only complaining to the Mister this morning that we don't have any decent chocolates in the house (bourbon biscuits don't count- I don't like 'em).
Love your pics as always.
The vicar of dib always reminds me of when I had number 1 and I used to watch episodes whilst breast feeding. - For me, it's always a comfort thing!
Have a good week, hon.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, GO GET SOME GOOD CHOCOLATE and savor every bite!!!!! I SO ENJOYED being on this tour with you. Isn't it amazing how we miss our beloved ones so? My parents both died at the same time and they have been gone 25 years, but I still cry when certain holidays come around. Your children are priceless and what a view. Oh how I love those animal blessing sessions. You never know what you'll see, or step in! BIG HUGS! Anita

Grateful4Crochet said...

Hope you feel better soon! i Know how you feel!
One of the blogs I read is a great, funny Swedish woman who has just visited her family in Chicago, and has blogged about it, it has made me want to go there.
Have a look at this post:
it will totally cheer you up!
Take care, sending virtual hugs

fee @ chipper nelly said...

loving the bad bits in small type!
Sinusitus - every flamin' winter - horrid. Got a new product last year that helped but can't remember it's name - if i foget to find it and tell you nag me.
Loving the nice pictures - and here's to a good new week ahead...fee x

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos, looks like you've been having a lovely time. Looking gorge and glam as always!

The village you went to is amazingly pretty - I love this time of year and your photos capture it perfectly.

The Prince looks cute with long-ish hair, I think. Tres surfer dude.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Nothing wrong with having a bit of a cry over your missed grandparents but hope it didn't leave you feeling too miserable for the rest of the day.

Nicki xx

PS cannot BELIEVE you used to drive through the roads in Batcombe - they are crazily skinny roads and very windy. What a gorgeous little village though, we absolutely loved our flying visit and we're planning a trip back soon.

pollywallydoodle said...

The Jif lemon bit is hilarious. That is just the sort of thing my fella would do. Ha!

Turville looks amazing - the windmill is so cool! If I went there I would live in hope that I'd round a corner and bump into Richard Armitage - oh if only!

I hope you feel better soon!

tinajo said...

Hi there and thank you so much, I´m glad if it made you smile a little! Chicago is so awesome, I´mmost likely going back next year because I can´t seem to stay away..! :-)

Gem said...

Wow a real week of up's and downs, i'm sure I have something that will make you laugh though, after reading your post the other week about the Prince hitting the Princess and then saying 'Oops sorry about that', my boyfriend has been doing it to me constanly, i wouldn't mind but he is almost 25! I laughed so much when I read it and had to share it with him, now I only wish I had kept it to myself, he thinks it is hillarious haha. hope things look up soon.
P.S. Pop out and buy yourself a large bar of your fave chocolate, that should do the trick
;-) xxx

Anonymous said...

I miss my grandma.......she was the only one who understood me, or listened to me and the only one who I thought loved me, my kids adored her, they were blessed to have her for most of their young childhood.
Sinus, I used to get that, painful, now I get Heyfever instead, not painful but annoying.
Hope all comes sunny in your world again very soon.
x Sandi

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Gorgeous pics, and how sweet that the church does pet blessings, I love it! Sorry about the less good parts of your week - I did laugh at what your husband brought home instead of Jif lemon though! Somewhere on Mumsnet there's a hilarious thread about the stupidest things supermarkets have substituted in people's online shop - that would have been right at home. I think my favourite was Tesco bringing someone a bunch of grapes as a substitute for a bottle of wine - obviously she was supposed to make her own!

MianTariq said...

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Nice post with good presentation and suggestions.
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