Tuesday 30 August 2011

Family Nest

I went into the new charity shop in the village and was a little disappointed but am hoping they will get more stuff in soon. I wasn't thrilled with the layout or the staff if I am honest but I am hoping it is just early days and things will pick up.

While in there, I bought these salad servers for my sister Anna and her hubby Danny. They are zebra mad and weirdly both had an obsession for the black and white stripy horses before they met each other. A bargain from Age Concern £1.95!

"ere sweetheart, wanna fork?"

Oh get a room. Or a stable maybe.
And I was able to give them to Anna in person as I went home for the weekend! I went home a day earlier than planned as my Dad offered to give me a lift on the Friday rather than lug 5 bags, two crazy kids and a pushchair on the Saturday with two platform changes (gulp!).

He is such a star and always goes the extra mile for all of us kids and we appreciate it Dad (if you are reading).

I went home to see my parents but also to see my oldest friend in the whole wide world Becks. She was due to be induced and indeed gave birth on Sunday night to Amelia Elsie. Elsie is her Gran's name, who sadly died a few months ago. Becks has wanted this baby for a very long time. In the end, I was unable to see her due to the awkward and late hospital visiting times and her baby was much later than expected (they gave her a C section as she was 15 days over and the baby showed no signs of getting herself out).

I am so thrilled she had a girl. This is the first time ever I've predicted a baby's sex correctly. I know she will make a great mum and will hopefully see her in the next few weeks while Milly is still tiny.

Anyway, on the way home Dad and I spotted this. How dinky is that?!

How snug at night! 

Might get claustrophobic after a while though...
And we arrived home (I will ALWAYS call my parents' house home, even though they only moved into it four years ago) to my favourite things: seeing Mum, a pot of tea, cake, Prima magazines, the local newspaper, oooh I love it. I don't get to see much of my mum these days and I really miss her and Dad.

And what did we do at the weekend?

I captured a cheeky money

I gave my lovely mama that heart
We had Anna and Danny over for a huge Sunday lunch. Mum made two fruit pies and Anna brought a rice pudding so we were vaguely stuffed afterwards.

Full to the brim with a roast dinner and berry pie

I got the whole "Oh here we go, another photo for the Blog" comment.
Anna is going to buy Mum and I the necklace she is wearing. LOVE IT.

High 5 time with Uncle Danny

Very excitable little girlie with her Daddy who she hadn't seen for days
After a huge Sunday lunch (the husband drove down in the morning to join us, after working hard), Mum, Anna and I went for a bracing walk in the countryside near her home. The men and kids stayed at home and it was bliss not to take a pushchair or wait for a moaning, tired Princess to catch up with us.

The hills are alive.....
(whenever we do this walk, my mum ALWAYS says "this makes my heart sing")

Strike a pose

The English countryside is stunning on days like this

Then on Monday we went to a country show in the village. There were masses of stalls selling vintage items, a  few fair rides, ice creams, a cider tent (of  COURSE we made a bee line...), vintage vehicles, crockery smashing, and I bumped into two old friends who I met when the Princess was a newborn and we all got our babies weighed. I miss them loads and couldn't believe I'd bumped into them both individually at the show.

I stupidly left the camera at home though so no nice shots of me scoffing a cheeseburger and slurping cider in my wellies. Shame.....


Unknown said...

Lovely post, gorgeous photos and great to hear that you went 'home' for the weekend. Can't beat a visit to the folks - I spent a lot of time with my parents this weekend too, loved it.

Now, more importantly, I NEED one of those necklaces too! Where from, where from? Have to have one... am almost hyperventilating here...!

Nicki xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Teeeheee....I love those zebra salad servers and their FROLICKS! That IS wild, that the two young lovers would me passionate about ZEBRAS before they met!!!! You are so witty...

Oh how I love "charity shops." We call them "thrift stores" here, and there are some FABULOUS ones in Los Angeles, California where I grew up. There you can really find vintage clothing and wares, and here in Minneapolis Minnesota were I reside now, there are a couple of shops tucked away. THE KIDS LOOK WONDERFUL and Gem, you and your mum and sister are BEAUTIES!!! All well here, for I live in "The Midwest", but on our east coast, so many people had a devastating Sunday with hurricane Irene. So much damage and some 30 lives were lost. Oh the weather is horrid this year.

HAPPY DAY TO YOU and thank you for your kind, kind comment on my post. COming from you, it is so appreciated, for I find you to be an extraordinary writer...


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the thrift store bummer, but those zebra salad spoon things are cute! Hope the store gets better with time!

That countryside walk looks GLORIOUS! I have never been anywhere like that... To think of walking along rolling country hills makes MY heart sing!

Nelly said...

A country show in the village you say, sounds idylic. Add in a little cider for good measure, what's not to like? Sounds great fun,
Nelly xxx

Coco Rose Diaries said...

Oooooooh sounds like you had a lovely weekend. It's lovely going home to visit family. I did that at the weekend, but am feeling a bit deflated now, as I always hate leaving!

Gorgeous pictures.......and I too am loving the necklace!

Have a super day!

Vanessa xxxxxxxxx

Cuckoo said...

Ere sweetheart fancy a fork? I've heard that before somewhere! Hilarious. You are a goose!

I'd give anything to go "home" but it's not there any more. Doesn't exist. Never mind. I'll just keep sinking my roots in here! Build my little nest around my boys.

x x x

sandiart said...

You're mum is gorgeous, see why you and your sister are gorgeous too. What a perfectly lovely time 'at home' I wish my mum and I got along so well.
x Sandi

honeycat said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. Glad you had a lovely time. Me, my mum and sister are very close also and there's nothing better than the three of us getting together. Loving that necklace....

Melanie x

Annaboo's House said...

Love the naughty zebras!
Also love the glam pic of you three lovely ladeeees. You are very photogenic.
There's nothing like going home for a bit, is there?

Sarah said...

What a lovely post!! Love the caravan and the pic of you three gorgeous girls!!

I had to chuckle as I always read my Mum's pile of Prima mags and papers when I visit her too!!

Check out my profile for my email addy and send me an email and then I can answer your furniture painting questions so as not to bore your comments readers!!

S x

Alex said...

You are such a good looking family!

Love the countryside photo. There's nothing like a good bit of scenery to lift the spirits, is there? I'm with your mum on that one.

Unknown said...

You're going to tell me that necklace is from some 'out in the sticks' boutique aren't you, I just know it... ha! Thanks though love, if you can find out the deets (that's street for details, doncha know) I'd be so grateful.

And yes, I agree with Alex ^^ you are SUCH good looking family.