Wednesday 28 September 2011

What a load of pants

What am I loving today (good times)? And what is irritating me (bad times)? Read on and find out (in a kind of No Likey No Lighty Paddy kind of voice).

Good times: I am liking the weather big stylee! Doesn't it put a total spring in your step?! Everything seems more pleasant. Everyone is happy.

Bad times: Men are in vests again - that's a downside.

Bad times: The Prince found the two secret replacement Noo Noos I had hidden for emergencies. Look how chuffed he is. Oh dear!

Good Times: Chester the cat came back!

 He says he he DOES love us as a family, but would we mind awfully if he just nips in and out when he feels like it, because he does have to spend a bit of time with a family of his own. Basically, could he just use this as a doss house and to get a regular saucer of milk and the odd bit of chicken, be cuddled for a bit and then naff off.

No Chester, that's fine, I reply. As long as you promise to NEVER dart upstairs again and hide under the Princess's bed and scare her half to death at bedtime, or bring a mouse to us like yesterday and scare me half to death. It's a done deal.

Trying to get up the chimney

The Prince is proud as punch (look at his Crocs!! Always on wrong feet)

Good Times: I am also loving the radio. I heard a song which took me back to being very young and saving up my pocket money to get the flexi disc free in Smash Hits magazine. Crush On You by The Jets. Oh I still love it to this day and it gave me a great flashback. My dad refused to let me play the flexi disc on his record player and I was fuming. I've just realised as well that its sampled in a  2 Many DJs album that the hubby and I love. It's OUR album, we used to play it before hitting the nightlife when we lived in Bath, BC (before children).

Do you know the original song I mean? Very 80s, but it just stayed with me. Here is a You Tube link to it - check out that dancing!

So this has made me happy and I keep playing it and driving the kids mad. Shame really as I hoped the Princess would love it - she loves our Arcade Fire album after all. And Franz Ferdinand. But HATES Bon Jovi which is a shame (the Husband put her right off, the swine.)

Good Times: I am also loving a bit of down time in the evenings and treble crochet is beginning to make sense again. I do a little bit now and then, in the same way that people unwind with a fag I guess. Five or ten mins every night, lush. Keeps me out of trouble. I achieve most things now I've come to realise, if I just spend ten minutes on each of those things. I MAKE time. I will probably never actually MAKE anything with the crochet, but I do like the mindless stitching, but only for so long!

Good Times: I am kind of loving the fact that Princess came home and announced she has a boyfriend called Valentino. I've met him, he is rather handsome. His parents are about to open a brand new restaurant in the village so I am hoping she'll get us a cheap eats deal! But mustn't encourage boys too soon. They only cause trouble as we all know too well! I want to keep her as gorgeous and innocent for as long as I can.

Good Times: And I am delighted with the fact that I have finally found a replacement cherry tree skirt to replace the one I ripped several months back (which was also a cherry tree one).

This was the one I ripped so badly I binned it (Bad Times). Gutted isn't the word. It was my comfort skirt.

You can't see the skirt so well but I love this pic in any case!
Drinking a Capuccino in a mug on the beach...bliss
 The cherry tree one, however, is much prettier and originally from Miss Selfridge. It is all sticky outy and great with boots and tights. It cost £3.99 from Barnardo's.

I wore it last Saturday and I love it, oh and this is a 100 per cent cherry tree shop outfit.

Will wear my blue tights next time

The skirt, boots, top and bag, all second hand and loved all over again. The top was originally Oasis but I got it from Oxfam for £2.99. Don't think I've featured it before. It's a great colour and goes well with the Sainsbury's Tu necklace which I got in the sale.

The entire outfit cost less than £15!

Bad Times: Men who wear their trousers so low you can see their pants. It used to be a fashion statement where you could see a flash of pantage. Now it is the full pants. It's almost a case of How Low Can You Go? (bet you are thinking of that song in Grease now?!)

It is too much info and I saw a school boy today wearing his trousers so low slung, all I could see were his hideous cartoon pants. I nearly retched. He was about 11. It's all wrong. Who started it and why do they do it? One friend had an idea - she thinks it's to show how long their schlong is! As in the further down the trousers are worn, the longer the silly! This can't be the truth, especially with the young schoolboys.

Anyone got ideas about how to stop men wearing awful vests and "look at my pants" outfits?


Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I knew what you meant by "vest." Explain!

I laughed out loud at the part about the kitty.

And the Noo Noo part. Not sure if that was a laughing matter, but his face was too cute!

Cuckoo said...

Ah man! You are so stylish, I can't even put together an outfit in a shop with out having to ask for help let alone get things from separate shops and put them together. I used to, I'm sure.

The Princes FACE!!!!! Ha ha haaaaaa.

The low slung pant thing...I said to Mr C's cousin once "Will you've got skiddies showing, pull yer trollies up" . I didn't work. He looks silly. Appropriate really. He's the one who leaves his phone lying about and gets fraped all the time. One fraped status update said "I love weekends. Just had an awesome w*nk and now off for a decent dump" Hiddeously funny!!!!! I hope I haven't offended anyone by retelling this.

See you Sunday my lover, start brewing me a cuddle!


Tracy Glover said...

The 'skater' look, allegedly. My friend Lee used to wear his like this. I was out dancng with him once and his trousers just fell right down. Poor lad.
Lovely outfit and very cute boots. You do very well with your bargains, they look great on you,like a cool boutique chick
The cat's face! Cute! xxx

Unknown said...

Ah!!!!! I LOVED that song and also got the flexi disk free with Smash Hits! Ha! Good times. I've sung it loads to Andrew (messing about, obvs) and he doesn't have a clue what I'm on about. ALSO the 2 Many DJs album... AWESOME. Bet we have a similar taste in music.
Got to go, working today but great to have a little catch-up on your blog with my cuppa,

Unknown said...

PS I have to say that I approve of the low-slung trouser thing ever since I heard that the police find it easier to catch petty criminals nowadays... apparently the wallies can't RUN very fast with their trousers hanging low round their crotch and are easier to catch! Ha! I like to imagine those 'cool' boys doing a waddly kind of run in their stoopid jeans with a policeman chasing them, Benny Hill style. Ha!

Agree it looks hideous although I do prefer to see a pair of pants than a bum crack (sorry, horrid expression!). Shudder.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Your little prince is a precious little wonder that got back his noo noo and we are happy!!!!! HE LOOKS FABULOUS with those eyes of his! BEAMING WITH PRIDE! And look at you; you always find fun stuff and don't you just love shopping economically? LOVE IT and I hope you are enjoying all you can out of this season. Now, I must get on the road to get to school....CIAO! Anita

Tracy Glover said...

Just laughing at the dusting question. The answer is erm,not much! I do get sudden dust paranoia though and do a mad dust everywhere.
I am doing a clothes post soon so I will put a better pic of the skirt on then. I need Roman to take the pics as my geeky self taken ones are a bit pants.
I know all the words to that song. Every single one. but I think my first record was, 'Hands Up.' My Mum bought me the 'Just Say No' Grange Hill song too. Hilarious.
The Prince is a peach. xxx

Missy said...

Although I am married I would flipping love a boyfriend called Valentino. How glam. Is it normal to be jealous of a little girl?
I think that low slung pants, (I believe they are referred to as 'low batties' or could be 'low butties' see me being down with the kids) when seen in the street, call for a sensible adult (counts me out then) shouting out 'PULL YOUR TROUSERS UP.'

Grateful4Crochet said...

As always, love this post!! Made melaugh
Love the outfit- and yes I, too want a bf called Valentino!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Gem, loving Princes face with all the Noo Noo's hehe. That skirt looks great on you, I am too thin to wear skirts like that. I never find anything nice at 'Cherry shops' bit depressing hey!
x Sandi

koralee said...

Thank you so much for visiting me the other love love your blog and how you gave me a morning chuckle and it is so what I needed today. Thank you.
I am off to read some more of your past posts...happy new week..I will be back for sure. xoxoxoxoox

Sarah said...

(I thought I'd commented on this post, I'm such a scatterbrain!!)

Bless The Prince, he looks DELIGHTED!!

Love the beach pictures!! And the skirt - it's a little bit Mrs Lovett (you know from Sweeney Todd - love it!!) Your whole outfit is lovely, wish I could do "outfits" I just do jeans and t-shirts really!!

BTW about all the girliness and living with three boys - I reckon my desire for all things pink and floral is partly a reaction to all the testosterone!!

Mr G is just so laidback he is horizontal - sometimes he puts his foot down but if I already have/have already done whatever he has put his foot down over I just leave it and before long it's a fixture and he comes to like it.

He loves the painted furniture and a lot of my vintage stuff - he'd probably prefer black leather, chrome and his motorbike engine on the table but he accepts I have to have my girly things.

It took about a year for him to give in about the CK bathroom tiles, but he's fine with them now. I'm just very lucky he's so easygoing!!

The boys are funny, W says "Mummmmmeeeeeey!!!!!" when I make something pink and/or flowery and H says "Are you going to make it look rotten?"!! (He thinks shabby chic = rotten!!!!)


S x

(Blimey, I do waffle!!)

tinajo said...

Great outfit - love the colors! I´m not that fond of seeing men´s underwear either. Passed a young guy on the street just this week, who had his trousers so low that I seriously wondered how he could move... It´s done - MOVE ON to a nice fashion for goodness sake! :-D

Anonymous said...

Hi Gem ,hope all's well? I Love the Princes face,looks like all his Christmas's have come at once,Awh love him.
Great Cherry tree outfit,you look fab,I havent managed any Cherry tree shopping lately,must go soon! Hope you have a great week,love juliexxx

Tracy Glover said...

Ey up chuck. You've been quiet this week. I miss your cheery banter. Hope you¨re ok? Are you in Yorkshire? Right, I'm off now before I sound like a mad stalker. xxx