Monday 19 September 2011

Birthday and feline great (sorry, paw joke.....whoops)

I was 36 on Saturday and had a lush birthday, although I can't quite believe I am four years off 40. The whole weekend was a mixture of presents, birthday cake, dinner and a night in the comedy club in Bath, and lots of babies!

Spot my mum singing VERY enthusiastically!!
And I didn't want 36 candles on there. 

We went to Somerset on Saturday to see my parents, I've been really home sick recently and miss them so much.

They kindly looked after the kids while I visited my oldest friend in the whole wide world - Becks. She gave birth to Amelia Elsie three weeks ago and we finally met, and now I am all broody again. We've been friends for 32 years!

Then we went out in Bath and had dinner which was lovely. Not done that with the husband in literally months and months. Dinner was followed by the comedy club in central Bath. I've never been to one and it was a surprise and HILARIOUS!

Afterwards it turned into a Motown disco. We danced til 1.30am and didn't get home til 2am. I was up at 6.30am with the Prince and can't even talk about my tiredness. I may well weep. I shall be in bed tres early tonight. But it was worth it to spend time with my man.

I wore a  Cherry Tree outfit. Blurred pic, soz.

Then yesterday I went for a walk around Longleat with my mum and the Princess while the husband stayed home with my dad and the Prince.

Heavens Gate is quite literally stunning

Two of my favourite girls in the world

Anna and Rob, you were missed pets! But I got to eat more cake, hee hee

 After that, I saw my gorgeous friend Melissa who I've been friends with since we were at sixth form. We drifted apart a bit but then both lived near each other during our days in Bath and re hooked up. She is mum to triplets: Iris, Poppy and Violet. They are so scrummy and I could've cuddled them all day.

So it's been baby city really! And cake city. After seeing Melissa and catching up, we headed home to my parents to scoff more cake and tea and then headed back to Berkshire. I have fantasies about living by the sea and living by my parents. Am hoping one of them will happen. I absolutely love our house in Berkshire but I feel I need a change for some reason. The husband feels the same. Exciting!

I got this Jayne Fisher book from Oxfam  - I used to love reading The Garden Gang and keep trying to encourage the Princess to get one of her stories published so we can live a life of luxury! 50p - lush!

Oh, and the Feline Great bit of my title today? We have acquired a black and white cat who we have called Chester. He isn't really ours, but he came into our garden a few days ago and I stupidly gave him a saucer of milk as he looked young and thin. Now he's back and we just found him downstairs, walking around as if he owned the place. He has no collar on so I really hope he isn't lost. Maybe someone out there is feeling sad, like when the Prince lost Noo Noo...

I have a fur allergy which triggers my asthma but also love cats so it's a bit tricky. The kids are delighted beyond belief. I won't be if Chester piddles on my rug though so I'm banishing him from the house.

I think I love him already - the flash has made his eyes look all weird!

But not as much as someone else...
 It's Evil Tuesday tomorrow. But I have a good feeling about it for some reason!

Have so many blogs to catch up on and not enough time as always.


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

36 sounds much better than 39 (which is what I will come Saturday!!) - your cake looks yummy!! did you get some lovely presents?

It's lovely meeting up with really old friends, I would have been v. broody in the company of such a tiny baby.

You, your Mum and The Princess are sooooo alike!! You should get a frame for one of those pics, gorgeous!!

Bless Chester, he does look young, you know cats choose their own homes don't you? I am allergic to cats and horses but actually having cats and horses has made me less sensitive - same as our neighbour, she was so allergic she couldn't even touch a cat but then one re-homed itself with them and she now has no trouble.

S x

Annaboo's House said...

Happy birthday!

I too am 36!
AND I used to have loads of those Garden Gang stories when I was a kid. I remember I used to read them and think 'i can colour in better than that'
Hmmmmmmmmm. Never made my millions, though.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday! what wonderful celebrations, really lovely photos.
A friend had a cat turn up in the garden, it didn't want to go. She had a look on line and - there was a photo of "missing cat" - cue reunion with very emotional owner. Perhaps a call to local Cats Protection might reveal if Chester has a home (hopefully he has been 'chipped')
He looks a lovely boy.
Carol xx

Grateful4Crochet said...

Happy belated birthday!
Love the pics of you and your Mum and the Princess- adorable!!!
You should have made it a bit of open mic at the comedy club and told your "wi jammin" joke :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Happy Birthday! I'll be 35 soon, good thing we have all this vintage stuff around to keep us looking young eh? x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gem, you look gorgeous and looking at your mum I can see why, the three of you (the Princess) all look so lovely. Oh to be so young again....sigh.
Seriously what is evil Tuesday????
x Sandi

Happy Homebird said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful family you have too.

I remember those books! Haven't seen one since I was about 5. Must look out for them.

Sam x

Cuckoo said...

I'm phoning you right now! Pick up!


Cuckoo said...

Just spoken to your husband...of course it's evil Tuesday, you said so up there.

Why have you moved your birthday? It is the 25th for goodness sake! Oh, no, it's not, I think that every sodding year!!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh GEM, you are all so beautiful and glorious! YOU ARE MAKING ME WANT TO GO TO YOUR beautiful country and have a lunch date with you to chat!!!! HAPPY DAY MY DEAR, and off to school I go...Anita

Missy said...

Happy Birthday!
Believe me, 36, getting on for 40 sounds a great deal better then 50!
Lovely photos.

Pink Milk said...

Happy, happy birthday for last Saturday you enviously photogenic spring chicken! (I'm fast approaching the big 4-0!) :-)


little homebird said...

Happy belated birthday! You really do look glam in all your pics, and your mum does too! It's nice to get out with your hubby once in a while, doesn't happen much here having no babysitters lol. I too miss being near my parents but it's not very likely I'll ever get to move back 'home'. Ali :)

Bee said...

Happy Birthday Gem, we love Heavens Gate and we're only there just before the children started school, little lad loves to cycle along with path and I've also got a smashing photo of my two inside that ring thingy.

Lovely post xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh,Happy belated birthday,Gem ,sounds like you had a super day.I d love a house by the sea,I love watching Doc Martin because of the little cottages by the sea :) maybe one day....
Chesters Gorgeous,hope the allergies arent too bad? Hope Evil Tuesday hasnt been to evil.too,hugs,juliexx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there, gorgeous one!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT and so , so kind words. I never thought of selling my art, but in the next several months, I am going to aim to have an Etsy shop and see where things from all of you is wonderful!!!! OH and you should see the fabulous skirt I got at a local "thrift" store or rather, charity shop. THOUGHT OF YOU DEAREST!!!! Anita

Anonymous said...

awwh,lol Gem,just got your message about the Doc martins,what am I like? haha ,yep meant that one in Cornwall,I'll chuckle about that all day,Hope you have a good 'un love juliexxxxxxxxxxxp.s .hope its less grim weather wise,not much better here.xoxo

Angela said...

Looks like a gorgeous birthday! I am so jealous that you found a Garden Gang book at the charity shoppe. I adored those books when I was little and even sent off my own version to Ladybird :)