Wednesday 7 September 2011

Back to school

I had all the school bags ready by the door last night. Big new Harry Potter school bag...check. Bright yellow P.E. bag...check. Lunch box...check. Drink...check.....coat....check. Kitchen sink...check. You catch my drift.

Everything ironed and labelled up, ready for a fresh new term at a brand new school. We woke early, had a healthy breakfast and I decided to walk to school with the kids, even though it is over a mile away.

We were doing well until the Prince decided not to co-operate and refused to wear his wellies. We then only just made it in time for the Princess to flee from my arms (blimey, talk about the great escape) and get in line to join her new classmates. I felt myself welling up and was so proud. Another milestone, another to tick off the list. I missed her all day.

I know I've put this photo in an earlier post several weeks back, but I want to put it on again as it was her first day at infant school, followed by her first day at junior school this morning; wow she has grown so much.

After I dropped her off, the Prince and I accidentally fell into the cherry tree shop. Oh dear, it's a dangerous habit but safer than crack, that's how I see it.

I bought this satchel style bag for £2.95 (Help the Aged, originally M&S). A bargain if you will. And it seemed apt to buy a satchel on the first day of school. I walked home, emptied out my old bag and filled this new one with nice things. No old wet wipes, no fluffy raisins, no 3 week-old cocktail sausages (do not ask). It felt good. I never buy new bags so this was a novelty. The one I used before had been given to me on the day the Prince arrived  (so over two years ago) by my mum, which she filled with nappies and wet wipes. I fell in love with it and used it every day since. Now it's resting while I put the satchel through its paces.

Very blurred, I was in a rush!

In other news this week, I warned the Princess three times NOT to ride her bike while eating an ice lolly for obvious reasons. Did she listen? Did she heck...

Oh the hilarity of it all...

No longer funny when she knew I was taking photos for my blog...
 The husband was off earlier this week so we had a nice long lunch with the children. No rushing, lots of chatting and catching up.

A more peaceful affair than is normal in our household

Then the husband announced that he wanted to pack the dear sweet kids off to bed early that evening, so he could spend a little time with his gorgeous Gem. I was delighted...

But not for long!



Missy said...

I love your sympathetic attitude to the cycling/ice lolly accident! I laughed out loud thinking about you running to get your camera... very funny indeed.
Great bag.

Grateful4Crochet said...

lol with the bath ale!!
Nice bag- I love getting a new bag, I always filled with hope that it will be organised, and it always gets filled with crxp and unidentified objects

Tracy Glover said...

I couldn't help laughing at the bike incident. Ouch!
Charity shopping. Better than crack. Love it.
Love your posh new satchel. x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Very nice bag - never found a cocktail sausage, but on more than one occasion a long unrefrigerated babybel. Eurgh.

Your girl is gorgeous :-)

I just wrote a back to school post - but tongue firmly in cheek, I love the milestones really x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

you're funny man!
At my last (real) job we (little team of 3 working mums) used to randomly play the 'what's in your bag' game. I ALWAYS won - largely because there always seemed to be a pair of boys pants lurking at the bottom. (never got them out incase they had skids on!)
fee x

sarah said...

first day of school is always a choker love it when they look so smart bless, my daughter has just gone into her last year of school sob sob .gorgeous bag great find and did chuckle at the bottle of gem brilliant x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

TEEHEE! THAT WAS A GREAT STORY! ANd the princess is gorgeous with her little school bag!!! That little prince of yours is a darling little man. I have several of these guys in one of my classes and I just give them THE LOOK and they catch the message quickly! ON WITH THE WELLIES when it starts to rain/snow!!!! or else no second recess. AND I MEAN IT! They are so darling. AND THAT ALE!!!!!! GEM??? FABULOUS!

Cheers my dear, Anita

Cuckoo said...

I can't leave a comment. You have a Christmas tree favicon and I'm panicking. xxx

Coco Rose Diaries said...

Oh that's the nicest feeling in the world when you can claim your bag back! I have found half eaten bananas lurking at the bottom before. Ewwwww not so nice, and i'm there with you on the whole cocktail sausage thingy!!!!!!


Pink Milk said...

I don't feel so bad about taking a photo of my son's split lip the minute he fell off his bike now!!!

Love your bag. Your gubbins reminds me of a Catherine Alliott book I once read - the main character went for a wee before a smear test and, as there was no tissue, rummaged in her bag for one. During the smear test, the nurse paused, looked quizzical and then removed an old postage stamp with a pair of tweezers!!! CRINGE!


Unknown said...

While your on the subject of bag contents (LOVELY SATCHEL GEM)how about a boiled egg,a painted for Easter Yoda Star Wars egg!!! left in the side pocket of my handbag for two months.
I will leave it up to your imagination as to what it looked and smelled like,when I next used that bag yughhhh!!!!
Great photo's of the Prince & Princess :)
...X Manda X...

little homebird said...

great bag Gem! My daugher too started juniors on Tuesday but is in the same school just moved upstairs and uses a different playground. Made me sad knowing my baby has moved up and time is slipping away quickly! Love your flower on your kitchen wall area too!

kmmms said...

Love the bag! Man I can't wait till we can do cherry tree rummaging together again. That sounds a bit wrong... moving on...
Gorgeous pics of your girl on first day of school. How come she moved school? xx

Annaboo's House said...

The charity shops round our way have a child magnet which pulls them in to 'look for toys and books' I have to indulge them, since finding a book counts as educational and therefore makes me a superior parent.
And if I happen to find a bag/ skirt/ top then so be it.
Lovely bag by the way.
Enjoy your weekend.

patchworkandlace said...

lovely blog you have and children,my three are growing up way too fast aswell , my youngest started school this week too so feels very empty without any of them now through the day but enjoying the peace and quite too have to admit the bag x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Darling Gem,

Thank you for your visit. Both our worlds have changed because of what happened 10 years ago; I remember when a friend of mine from crazy LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA lived in London about 35 years ago. She was "amused" at how the Bobbies didn't carry guns, and when called to investigate an intruder at a residence, knocked on the door, gently walked in and said,"Hello, anyone there?" Now, guns and bullet proof suits have replaced the once distinguished uniform. I love Europe, but sometimes am afraid of what could happen while traveling.

Love is THE ONLY answer....thank you, John Lennon!!!

Be well, live and love LARGE!! Anita

Shsjndkdns said...

Hi Gem,
Hope you are enjoying the weekend!
Your blog is hilarious, you have really made me laugh!!
P.S the satchel is lovely, as is that pretty denim skirt too xxx

Unknown said...

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