Thursday 25 August 2011

Food for thought

Today I did something that I have never done before in my life. I went to a McDonald's Drive Thru....well, what a weird experience that was.

Firstly, I must apologise to those who do this on a regular basis, but this was a whole new world to me. And fast food? What a load of old.....(to quote the Nan from the Catherine Tate Show). It took ages to arrive!

A bloke in a fluorescent jacket (so I mistook him for a workman as there were builders in the vicinity) knocked on the car window and asked what I was ordering. I nearly told him to mind his own business and get on with his brick laying but then realised he was actually taking my order and was actually an employee of Ronald McDonald.

Then I went to the window, waited ages (I've renamed it Slooooow Food) and then someone took my money and shut the window. This threw me. I couldn't fathom whether I'd just been McMugged or not. So I knocked on the window and called out "Um, where's my food then?" and the girl behind the glass pointed further down, looking at me as if I was nuts as I'd obviously NEVER done this before.

Ah, I had to drive down to another window to actually get my box of grease. OK, bit awkard. I then picked up two Happy Meals for over excited bairns in the back and drove off home to fetch myself a far healthier type of fast food - salad. 25 seconds to sort my salad, six minutes for the Drive Thru. Are people mad?

Rant over, the kids loved it but that's going to be the rarest treat for them, sadly.

This week has been really busy. Monday was nice and hot so I took the kids plus a friend of the Princess's to a local outdoor paddling pool. It was free, with parking and park. We took a picnic and had a lovely time. The three kids splashed all afternoon while I sunbathed. Then we came home and had tea in the garden.

They do not eat chips every day I promise!

Evil Tuesday came and went. I survived it rather nicely (although I did have to phone the police at one point after watching an old man savagely prodding three kids with his umbrella and then throwing things at them from across a busy road) . Oh, and then got home to find the Prince had scribbed all over a wall upstairs with a bright red pencil. It took me an hour to remove the lot. Grrrrr. Pesky kids.

Wish you could see the full damage but it's not clear here!

Yesterday I took the children to see my gorgeous friend KMMMS. I gave her this name at Sixth Form, where we met.

We had such a lovely, if slightly hectic day yesterday. There was lots of shouting - some from us, mostly from the kids, lots of mashed fishfingers, loads of devouring of Kinder Eggs, loads of mess. KMMMS and I drank tea, chatted, she helped ease me back into crochet (I got bored and gave up), and I spent most of the time wandering around her new pad with a dropped jaw. It is fabulous and she has masses more space than before.  We spent lots of time in the communal garden (a dream) and she has some lovely neighbours/friends. She seems very happy and settled with her lot and I am delighted!

On the train on the way home, the Princess played up. A lot. She kept sitting legs akimbo (knowing it was irritating me as there was a man sat opposite her and she had a dress on), then as another man got out of his seat she pulled a very animated face at him for no reason at all. She was uncontrollable. I got cross with her, then she got cross with me and then the Prince decided to play up. I hate journeys with kids at times!

I gave KMMMS the following clothes for her girls from a cherry tree shop. All for under a fiver from Helen and Douglas House Hospice ( although last skirt from Oxfam), what's not to like?

This reminded me of the skirt Cuckoo made me

I've decided to become more like a friend of KMMMS's who is a mum of 4 boys. She detaches herself from it all, gives them more freedom to make their own mistakes and deal with the consequences. Hmmm, shall see how long I last. Otherwise I spend my life nagging and shouting. Bad for all involved.

Princess was winding Prince up....

I shouted. Very loudly..... they were shocked.

But not for long. So it's a waste of time!
 Going to Somerset for the weekend as my dearest, oldest friend Becks is having her baby either today or tomorrow. I was going to go home on Saturday but four bags on a train and two or three changes at various stations is too much like hard work, so my lovely dad is collecting us tomorrow and then the husband will drive home to us on Sunday when he finishes work.

I am looking forward to country walks, seeing the zebras and giraffes, my mum's cakes, and then my sister and Danny join us on Sunday too. Can't wait. Been really missing my mum lately and as she no longer has immediate family nearby after losing both her parents last year, I know she can't wait to see her grandchildren.


Sarah said...

Oh dear, McD's sounds like a disaster, it's probably not a bad thing though!!

Kids really do know how to push you're buttons don't they? We've been having running arguements on the length of time spent on electronic devices (X-Box/iPod/PC) - they more or less refuse to entertain themselves any other way.

Love the CS clothes, you do find some lovely stuff.

The Princess looks soooooo like you!!

S x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Oh let me tell you, I NEVER GO TO MCDONALDS! (I don't believe in fast food) and I love your rendition of SLOOOOOOOOOOOW food! I have to say that my society here in the US has gotten to used to eating on the run and I prefer to be at home, with my husband and eating a home-cooked meal. GREAT FINDS AS WELL!!! I hope summer has been good to you; I return to the classroom the first week of September, but next week return to teacher meetings. BACK TO 50 children to teach!!! Anita

Cuckoo said...

Ere! You want to get some magic eraser sponges from homebase by JML. Seriously doll, they work a treat. I should know. I live with Banksy.


Cuckoo said...

Ha ha my word verification was hedlica!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Cannot believe you have young children and have never been to a McD drive through. I applaud you!!! Had to laugh at the thought of you bashing on the window asking for your food! Ha ha!

Gorgeous cherry tree finds and nice to hear you talk about KMMMS - can't wait to see photos of her new pad (hope she's reading this).

Have a fab bank hol weekend, sounds sooo nice.

Nicki xx

PS I absolutely could not cope with removing stains from the walls like that - I stress about removing dog related stains from our carpet! x

Annaboo's House said...

Oh, tee hee.
Always good fun here! I've never done the drive thru thing either- although I'm sure the kids would love it.
Must be something in the air as my little one drew all over the walls this week. Luckily, in pencil- I'm off to find one of those magic eraser thingys that Cuckoo mentioned, methinks.
Nearly the weekend...

Nelly said...

Ooh too funny, have you put McDonalds onto real plates? I don't eat much meat (unless I know its provenance) but when pregnant had a the odd craving for Mcdonalds hamburgers. Had to make secret trips there, so wrong!
Have a lovely weekend, walks / cake / family - sounds just fab,
Nelly xx

Grateful4Crochet said...

your mcdonalds story made m laugh a lot!
hope your weekend away is great

Grateful4Crochet said...

Hi, the wedding was at Mt Tambourine, I just went to email you back in response to your comment at mines, but you still come up as a no reply blogger?? Which I finally understand thanks to cuckoo!!
And I love the sound of kookaburras too

Coco Rose Diaries said...

Your Mcdonalds experience made me laugh! We only ever go to one when we do long car journeys. It's a compromise to get the kids to be good in the car and us not get too stressed, but it's a rarity and I like it that way. I hate them drinking coke and won't allow it at home, so when they do ever have one, they go all mad!

Cuckoo is right.....magic erasers work, They are a neccessity in my house. Crayon, pencil, scuff marks from shoes, toy paint transfer (from toys being thrown at walls etc!), it's amazing, gets it all out.

Have a super Bank Holiday weekend!

Vanessa xxx

sandiart said...

Hahaha, when my daughter was little she had a spate of drawing on the walls and I would scrub it off and she would just go back and do it again, one day I just left it there and she never did it again. She also used to stick things up her nose, then come to me pointing to her nose and saying 'nose, nose' the boys never did anything like that.
I love how you girls have been friends for ever and get along so well.
Good old macca's pretty horrible stuff, until you have a craving for it :(
x Sandi

Fancy Vintage said...

Laughing about your Old Macdonalds story. Man they are slow sometimes. I have stopped at The big Yellow M a few times, on long journeys, when you know if they fall asleep, I can just take them to bed. Sounds so awful I know, most my friends are anti yellow M, so it is my sneaky secret. I justify it that they have milk, fishfingers and fruit! Man I love their coffee though, more then starbucks and costa.
I have taken my mom there before and she sneaked her china cup with her! laughed so much.

I may do a vintage china Macdonalds photo shoot next! hahaha
take care for now, and have a good bank holiday.

becca x

Anonymous said...

Lol,your Mcdonalds encounter made me laugh ,I too cant believe its your first visit,I feel like a very bad mum.
Hope you have a super weekend.

kmmms said...

I have some very serious feelings about McDonalds which are that it is best not taken too seriously! It won't kill anyone and sometimes kids need to have a quick fix and a happy meal. Or maybe I mean the parents. Anyway, horses for courses! Ask Emma what E calls it! Brooke calls it Old Macdonalds now.

We all loved seeing you guys, and thanks SO much for all the goodies! You are so thoughtful. Sorry about B and the tractor. I need to do my own post about your visit soon.

And @Homebird, I still need to get it looking prettier in places! Some bits are done and photographed but not many!

Hope your Mum is doing okay and that you are having a gorgeous time. How did Becks get on?

kmmms said...

Not saying that YOU are taking mcD's too seriously but you know, generally speaking it is often spoken of as the devil's work!

Alex said...

I haven't been to McDonalds for years but I seem to remember that it was almost always quicker to park the car and go in and order the food than it was to go to the drive-through bit. Best avoided generally though.

Wonder if they do those spotty trousers in grown up sizes? I want me a pair!