Friday 25 May 2012

A totally wizard day

I took the Prince to the children's centre today as West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service were going to give a talk to the children (are they nuts?! They are toddlers!) and let everyone have a look inside the fire engine.

Now, those who know me are more than aware that I am a little partial to fire fighters.

So when the above fire fighter Tim had let a few of the children try on his helmet, he asked the crowd if anyone else was interested in having a go. It all went quiet. "No? No one else wants to come up here and try anything on?" he asked again.

Dead quiet. Tumble weed...

And I felt sorry for him....


"Yes, do help zip me up. Oh, these wretched boobs....such a bind"
The confused Prince is now crying.
 I am beginning to sweat... that's more than 4 stone of hero clothing you know

Pretending he is my new best mate
while I blatantly ignore my sobbing Prince  (bad mother)

Could my smile actually get any bigger?

Anyway enough of firefighters and their massive hoses, look what I bought, look what I bought!!! "Vintage" Harry Potter bedding for the biggest fan there could be.

Of COURSE I don't iron, you freak...
It cost me £2 from the West Sussex Horse Rescue Trust! My daughter loves me for it (although it probably won't last long!)

I then happened to stumble across these two little beauties, 50p each. Ah wonderful!

I have also acquired an Accessorize necklace free of charge. I found it in the street, still with little tag on. I can't return it to the owner so am giving it some Gem love. It's so light to wear.

Bling it on

 After befriending fire fighters today, I went on the beach to meet up with my beachy girls. We all moved to the coast within the past six months and hooked up on Netmums and we've been friends ever since. We are all addicted to the sea so it's a good arrangement.

Can't flipping think why we love it so much! 4pm today

I am the old granny in the friendship. I am 12 years older than one of them and six years older than the other. But we all have a laugh, we oogle the kite surfers, we enjoy picnics with our children and age is no barrier. We are planning wine on the beach one evening soon, sans enfants. We have 7 kids between us and it can get busy.

School uniform off, cossie on in 30 secs!!!

PS The husband can't fathom why bloggers are taking photos of their crocheted blankets and taking umpteen photos of them in different positions. Well sweetheart, look at this WIP and weep, baby...

Not so much a granny blanket yet but a giant hankie

Using the wool my mum gave me as a gift


Missy said...

I love it! The Prince grizzling while Mummy shows him up by flirting with the hunky fireman! Brilliant.
Want the plates, I really likes em, yes I do.
Hurrah for you with your crocheting! Nice Cath Kidstony colours and it will be fab when it's finished.
Nice that you make the most of living near the beach.
Happy Weekend, mrs.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OK, I have to tell you that I was literally choking on my spit as I was laughing so hard here....."...those wretched boobs....firemen with their hoses....." OMG GEM, you are SO BRILLIANTLY FUNNY....and that smile woman, could NOT get any bigger. Oh dear, I too my friend have a weakness for uniforms. Beefcakes indeed are they that sport a uniform!!!!!!!!!!

You are brilliant. I am sure to guffaw or smile when I come under the Cherry TREE!!!! LOVE! Anita

Sarah said...

You make a very good firefighepter honey!! I too am partial to a fireman, my friends hubby is a retained firefighter and I think it's scandolous they don't use his uniform, for, ahem "role play"!!

I once had to have a ring cut off when my hand swelled due to carpal tunnel syndrome - I donned full make up and sought help from our local fire service, it was such fun!! ;0)

Love the HP bedding and necklace, oooooh and those plates are gorg!!

You don't look they oldest of your friends in that pic, not at all!!

Love the crochet blanket, it's looking flabby!!


S x

Georgie said...

You've got to love a man in uniform ... it's what dreams are made of ;)
I'm pretty good right now - the weather certainly helps and the hols are in spitting distance.
If you're around at half term perhaps we could meet up then - I can be coaxed away from report writing any time ... really!! xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

'Ironem speedissimo!' will sort the duvet cover right out (I don't iron either, that's the husband's job)

I used to live opposite a fire station, they had no curtains, it was dreadful...

Grateful4Crochet said...

This made me laugh lots. And lots.
When my son (who is now almost 19) was 2 he had a fireman sam obsession. And I do mean obsession. ANyway, for his birthday I organised for the local firies to bring a truck to playgroup for the morning. It was awesome!!!'
I enjoyed it in the same way you did!!!
Sadly I had a ten day old baby with me at the time, and was leaking milk, and wobbling like jelly everywhere, certainly not looking my finest at the time. Fun though!
You on the other hand make a top firefighter!!

kmmms said...

These wretched boobs - ahahaha! Bless you for relieving his no-volunteers-moment.
WHERE ARE YOU in those pics by the way?! looks like Palm Springs!

So pleased to hear of all the new mates you are making, though I didn't expect anything less.

Annaboo's House said...

LOVING that blanket. I am very impressed. And lovely colours, too.
And who can resist a fireman?
Till tomorrow.... Xxxxxx

Martin said...

Great share, thanks for writing this