Wednesday 2 May 2012

Beach boy and working

My freelance job is still on going but I've broken the back of it so thought I would indulge in some light relief and write a blog post.

Thankfully, I've not come across any psycho dolls in the street, begging for a new home. And I STILL haven't resurrected Rita, the bald, slightly boss-eyed, non-bodied doll either. Cuckoo has kindly offered and I will probably take her up on her kind offer to fix Rita, but for the time being, I can kid myself that I am talented enough to do it myself. Despite not understanding the first thing about sewing.

I discovered a whole road packed with cherry tree shops this week which I can't believe has taken me 15 weeks to discover! There is everything from Oxfam to Scope and British Heart Foundation. A charity shop full of furniture which I didn't have time to visit and I need to go back when life has calmed down somewhat.

I did buy this book though.

How retro can you get?! £1 my darlings, £1.

Then after the hideous weather, there was the most glorious day here on Monday. I love living in a coastal town. I am still missing my old friends and my old haunts but being able to see the sea every day if I want is a massive healer.

I've had worst Monday mornings, put it that way.

The Prince and I often visit the sea after the school run - I love spending time with him so much. It was only at the weekend that it dawned on me that he starts school Sept 2013. As in next year. He doesn't even start preschool until this September so it's made me feel quite teary this week. Because I have no family and close friends here, he and I are joined at the seams. We've always had a deeper, more intense bond than I ever thought we had. I didn't think I would understand boys at all. I love my Princess with my entire soul. I couldn't imagine feeling the same about a boy, for some reason. I didn't understand trains and tractors and diggers. And boys clothes didn't appeal to me at all. I loved dressing my daughter in frothy, marshmallow pink netted tutus and floral tights and doing her hair. But I have been surprised with the Prince. 

When the Princess is at school, the Prince is my soul mate. I don't need anything else but him during those moments. 
Monday morning 

Playing at the seaside park

We try to solve mysteries (and give up).
We found this on a beach hut.

I wish it didn't have to end. I always cry at these milestones. Am I alone in not wanting my children to grow up too fast? I love them at this age and the husband and I are always saying we want to bottle them up. It makes me want to have another baby, but then that baby would grow up too and I would feel just as bereft. Can't keep having them! Especially when I put on four stone each time!

Right, I need to get back to work now. I do love working from home. It's what I always wanted to do. Write from home. No commuting, no office clothes, go to the loo when I please, eat when I please, sort the washing when I please. It's been going well - I've been mainly re-writing and proof-reading an entire website. Done 25 pages so far. Phew!

Oh and on a final note. I took this pic just for a laugh when I walked past the shop. I need to mature it seems. And fast...


Anonymous said...

Lol Gem,dont grow up,its much more fun :)
Its so lovely to have that special bond with the prince,I find boys are very loving and girls seem to have some in built inner strength that boys dont have? Am i making any sense? I do understand what you mean though,I love My daughter to bits but boys are just different... Mines almost 18 and very easy going,I dont know where that time went.
I'm so glad that things are working well,working from home.The beach looks to die for,enjoy every moment.
Lots of love,xoxoxoxo

sarah said...

hi, really interesting reading this as having only had a girl for 15 yrs now expecting a boy ,i still look at girls stuff first then say no go to boys i only know girls , charlotte has already said it will still only be me who does your hair etc it will be different and really excited but also scared going into boy territory i like to think its true boys never leave there mummys xx sarah by the way dont grow up love the sign i snigger all the time at work (golfclub) all the talk of stiff shaft is best thats not long enough do you want soft balls and how many holes today love it x

Charis said...

Ha ha, love the sign! No kiddies for me so I have no idea what it'll be like for you once Prince starts school but I'm sure you'll find your feet Gem x

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I think Madeleine is alive too. It's nice that there are some people who DO care. Too many nasty words have been said about her parents. I too look forward to the day when she is found.

Missy said...

Oooh I know exactly what you mean about wondering if you would feel the same about a boy. I felt terrible but I always wanted girls and worried that I'd be disappointed if I had a boy. I got the two girls and I love them to bits (even though they nick my make up, clothes, jewellery and even my knickers...) but now I feel I've missed out by not having a son. I think there's something about that relationship that's so special and I'll never have that. I'd never change my girls and I do think I'm a girls' mum if that makes sense but you're lucky you get to try out both boys and girls!
The beach looks gorge as usual. The Prince will grow up as a beach baby won't he? He'll be a little surfer dude!
Gutted that you haven't found any more dolls. Well disappointed...!
Laters, mrs.

Lily said...

I know how you feel about Little Prince going to school. I felt so bad about my little son going to school that i decided to home educate him. Even so the time goes so quickly and your realise you will never do certain things with them again, like pushing their pram, breast feeding them and so on. Ow I have got myself all teary now! Lily. xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my beautiful friend! GOOD TO HEAR that you have not crossed paths with anymore freaky dolls!!!!! But your world by the beach is wonderful, the prince is by your side, what more could you ask. For as the tide comes and goes, his youth will also come and go....enjoy it all!!!! Anita

Gem said...

Hahahahahaha Love it, that shop front is brillaint.

I love the bond that you have with the prince, he is a real little mummy's boy and that is just the cutest thing ever! x x x x

sarah said...

hello, sorry havent blogged for ages been a bit lazy ,but yes i am pregnant little boy due august really excited hopefully will blog more soon xxsarah

Marina said...

Ha Love the sign!

Glad to hear you've had no more weird doll encounters...I mean how odd was that! I meant to comment on your last post, I showed it to my daughter and her immediate response was "COOL! Why can't we live in a town with broken dolls!!!" :) She is therefore very jealous! Ooooh I know exactly how you feeling about the children growing up too fast, I can't believe my little Mia is 8 very soon, and I was only looking down at Baby Boy earlier thinking "he's not a tiny little baby anymore", and I felt so sad! Every day is precious xx

Pink Milk said...

Hey you! I always love your pictures of the seaside -they're the nearest I get to any beach action at the mo.

You're not the only one who gets emotional at next stages, don't worry. My daughter starts at secondary school in September and I'm not looking forward to it at all - it feels like the end of an era.

You treasure your little boy, they grow up so quickly. The mother/son relationship is wonderful - little (and not so little) boys can be so affectionate. My 13 year old son really doesn't mind kissing me in front of his friends.

Have a fab week.


PS. The dolls you keep finding are just too freaky - they really give me the heebie jeebies!