Monday 28 May 2012

Fun in the sun. And cherry tree bargains.

Ahhhhh, it's been a totally relaxing weekend. Just for once, there were no child-related dramas, no car sickness, no night terrors, no sleepwalking, and no cooking.

We spent the whole weekend in Whitstable where we were looked after beautifully by my friend Sharease. She and I met in the late 90s and have been firm friends ever since.

She and her beau live RIGHT on the seafront. You literally walk out of the front door and you can see the sea. It's magic.

When we arrived on Saturday we indulged in a little afternoon tea in her garden.

The hostess with the mostess

The children love visiting Sharease. She doesn't have kids of her own, by choice, but she is a marvel with mine and they love her and enjoy their time at the house.

Once the kids were in bed after playing for hours on the beach, we moved onto cocktails (I've discovered a fondness for cherry brandy) and a wonderful spread which we sat and devoured for what seemed like hours, under the wisteria of her beach cottage. L.U.S.H.

Whitstable is very quirky and quaint and famous for its oysters (gip......retch, no, I couldn't bring myself to).

The beach huts are all different colours, where as where we live, they HAVE to be boring white. It is the law. In Whitstable you can do what the heck you like, it seems.

 We passed one beach hut which was kitted out with a 1950s kitchen, gingham bunting, seaside pictures on all the walls and a cosy sofa. How blissful. Couldn't take a pic as all the family were in there, and it felt intrusive.

I went into seven charity shops but didn't find a single thing I liked, shock horror, I am normally very lucky in Whitstable. I also kept an eye out for Noo Noo, the rabbit comforter that we lost there last July but alas, he didn't turn up. I had hoped he might be at the bottom of the toy baskets but alas...

We spotted various birds on our walk into town:

"You lookin' at me?"

Not sure why, but this IS quirky Whitstable after all!

Eat your hearts out The Hoff and Pammy

The shops are gorgeous despite being a little pricey. This shop is one that Sharease and I love:

A bit contrived but still eye catching and cute

I have the "wanties" Nicki! FINALLY!!!!!! Too expensive for my wallet though...

It was a feast for the eye and for Pip fans (nice mugs!)

Thought these were cool and a bit different from the usual stuff
 Then we ate fish and chips in the heat of the sun, watching the yachts and enjoyed a spot of people watching.

My boys

 Les Dawson's love child, wearing his "gobbles"

This morning the lovely Sarah from Annaboo's House fame came over for a spot of crochet and some tea and cake. It was fab to catch up but it's safe to say she achieved more crochet than I did. As standard!

We are planning a few hours charity shopping and veggie cafe cake eating (where I've tasted the best carrot cake ever) soon.

Working on her CAL monkey

Ah, look what I bought for the sitting room, from the West Sussex Horse Rescue Trust cherry tree shop.....isn't it divine?

Of course I didn't buy it, you nutters. Isn't it vile?!
I did get this one free of charge though....not sure why it was free, the lovely lady just said I could have it! Nice!

And I got this one for 25p. I need wet myself with excitement. No, really.

Isn't it just brilliant? Check out those aprons.
I nearly bought this coffee set as I love sunflowers, but then realised that I have no storage space for it. I do love the kitsch design though. Happy flowers, they are.

And that's me done. There's a bar of Galaxy Crumble Cookie in the fridge which I am desperately trying to ignore, but I am not holding out much hope. I've got to take the Prince to Jo Jingles tomorrow morning and I need something just to feel better about going........(have any of you ever been??? Just WHERE do the women get their energy from?)

It's like watching Mr Tumble on speed.......


FourHappyBunnies said...

Oh Sharease can I be your new friend please .....
What a lovely weekend, and no dramas - what a result!!
Take care xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GEM! I love getting here early! I feel as if I am really at the beach with you on a bright early morning.

WELL MY DEAR, I have GOT to see this lovely seaside town some day. I love quirky, off the wall, totally OUT THERE places and things! Oh dear, you had me for a moment with that DOLL! YOU FIND THE SCARIEST dolls EVER! You must make a HALLOWEEN post on October 31 using all the freaky dolls that have come your way!

My how lovely to have time for tea wit a friend. My friends are all too busy! We are having lovely weather and I think I am going to have my OWN tea party out there with the birds; they are chirping up a storm today!

ENJOY YOUR WEEK and as usual, I am loving your posts! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh sweet Gem, thank YOU for coming over the pond to visit. DECISIONS are so important to embrace. Too many cooks spoil the soup and there comes a time when we have to not listen anymore to unwise counsel and be happy with our choices. BE WELL and strong and keep these fabulously fun posts coming!! Anita

Musings Of A Gem said...

Ooh it looks lovely there. All those pretty things give me the wanties too.

Gemma xxx

famfa said...

What a lovely blog. I came here via Annaboo's House. Will be back. Love the wa you write. Sounds like a lovely da out too

kmmms said...

Lovely pics! That parrot in the car window reminds me of this cab in new york which had a cat who sat on the dashboard. I think he was a bit famous... will google him!
Those cakes look delicious, making me hungry.
That sailor boy doll though... eeek!

sandiart said...

Hahaha prince in the goggles, he is priceless. Oh that doll is disgusting, I thought you had gone bonkers for a second. Your weekend sounded perfect, I am already looking forward to it and it is only Tuesday night. I have to tell you a story about oysters, which I love btw. When James was around 10 years old, he finally got the courage up to try one, as he lifted the oyster shell to his mouth a little worm started to crawl out of the side of it.....has put him off for life.
Take care lovely xx Sandi
Haha my words are fookens some! !

Annaboo's House said...

Gobbles?!! What a funny boy you have. Annabelle calls pyjamas 'Jimamas' and it makes me giggle every time!

And ooo, me likes all those pretty things in Whistable- your friend Sharease puts on a great afternoon tea spread too!

Thanks also for a lovely morning. We had fun didn't we?!
Looking forward to putting our cunning plans into motion re: childless-charity-shopping-sprees!!
Ha ha!

Enjoy your week my lovely. I've just posted part 4 of the CAL- phew! What a mammoth task THAT was!

Enjoy the sun. Xxx

Fleur Cotton said...

What a fabulous weekend you've had, and what a great host - especially greeting you with those gorgeous cakes - they look to good to eat!

Let's hope the sun continues to shine!

Fleur xx

Miss Magpie said...

Ahh Whitstable, Himself hates it with a loathing so passionate you would not believe but then he did work in the town for many years having to deal with the 'arty' types who flock there.....
This means I don't go there very often at all when we visit family in Margate/Ramsgate. The charity shops in Ramsgate are fantastic by the way!

Missy said...

Sorry to sully your post and comments with talk of stools but I had to come back to you about Rosa's poo! The woman measured it! She knew how long it was and also timed herself in the bog and I think I looked away at the wrong moment, but I believe she may have taken a photo of it too.
Then, she had the audacity to sit there on the telly looking all twinset and pearlsified.
I feel like Mary Whitehouse but how is that entertainment. How? How?
I feel distressed and slightly soiled after watching that.

Grateful4Crochet said...

That looks like an amazing time.
I've just posted a pic of a creepy doll at our local art gallery for you over at my blog :-)

thriftwood said...

What a lovely blog! Stumbled across you via Missy from Edith Florence and you both made me laugh! And anyone who loves Tunnock's Tea Cakes and Galaxy Cookie Crumble is ok by me. Love from your newest follower, Claire xx

Wendy said...

My dream is to have a house that opens out onto a sea view. We are close to the beach but not close's a 10 min walk.

I love peeping in beach huts too - there are a couple around here that are also beautifully decked out - that's our other dream (me and hubby) - to have our own beach hut..but some of them go for as much as £25000 so it's probably going to stay a dream.

It's still too early to eat breakfast - 6.55am - although I am starving (pacing myself though....and making do with coffee for now) - so your cupcake photos up there actually brought on a huge, painful tummy rumble.

Sarah Jane said...

Ooh Whitstable looks like a fab place. I love Sheila Shallot. I used to have Gertrude Gooseberry & Belinda Blackcurrant. Cooking With Mother looks kitschtastic too. I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to resist that Meakin coffee set. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you're a felllow tree dweller! :) x

Georgie said...

I had Cooking with Mother when I was little and loved it.
Have discovered Cancer Research in Rustington recently. Not the cheapest but always manage to find something. Girls at work recently commented on my spendthrift ways and I felt quite smug telling them that they were Cherry Tree finds!! xx

Sarah said...

I'm having a delightful morning scrolling down through your posts. What fun it is to visit Cherry Tree!