Friday 25 July 2014

Summer time

Four mums and 11 children have just destroyed the peace at a stunningly idyllic open garden. 
Well, idyllic til we rocked up. Then it was pure 'ideous.

There was a light saber moment, an overdose of Coke sugar rush moment, a toddler trying to do a stand up wee through his trousers moment, a ten-year-old tweenie stopping to apply a zillion layers of lipgloss moment, a boob falling out of blouse when baby refused it at the last minute moment (OK that last one was me) and then a Five Boys Fall Out moment.

But the Husband will come home from work and say "So how was your stroll and coffee with your friends?" In a way that will make it sound like it was a relaxing Ladies Who Lunch affair.
It was nuts.

In fact the Prince has just put himself to bed to recover, which tells you just how full-on it was!
Three are returning in an hour to have tea once they have brushed the mud off their jeans and calmed down. Glutton for punishment, huh?

So, tomorrow is the last day of the summer holidays and my dear, sweet darlings return to school. I can practically hear my party poppers fire from all angles at the thought of, we have had a blast but now I am ready for a little more peace in my world again. And a mooch around cherry tree shops as that hasn't happened in weeks.

Apparently now we are due an Indian Summer.  Summer was so good on the south coast, I feel greedy but I just can't face autumn and winter. I am an utter sun worshipper. This is how it looked over the past few months.

The Prince and Princess are in these deckchairs....Zzzzzzzzz.

Having little sneaky naps........

Love having my baby by the sea.......

Not sure why the Prince chose to wear his Christmas jumper in August but there we go...........

Cooling off hot feet......

sleepy summery siestas......

Pimms Of course!

And so I hope we get a little more warm golden shine before the cruel cold weather sets in.
'cos it makes me a right grumpy old fruit and that will never do!


Gem said...

Just when I think the Prince cannot get any cooler he goes and rocks out with a Christmas jumper in August, the boy is a legend I tell you. I am in love with him ha-ha.
Looks like you have had a brilliant summer if not somewhat hectic at times but isn't that what school holidays are all about?
The talk of an Indian summer makes me so happy, I have been dreading the weather turning colder and colder recently, the wedding is in 38 days and I am praying for sunshine and warmth, fingers crossed x x x x

Sarah Jane said...

I love coming here and being able to just talk babies. You really are supermum aren't you. You clearly love it all and all the chaos that goes along with it. I on the other hand, adore the littluns but not so much with the parenting. I've been meaning to hit you up for some weaning advice actually as you seem to have it all sorted. My Mast L is 2 weeks short of 6 months and is now bottle fed and havng some purees. What kind of foods can they have from 6 months? Bearing in mind, I am the laziest and most unaccomplished cook ever! It's been so long since Miss 7 that I can't remember. Hope the prince and princess enjoy their last couple of days of freedom xxx