Saturday 7 July 2012

Nappy Days

(can someone tell me why the sheesh my blog text is weirdy beardy. What did I do??? How do I remedy it?!!)

I went into Gregg's (the Baker's) yesterday. I am not a snob (my kids will have the odd Fruit Shoot too).

I don't exactly "frequent" the place, however, if one of the kids wants a cake and I want them to be quiet (so I can peruse cherry tree shops), I will slip inside and sniff the air while deciding which cake to get them.

Ahhhhh, you can't beat Eau de Doughnut. 

Although, when I popped in yesterday and joined the long queue (noticing that everyone seemed to be wearing tracksuits yet none of them looked like they actually do any exercise...), I soon realised it wasn't gorgeous cakey scents I was smelling. The whole place smelt of wee.

Now, in the coastal town where I live, there is a little old lady who carries her whole life in ten shopping trollies  (you couldn't make it up) and lives on the streets. At first I wondered who else could create this aroma of urine that filled the air. Perhaps she'd nipped in for her daily sausage roll. I couldn't see her in the queue of Sporty Spices though.

Then it hit me. I was on day one of potty training and I had completely forgotten about it.........the poor Prince was a little soggy to say the least. Turns out Eau de Tramp was coming from him, poor mite.

Nappies are now banned. But it ain't easy
I bought 12 pairs of Thomas the Tank Engine pants yesterday. He got through 12 pairs of Thomas the Tank Engine Pants. And seven pairs of trousers. He finished up wearing swimming trunks around the house when we ran out of everything else. 

And then he cried. I nearly did too. I HATED yesterday. Especially when I noticed he had a tail poking suspiciously out of the back of his swimming trunks. Then realised what the "tail" actually was. 

Sometimes I feel like a fake mum. I hate poo, sick and bogies. It's just not my bag.  So with hidden retching and fond memories of how I used to spend my Friday evenings, I dealt with it.

Today was better. Only two pairs of wet pants. But no poo......ho hum.

The rest of the week has been pretty good. I had a lovely cherry tree shopping experience (note to my new followers, I call charity shops "cherry tree shops") with the lovely Sarah from Annaboo's House. We had two whole hours without children. We managed several cherry tree shops and a coffee before we ran out of time.

She has been a busy bunny with all the crochet creatures she makes and sells. She also makes these lush rings so I couldn't resist buying a couple of rings and matching earrings. We are planning another shopping sesh soon, as well as a wine evening. I am so glad I found her through Blogland, how lucky to live so close to someone who loves charity shops.

Yes I know, I need to moisturise more often (they look like elephants trunks!)

Look at the cutesy earring I am showing off too. I am thrilled!

Sarah spotted this crochet blanket - how sad that someone's hard work ends up in a second hard shop.... I love it but not enough to buy it.

I really fancied this casserole dish but decided to try to resist. Now I am regretting it. I love the design, very retro. I don't think it was proper pyrex, but very similar.

Sarah snaffled these two beauties.  How cute are they?!

I loved this kitsch board game. The illustrations remind me of something. Is it Mr Ben? King Rollo? Not Now Bernard?

Sarah REALLY wanted to buy this belt, which was made with beer bottle tops studded into the leather, but I said "No Sarah, please restrain yourself. I know it is very you, but you can't have it all." No doubt she really regrets not getting it...

Now who would wear a belt like this?
Sorry it's blurred but old ladies were getting suspicious of me taking pics
And this is my major regret of the week. NOT buying this. I should have got it and painted it. But I am trying to be good at the mo.  But for £30, I am a fool. Should have snapped it up.

Onto other things, a five-year-old boy (who is the son of one of my new friends) has got a massive crush on the Princess. It's hilarious (but not for her). He sees her at school and hugs her, kisses her up and down her arms and says "Ooh, I LOVE you!".

Here she is dealing with it well, at his birthday party last week. He is truly smitten, bless him.

First time, first love, oh what feeling is this?
(pure embarrassment, if you ask the Princess)
On a final note, if you are a mother and ever at a loose end (like, really), give 'em a lemon and sit back, ready to be entertained...

Yes I've accidentally given the Prince a Friar Tuck........
And now, I shall retire to my bubble bath, read one of my new books from the library (a Jojo Moyes one, as I loved her Me Before You) and prepare mentally for day three of No Nappies. Yikes.


justjill said...

Same thing keeps happening to me. Re the white background. You have to go to HTML to edit and somewhere in there it will mention background colour white, this is what you have to delete. Where it comes from I know not.
I am sure the Prince will be 'dry' soon!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you are going through regarding potty training. I'm 6 weeks into potty training with my two year old daughter. I've had her sitting in the middle of shops on her potty and the other day the side of the road. I think the worst is the pooing ,I hate it. I'm nearly
9 months pregnant and washing poo stained pants is no fun. Last week I found my daughter stood next to her potty with her pants down and a poo in her hands.......over the carpet, up her legs, over her clothes. I was just so glad my husband was home that day, i could of cried.

Missy said...

Mrs... what have you done to the boy's hair? Don't get me wrong he's still scrumptious, but luv, it looks like you've done your best to make him look like the long lost blonde son off The Munsters. One of these days you can wheel these pictures out for his girlfriends. Oh how he'll laugh...especially when you combine that with Tales Of The Prince's Underpants. He'll be yours for life, potential suitors will be pointing and laughing and running away.
No wonder The Princess has boys falling in love with her left right and centre, she's flipping gorge. He's got it bad that kid hasn't he? Cheesy smile, holding on for dear life, what many a marriage is made of.
Feeling your pain about Greggs. My two teenage lovelies would live off the sausage rolls given the chance, (and Chinese takeaways and Maltesers) so every time we venture out together we are found loitering in there with The Tracksuits.
Next time you give the kids a lemon, put a bit of sellotape on the cat if you have one. Hours of fun, all your family members entertaining you at once and next to no pain involved apart from your aching sides.
Looks like you had a good day out. I can appreciate the work that went into the blanket but I think the maker may have had a spot of colour blindness so I'm not surprised you left it. No excuses for that casserole dish though. Roses and a lid, you should have caught onto that a bit sharpish.
Have a happy Sunday, I might go to church this morning to offer up a prayer that the Prince's hair grows back pronto. Tell him I still love him even though I might have to look at his picture and laugh now and then.
Laters, mrs.
PS You don't half make me laugh.

Missy said...
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Country Rabbit said...

lovely post ;0~) parenting is such a learning curve isnt it ;0)
when my daughter was going through potty training she was almost 3.
i hated all the accidents and trying to get from the city and back with a soggy child. so i waited until she almost started pre-school b4 i did it- other mothers seemed negative towards me about it. but i found by waiting she was at the right age to use the loo and it seemed really straight forward. I did use pull ups though. and once she started pre school and saw all the other 3 yr olds using the loo's we didnt have any mess or soggy-ness ;0)

love your pretty rose rings and how funky is that crochet blanket!


Tracy ~ If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Baked A Cake said...

I love the books that you picked up! I managed to get my hands on a ladybird book that I once had as a child its amazing how much of it I remembered. Good luck with the potty training I have all of this to come as my little boy is 18 months going on 4. Btw your sons hair is beautiful. x

Annaboo's House said...

Potty training.
Yuckity-yuck. Poor you.
We had a great time around the cherry trees without our offspring, didn't we?!
Gawd, I wish I'd bought the belt- I would be wearing it with everything this summer. Oh well, let's hope some luckless Cowboy happens upon it instead.
And yes, next time (I'll check the calendar) we shall do luncheon too.
Will def be trying the lemon trick. Wet rainy days call for this sort of lark.
Happy Sunday to you, my lovelee.

Anonymous said...

Eww with the tail Gem,the things us mums have to do...Good luck with the training,i dont envy you.
The Cherry tree shops look great and love that crochet blanket,did Annaboo buy it? I've done that with the rocking chair,found something,talked myself out of it and gone back and its sold :(
Love the lemon piccie,wicked,wicked mum,lol.
Have a great week hun,xxx

Missy said...

Just wanted to say that there was nothing sinister about the comment I deleted, I thought The Prince was looking at nappies, not paddling pools. As I finished typing my last one I noticed you had put on this photo of him and I spat tea on my keyboard and done a bit of snot down my nose when I saw him standing in a shop with his drawers on, gazing at the shelf and wearing a hat. I also thought (and this is wicked) 'she's making him wear that hat to cover up his hair...' How bad am I?
Give the poor luv a virtual cake from Greggs from me and tell him next time his mother gets happy with the scissors I'll come down and beat her off. (It really doesn't look that bad, he's flipping adorable.)
Hope you're having a spiffing Sunday!

Julia said...

Oh Gem, I have tears running down my face!! The husband kept saying 'what are you laughing at?' It is a pleasure to read your posts, they can't come quick enough :0) I don't envy you and the potty training, although my two were quite good and were 3 when I started them. The lemon sucking picture is genius, their faces says it all! I bought 'Suddenly' with your recommendation the other day and have to say it is gorgeous, I don't frequent Lidl that often so had to hunt for it ;0) xx

Unknown said...

Potty training tips please? Have u just gone for it or have u been doing it at home and working up to going out and about? . Love your blog makes me laugh so much and I'm not a complete cherry tree convert. X

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

ANOTHER SIDE SPLITTING account of your days on the promenade my dear.....oh that prince and his diapers and YOU, having to deal with the odor!!! See, you are a true poet, writer. You take a moment, ANY MOMENT both sweet and SOUR and make a story. This is what I love about your blog and you. AND THAT ROCKER CHAIR..oh dearest, can you go run back to get it? Can you see it painted in your passion color, whatever that may be?

HAVE ANOTHER FUN and adventure filled day and I love this idea of the lemons.....tee heee...I know someone that I could use this on...

LOVE! Anita

Sharon said...

Oh my god, you make me laugh so much with your tales!

Jay said...

Gosh I remember potty training, you really should be able to have him running around starkers in the garden in July (with potties all around!), shame the weather is more like November!!
I can't believe I've been a Mum for 16 years and not done that lemon trick!
By the way I'm reading a Jojo Moyes book with my reading group this month, the last letter from your lover, I'm enjoying it so far.

. said...

KiaOra my old fruit, and thank you so much for the lovely comments you left! So do you live in Brighton, because I used to live in Brighton... I KNOW!?! I used to live near The Level, next door to a pub called The London, not the big The London I hasten to add but a much smaller high class drinking establishment filled with Brighton's molls and geezers. Aaah, good times! I actually got thrown out of that house but I did meet one of the nicest friends I have ever lost touch with whilst living there... Lucy Kempin, do you know her? She had really long hair and was mad good on a sewing machine. If you know anyone in New Zealand, please feel free to ask me if we've ever met... the entire population here is about the same as South London's so the chances are pretty good!
Anyway, anyway, I'm off to read more of your funny stories, although I have just got to mention before I go... you have bee-ooo-tiful children!
TTFN jusx