Wednesday 25 July 2012

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Oh the weather makes my heart sing. I need the sun. I am like a sunflower, I go all limp and sad when the weather is bad. Now though, I could pinch myself with happiness for living in a seaside town. Who'd have thought it, when we moved here at the end of January....that it could be as good as this.

I'm meeting new people all the time, the kids love the sea, my skin is glowing (although that could be the sunburn, actually, but at least it frazzles the acne) and everything feels more familiar now.

I bought this skirt last week from the British Heart Foundation. £2.50. You can't go wrong with a nice, cheap bit of skirt.

Excuse the sopping wet hair, I was getting ready for Book Club

Jaunty hand on hip, sucking tummy in...

With me bargainous red rose jewellery too
(ring courtesy of Heather at Pink Milk which I won in giveaway last year)
Oh I love roses.

 I bought the below for a fiver from Accessorize for a friend of the Princess, but returned to get myself one and it was half price! Brillio!

Isn't it sugary and petally (is that a word? It is now) and cute?!
 I then bought myself and my sister the below necklace which we shall both be rocking on our holiday.

Then it would have been WELL rude not to have bought these, just to continue my rose theme. Aren't they gorge? Loving the Accessorize sale big stylee.

I love roses and I love beaches.
The view from me fave cafe

My five moments of peace

Cherry tree cardie, free Hobbs headscarf from a mag years ago

My friends Jess and Lisa joined me at the recent kite surfing festival. Oooh it was great. Til it rained. And we ended up in a granny cafe that served mandarins in jelly for its top dessert...I kid you not.

A kite surfer mobile

We wanted to get closer to the kitesurfers, but alas they put a barrier up.

 Oh the beach is so lush, I don't think I can ever leave it now. It kinda locks you in. Traps you.

I bought this cherry tree scarf in Australia when we were backpacking in 1999.
Sunglasses £1.99. 

Can I dig it? Yes you can!

Me and my girl, we got each other
The kids had a massive wet sand fight at 8.15pm last night. Getting them home was tricky and they trashed the car which resembles a sand dune right now. The Husband won't be happy, he only hoovered it out last week.

Off for a picnic with friends at lunchtime, two kids are joining mine for tea and then spending the evening on the beach once I've done some work.

Tomorrow is the husband's day off and we can't wait. It's all been quite mad at Cherry Tree Towers recently, so we try to get out in the elements to blow away the cobwebs.

Enjoy the sun everyone. It's scorchio today.

Oh and PS I got a blog award yesterday so will mention it in my next blog update.


Tracy ~ If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Baked A Cake said...

I do miss the seaside we used to live in Scarborough its times like this with the beautiful weather you can just take the kids out and have fun in the sun. Your beach looks amazing, great find on the floral skirt its pretty it really suits you. Enjoy your picnic today Gem its going to be a scorcher. I enjoyed this post. :)

Anonymous said...

Gem ,Your looking fabbo! Love all the rose accessories.
Oh I wish I lived near the sea like you,I bet its fab in this gorgeous weather were having,bliss!have a great week My lovelyxxxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I was away from blogging due to a dear friend staying with me, but it sure feels good to be back at the keyboard, spelling out my heart to you all. OH THE SEA.....dearest, you know, if you have already guessed by the photos I love to use, that the water is my passion. FUNNY THING however; I do not swim! But to be by the ocean, or even a lake for that matter, brings me peace. I am thrilled for you, yes, GENUINELY thrilled that the seaside has grown on you! What better backyard to have to play in for both adult and child? Look at the prince! Entertained by an ice cream cone!

Those rose rings are GORGE (love your version of the word!) and I would wear those in a hot minute, any day! My husband bought a similar one in gold for me the other day as we were perusing one of our beautiful LAKESIDE villages with antique and curiosity shops.

You look stunning in headscarves my dear! YOU ROCK!!!!

So nice to see you precious one. ENJOY ANOTHER SUNNY DAY! We have had many this summer but with a lot of rain; fortunately, the buckets come down at night or early morning....take what you can!

LOVE! Anita

Rachael said...

I did use to love Accessorise sales just as much as Topshop sales! Miss the English coast though, feel to far away from the sea in Michigan. I grew up always going to Bridlington in East Yorkshire for fish n chips and a walk along the prom!

Fun times.

Country Rose said...

Lovely post. :-) Makes me jealous of you living where you do! I know you wanted to go down to the Witterings beach at some point but apparently it's taking people 2 hours to drive a 20 minute distance whilst the weathers so nice... not nice in this heat! So I suggest I come over to yours and Rose can run riot on the beach there!?
The view from your fave cafe looks very familiar... I have a feeling we may have been there before. Maybe..

Ashley xxx

Sarah Jane said...

Oh I love the sugary petally jewellery (that's totally a word). SO pretty. Your weeuns are so cute. I sympathise with the potty training thing. Such fun, ha ha!
Ooh, how old am I??? That's like asking a girl her age. Oh wait, you did!;) 1 plus 30, sssh, don't tell anyone!! I'm intruiged to know why you asked now! x

Sarah Jane said...

I've just left a big ranty response to your comment on my blog!! I nearly spat out my drink when I read it! What they said is just so rude! You look great for 37. I thought you were the same age as me or younger. Feck them I say. Buy the nail colours and do them yourself. I'll still be rockin rainbow nails and false eyelashes when I'm 70!!!

Btw, if you haven't already pop over to Vix is such an inspiration in a "couldn't give a monkeys so feck you" kind of way!!! :) xxxx

Missy said...

Flipping hell, woman, you're looking like a 1950s starlet on the beach with your headscarf and your giant shades! I've tried that headscarf caper but at my age I look like I'm about to don a flowery overall and cardinal red my front step.
How great for your kidlets to be playing on the beach every day, they'll grow up as beach babies and have brilliant memories.
I really hope that there was evaporated milk or tinned cream to go with the mandarins and jelly, I'd be gutted if there wasn't. I'd probably order it and I might have to make it now I've started thinking about it.
Anyway chuck you all look so happy and relaxed living your beachy life and I'm glad for you, that you settled in so well and that you're enjoying it.
Loving the Prince with the Twister, I hope his pant useage per day is decreasing, bless him.
Oh yes and glad you wanted the award, I always like it when I have a blog post of yours to read, you crack me up, mrs!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You are soooo lucky to live by the sea, all your posts look lovely. And I think you've done really well to meet so many people in just a few months, if we ever manage to move that is one thing that worries me.

I saw your comment about the pedicure police on Lucy's blog and was gobsmacked, they were obviously just being lazy and couldn't be bothered to open several bottles of polish! I have bonkers nails every day and I am 35 (actually I typed in 25 then, Freudian).

Musings Of A Gem said...

That jewelry is gorgeous, I love the colours, so pretty! Living by the beach must be lovely at the moment with this gorgeous weather. Love the skirt, you always manage to find some gorgeous things.

Gemma xxx

Jay said...

Love the skirt & really enjoyed the post, hope you unearthed the car from all that sand! ;)