Monday 29 December 2014

Christmas Cheer and what to call the New Year

Right, can I just get something off my ample chest? Something that really bugs me?
What year are we in? What year will it be on January 1st?
It's now 2014 and then it will be 2015, of course. But how do you say those years?
I guess you say two thousand and fourteen and will then welcome the New Year by saying "Happy two thousand and fifteen" over a glass or two of champers.
But is it right? Really?
We all used to call 1999 "nineteen ninety nine" did Prince or AFKAP or whatever the heck he is now known as.
Then we kinda had to refer to 2000 as two thousand as it wouldn't sound right to say "twenty hundred". But once you get to 2009 and have called it two thousand and nine, you should then leap to "twenty ten" and "twenty eleven" and so on.
Because I was born in 1975 (I know, an utter spring chicken), it was "nineteen seventy five" and never ever "one thousand nine hundred and seventy five".
OK, what are your thoughts? Let me know. But I am calling the new year "twenty fifteen" cos that's what it is.
Moving on, cos my brain is getting a little addled with numbers now, how was Christmas?
Ours was wonderful, once again spent at my parents. We went to Christmas carols at the church where we married, tucked the children up in bed and then tucked into gin and cheese and then Christmas Day was wonderful. It zoomed by. We were Merry, games were played, the children's happy faces warmed my heart and I thought of those who were no longer with us, and silently raised a glass in honour of them all.
Here are the highlights and hey, Merry Twenty Fifteen darlings.
Firstly, Sweet Child turned one on December 23rd. We enjoyed a sweet little birthday tea party at my sister's on Christmas Eve but I don't have photos of her to show off yet. She wore a Rose pink floral frock and looked adorable. I shall show you in a future blog post.

She has been walking for a few weeks and struts around in these little darlings:

And here was our Christmas.

Now, where did I put that final tub of Quality Street?


sandiart said...

Hello sweet Gem, it has been so long since I have said hello, your Christmas sounds lovely....and Sweet child is 1! Lots of birthday love to her, although a little late, it is sent with lots of love. My eldest had his birthday on Boxing day, he is a little older at 32 :)Our Christmas was lovely, quiet with my little family and remembering family members no longer with us, my ex hubby and his lady joined us for dinner. I am off work until the 5th and enjoying staying up late knitting or crocheting at night knowing I have the luxury of sleeping in.

Take care Gem and Happy New twenty fifteen xxxxx Sandi

Charis said...

Twenty-fifteen! Anything else would be utterly ridiculous!

We had a fab Christmas, glad to see you did too, happy New Year! xx

Przygody z drutami said...

you have got wonderful family and very sweet things in your house, congratulations, and happy New Year fot all family,greetnings from warsaw in Poland

Gem said...

Hello, Glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year to you and your family (I'll save writing the year just to prevent any debates or confusion ha-ha I do totally get where you are coming from on that point though).

Your Christmas looked and sounds perfect, just how Christmas should be.

Can't believe that sweet child is one already, where does the time go?

x x x x

Annaboo's House said...

Awwwww, squeeeeee!
Happy New Year to you all!
How did your lush little baby become 1 whole year old??!!
I simply cannot believe it.
I shall have to see her in the real life person to be absolutely convinced (hint, hint...)
Btw, all is super-lovely here. Annabelle is at school and loving the whole thing and me book has just gawn off to the blimmin publishers ready to print!
Must catch up soooooon.

Unknown said...
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