Tuesday 24 June 2014

Cherry baby

Can you see my latest treasure from the cherry tree? Nestled right there between the chintz and the blue frosted fluted dessert dishes.......which are also from the charity shops?

Here we are, I have gently brought it out to show it off further. I cradle it like a baby, I love it so.

This 1950s Babycham glass was tucked away on a shelf in the local Scope charity shop and cost me a mere £2. It's hexagonal stem and style of deer tells me it's 1950s, rather than a slightly later version.

did intend to quaff Prosecco from it, but actually I am worried I will break it. These glasses are rather in demand and I can't believe I fell upon one so easily.

And, truth be told, you can't get much Prosecco in it anyway...

Other cherry tree treasures this week include:

I was so excited as was missing this one from the series and the illustrations are sweet. Naughty Ginger!

I also bought:

Although The Magic Stone has a newer cover, I have been searching for it for YEARS and the inside is just like the one I loved as a child. Man, I loved that book.

I also snapped this up for £1. 

"Yeah John they are boats, I can see them. Jeez, pull yourself together and calm down, you freak." said Janet. Probably.

also bought yet another glass jelly mould, isn't it funny how I searched for one for a long while and now find them all the time?! It is what you tune into I guess.

Love a bit of wobbly jelly, although it's a constant reminder of my post baby figure. Gulp.

I tell you who isnt worried at all about how much she can shovel in though, and that's Sweet Child. She was six months yesterday and I started the Baby Led Weaning last week, a week earlier than planned. None of the time consuming puréed food malarkey, just normal food and it's brill.

She had grabbed humous out of my hand and went nuts for it and since then she has devoured cheese on toast, weetabix, celery, chicken, broccoli and has enjoyed her first barbecue.

The mess is hideous but she is having an absolute ball!

In other news, we had our next door neighbours round on Saturday night for dinner. I ruined dessert through over whipping the cream and curdling it, I hadn't had time to Hoover and believe it or not, didn't even get time to change. And so when they arrived at 8.10pm, I looked a wreck in jeans and a sun cream stained top, while they looked swish and fragrant and ready for a lovely child free night.

All my kids then decided to stay up, even Sweet Child cried til 9.30pm which was unheard of, although it was a humid night.

So the neighbours walked Sweet Child around the garden while I left the other two to it in the living room and in the end we had a lovely evening, even if I did have to nip out to Tesco Express for bog standard dessert...

Today looks another glorious day, the beach beckons. 

There will more from me about cherry tree shops and the terrible trio soon. But now I must find myself clearing up from being knee high in weetabix. Which is a bugger to clear up, once it has dried and hardened.


Lynn said...

I well remember the welded on weetabix!
You are a hoot - I always thought that that was kinda what Janet replied!

Anonymous said...

hi Gem, aww sweet child is so adorable, she seems such an easy baby,or is that just her brill mummy coming through.thankyou for popping in on me ,it was so lovely to hear from you, I cant believe how different blog world is with so many going over to ig. Such a shame. I'm so happy to hear blanket of glory is still going strong,who d have thought :0) so nearly binned. LOVE your latest ladybirds and that babycham glass,gorgeous. keep well lovely,lots of love,xxxx

Sarah Jane said...

Aw look at your little trio. Sweet child looks so happy. Is she sleeping through the night now? I can't remember the weaning process now as it was so long ago. Can they have textured food from 6 months I've forgotten?! I can't wait until my mister is sitting in a highchair and eating proper food with the rest of us. 6 months is a great milestone.
Btw, love the Babycham glass and I had Ginger's Adventures too xxx

kmmms said...

I reckon you should, and could easily, re-write that Janet and John book for the more savvy reader of today. Good finds though lover! How much jelly does your family consume, with all those molds?! I don't own a single one but then we don't eat it ever really. Gorgeous pics of those beautiful kids xxx

Jay said...

She is growing so fast and she's adorable. I remember the dried on Weetabix, it's the same colour as my kitchen floor so didn't always get spotted!

Tita Carré said...

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Anonymous said...

Sweet child looks so like Dad. I remember the ginger book and bunnikins picnic.
love your blog do much always brings a smile.

honeycat said...

Yayyyy, we did baby led weaning with Coco baby and it was fab. She's now a brilliant little eater and will scoff pretty much anything. Ha! I loved seeing my mothers anxious expressions when I gave Coco baby a chunk of chesse on toast to nibble on at six months old. Best thing we ever did, no fussy toddler food tantrums. And isn't it fab sitting down to a family meal and all eating the same food together.
Melanie xxx

Sharon said...

Sweet child is so cute! Can't believe she's 6 months' old! I remember Janet and John from when I was at school - I found a tatty old copy of 'I Went Walking' in a charity shop a few years ago. My now grown up children couldn't believe that I learnt to read by using these books. Love your Babycham glass too.

thriftwood said...

Ooh I love a nice Babycham glass ... I have 2, slightly different sizes, they can't be that delicate though, they've survived over fifty years ... use it, it'll be lovely to drink Prosecco from, even though you'll have to keep filling it up a lot!

Your family is just adorable and I can't believe that Sweet Child is now 6 months old! I have been a very naughty, absent blogger of late, and am trying to catch up with everyone.

Have a lovely day, hope the sun's shining xxx

Sarah said...

It's seems I've missed your last few blog posts for some reason and so I'm having a catch up!!

Weaning was a time when I was very glad we had a dog!!


S x