Tuesday 19 November 2013

Babies, birthdays, showers and onesies

I only have just over three weeks to go, before Brian/Brenda arrives into the world, adding just a smidgeon of extra chaos into this whirlwind family. If the baby DARES to join this crazy team that is, sometimes it's so noisy I think he/she will simply refuse to make an appearance.

If you're thinking 'bout my baby it don't matter if it's pink or blue.....

Where has the time gone? Well, I am finally truly nesting and resting while the countdown commences. The Husband and I have been sleeping on the sofa bed in our living room, while our hideous "All You Can Eat Carrot, Pea and Broccoli Buffet" bedroom (more on that in a future post) was stripped down to bare wall, plastered and lovingly decorated by my beau. Actually he didn't do the plastering bit but did all the rest in any spare time he had (which wasn't much).

Meanwhile I - looking like Jabba the Hut who had overeaten at Pizza Hut - had to thrash around in a little sofa bed in our lounge, and live for three weeks with the house in complete chaos. I looked like one of those poor obese women who eventually need to be crane lifted from their house. I groaned every time I tried to change position, I dipped into the middle of the sofa bed, my leg cramps were dire and my mood was slumping somewhat. Our mattress was propped up at the top of the stairs and squeezing past it was a mission, our bed was dismantled and propped up in precarious positions all over the landing, the Princess had most of our bedroom stuff in her room.

And all I wanted to do was nest. Yet I couldn't. I couldn't get in our wardrobes or the linen cupboard, I couldn't hoover anywhere. I was seriously fed up.

Imagine if I'd gone into labour last week.........

Now we are back in our bedroom and it's like waking up on holiday. It's calm, serene, fresh and fabulous. And now I can slow my pace down, and concentrate on packing my hospital bags and choosing a pram. Yep, not got round to that crucial thing yet either.

Thrown into the mix in the midst of all this was the Princess's 10th birthday on Saturday. I can't believe how ten years has flown by so fast, it's frightening.

This was her six years ago, aged four!

Chocolate button eyes!
 And her on her 5th birthday. What a dolly.

Here she is waking up on her 5th!

And here is the Princess waking up on her 10th!
All crammed in the sofa bed. Blurred as too early!!!!
She wanted a Onesie party at home this year with her class chums so that's what she got.

We had Saturday morning to reclaim our bedroom, once the carpet fitter had gone, and put the bed back together, other furniture back in, sort out the Princess's room, sort her party food, get the house ready, celebrate her birthday and wait for the party to begin. It was all a little too much for a heavily pregnant whale like me. But it was brilliant and she loved it.

She wanted a chocolate birthday cake for the tea party and I made
 pink sparkly vanilla cupcakes for the girls to take home with their party bags
They all played Twister, scoffed pizza and watched a movie with popcorn and marshmallows and then we played Pass the Parcel. It was a four hour party and they were really well behaved. The Prince had a whale of a time deciding which girl he loved the most!

They are all obsessed with Ylvis singing The Fox. My ears rang after a while but now I can't get the song out of my head!

Yo, this is me at nearly 37 weeks, taken this morning after my midwife visit. Hearing the baby's heartbeat never fails to thrill me. The baby is going nuts today, its movements are almost painful and it is head down. I hope it stays that way.

One direction

T'other direction. Boy bump I think.
It's gone high again, it had dropped last week.

This was me last week:

Bed in lounge. Shudder....

Cherry tree items purchased today are this ASOS top for £4 (bit steep and of course it doesn't fit me now, I've eaten so much cake I've zoomed past my weight gain limit. Whoops).

And a Grobag for the baby, for £1.50. So cute and pale blue is fine whether we have a baby Brian or a Brenda, yah?

And finally, last week my fabulous neighbour friends held a surprise baby shower for me. It was gorgeous! I only have the below pics as am waiting for the better ones to be emailed over.

I am blessed to have so many fab friends who live either next door or just a few houses away. One knits, one crochets, one loves her wine, one has exactly the same sense of humour as me, it's a darn good blend and we had a lovely afternoon.

Just slightly overwhelmed

TOTALLY spoilt!
One made a whole cake stand full of these sweet baby cupcakes...

Now I am reflecting on the forthcoming labour. Wonder which advice to take........


Hopefully be back before I am a mother of three..........yiiiiiiiiiiikes!!!


Gem said...

I was only thinking of you a mere few hours ago :) so the littlen still hasn't dropped yet then?

You are looking gorgeous, glowing as people say :) I'll bet you'll be glad to be rid of the bump though, although it is a great excuse to eat loads of cake and just blame the weight gain on the baby haha.
If I don't speak to you before, best of luck with everything, I hope it all goes well.
Much love Gem x x x x

hels said...

Hi Gem,

I love reading your blog it always makes me smile.

Just wanted to say you look bloody gorgeous!

Wishing you lots of luck when the big day comes!

Warmest wishes Helen xx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

I was thinking about you too - and meaning to ask Cuckoo how you were doing. YOU LOOK AMAZING Gem. Bloody gorgeous.
Good luck for the next few weeks - can't wait to hear your next news....fee xxxxxxxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GEM! HEY YOU! This is very exciting! Your princess is absolutely beautiful and the fun has begun. With another baby on the way and a "tween" developing in your midst, I know you will have loads more of stories to tell that will delight me. I am so thrilled to SEE you. You look marvelous, and your time is coming! Keep us posted when you can. Sending you wishes for a perfect delivery and rest period! (your home looks wonderful!) Anita

Unknown said...

Good luck, good luck, good big fat luck! (See what I did there) incase I don't comment again before the big day. Full credit on organising a party amongst all that,
Nelly x

Sarah Jane said...

I feel your pain. We have had multitudinous work going on in our house and are currently sleeping on the sofa bed so our room can be replastered. Nesting isn't an option at the moment. I think it's great that you don't mind what you're having. I think pink, just a hunch! Kids grow up far too quickly for my liking and what is the obsession with onesies all of a sudden?! My little miss is the same. Keep us posted xxx

Julia said...

Your posts always make me laugh Gem, they are such a tonic! Very best of luck with number 3, can't wait to meet your new addition xx

Sharon said...

You are positively blooming, Gem - you look absolutely gorgeous! Take care. XX
P.S. Love the Prince in the background in the bed!