Friday 10 May 2013


I bought this slightly odd top/dress/kaftan from Scope for a fiver this week. I knew its 70s look would either make me look hot or not.

Sadly it made me look like Mama Cass from the Mamas and the Papas. Not ideal, really.

Mind you, chubbiness aside, my legs have brought immense pleasure to someone this week. But not in a good way......

I took the kids to the library on Wednesday as I needed to get some books to help with a breastfeeding course I have started, where I'm training to be a Milk peer supporter. As I was engrossed in the books, I suddenly became aware of a little old man sitting and reading in a chair to the right of me.

I then noticed he'd stopped reading his book and was staring at my legs. How desperate, was my first thought. Then I was embarrassed at my vanity. Of course he wasn't looking at my legs. Dear god, why would he?

Then I realised he seriously WAS.

I then noticed his hand rubbing rhythmically over his crotch, under his book. He was discreet, but definitely fiddling with himself.

I shopped him to the librarian and she grabbed the manager. By this point, the man had shuffled over to the teenage girls fiction area, where two teens were innocently reading. I grabbed my kids and left by this point.

I raced home to tell the husband.

"Well, it shows you've still got it, love" came the dry response.

Maybe I should have gone in dressed like Mama Cass.

Anyway, I am excited as seeing my sister this weekend. I am leaving the husband with the kids until Sunday afternoon and cannot wait! A two hour train journey on my own! Imagine!

I am so broody and she is nearly at the end of her pregnancy. I spent Wednesday afternoon (before the library incident) cuddling my friend's new baby, who is the dearest little girl. Ah I was in heaven!

I also went to a beach a few times in the better weather this week. Had such a great time and LOVE people watching. This foursome were cute!

Loving the glittery sea

My peace is now shattered. Both kids have stormed in demanding a thousand things, so I shall leave it there, dear readers, until the next mad episode in my life.


Unknown said...

Oh wow! Not your average library experience. I hope you never meet up with him again ( and I hope he left those little girls alone too!)

That baby is adorable! Meeting my best friend's new little one tomorrow. Can't wait to snuggle some newborn yumminess!

Anonymous said...

What did the library manager have to say? or had you already left by then?

Andi's English Attic said...

I never thought I'd say this about 70's fashion but I actually like that top!
Dirty old man. Even worse to think he shuffled off to the teens section. Hope he was well and truly clobbered. xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YOU ARE HILARIOUS! ANd I have missed your posts....please, PLEASE never ever stop posting your every day wanderings, discoveries at the charity shoppes and especially, those crazy things that happen in every day life that most people would be afraid to speak of!!!!!!

I love your husband's response....and that little old man....MY GOODNESS.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

..oh,and your title of the unexpected!

kmmms said...

I love that photo of the foursome in their beach chairs - gorgeous!

Dirty old sod in the library, but Matt has a point!
Enjoy your solo weekend my love, can't wait to see you next weekend xxx

Miss Magpie said...

Sadly we used to get men like that in the library more than you would care to imagine.
Once there were some electricians working in the roof space and spotted one bloke so they tipped a pot of water over him! Hilarious because of course he couldn't complain.

Sharon said...

Oh my God - how awful in the library! Hope he got chucked out. However, you do make me laugh my socks off hee hee hee!!!
Love the 'groovy' top! XX

Jay said...

Oh blimey, not a great library experience, glad you reported him! Lovely pics of the seaside, what will you do with the Mama Cass top?