Friday 5 October 2012

41 Shades of Gutted

This afternoon after school, I took the Princess for tea at her new friend's house. He is a boy (obvs, that's why I just referred to him as a "he") and there was another little girl, age 7, who had been invited there too because her mother was working late. All was going swimmingly, and the boy's mum and I were having a lovely chat in her amazing kitchen.
But then the seven-year-old suddenly asked me how old I am. I asked her to guess. And grinned, waiting for the flattering response that kids normally give.
ERROR. Massive mistake.
"Hmmmmm..." she studied me, pondering with a wistful gaze, before saying:
"Well, my mum is 40 and you look a lot older than her. I think you are at least 41. Yes, at LEAST."
By this point I (yes, all 37 years of me) was naval-gazing and pointing my toes into the wooden flooring, pretending I wasn't bothered. After all, she is seven. What does she know?!
"What makes you think I am 'at least' 41?", I asked casually.
ERROR. Massive mistake.
"Well, my mum looks so good for her age so I think you are much older than her, probably because of your clothes. Definitely."
By this point, the boy's mum (who was looking after the little girl) and I exchanged mortifying glances of embarassment and I make a mental note not to wear jeans for a while.
Then the girl said (possibly realising that my reaction wasn't exactly filled with elation): "Oh, but your hair is ok," before running off to play Moshi Monsters with the others.
Charming. Midlife crisis, here I come!
Anyway, what's news......oooh had a wonderful morning with Sarah of Annaboo's House fame earlier this week. We met in a coffee shop where she gave me some lush belated birthday presents and then we spent two glorious hours in every cherry tree shop we could possibly spend time in. We found bargains galore.

Would be rude not to!

We get on well, we never stop talking, never have enough time to do all that we want to do and I feel very blessed to have found her.  She's a peach. She's Annaboo. And this is what I found!

Quite literally, a cherry tree treasure! Didn't buy it though.

These are normally £1!

80p for Sindy. I didn't buy her.

I am seriously regretting not bringing her home:-(

My mum has this and I remember her cooking from it all the time
when we were kids

£1.40 for this quirky cake stand. Cute!

£7 (a bit steep) from H&M originally.
What a terracotta scene (now can you see why I am going to be so busy decorating?!!)

50 shades of rust!

£4, originally Cinnabar

Still boxes galore... gah!

Uttam London (one of my fave labels) £3.50

Asda be cheap at £3!

I like the flouncy sleeves!

Monsoon £3 - the Princess loves it!

As pretty as a picture. LOVE girls' clothes in Monsoon!
Onto other things, did many of you watch the Ryder Cup? My brother Rob lives in Chicago and my dad flew over so they could both take part in all the golf shenanigans. They absolutely LOVED it.

It was particularly poignant for my dad, because his late father was the press officer for the Ryder Cup, something I am very proud of,  and when I was born, my grandfather was over in the States for the Ryder Cup and so wasn't there when I arrived. So pleased Rob and Dad had such a nice time together. I really miss my brother and can't wait to see him when he comes home for Christmas.

Also I have taken the Princess to the cinema this week to watch Brave. It was so good. We ate our own body weight in Haribo Fangtastics and popcorn.

Such a drama queen!

We went to an End of Summer festival which was wonderful. There is nothing nicer than drinking gin and eating hotdogs while basking in the sun on deckchairs.

Scoffing a hot dog! Ha!

Drinking a "glass of Nem-Nade"

There's a little bit of heaven somewhere out there...
 And I spied the wonderful actress Liz Smith (AKA Nana Royle from The Royle Family) and one of the bedridden grandmas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the Johnny Depp one) last weekend.

She was enjoying coffee at the cafe on the beach and you have to take my word for it, but that is her in the wheelchair.

"Michael Crawford!"

Half an hour later, she turned up at the End of Summer festival and I decided to pop over and say hi and ask whether she crocheted her lush hat. Turns out she did! She told me that she also made the one she wore in the Johnny Depp film and that she has been crocheting since she was a little girl.

I chatted with her for a bit and then left her to it. Wish I'd taken the plunge to get a pic of us together but I only had my crappy old mobile on me and as she is a regular feature in these parts, I hope I might see her again.

Oooh the weather is so grim. I shall batten down the hatches this weekend and do very little I think. I've been working in the evenings all week and am really tired now. It's time to take a breather!


Annaboo's House said...

Oh, me lovely!
What a fab time we had- you're right, we never stop talking, do we? And we NEVER make it round all those cherry tree shops either!
I'm very glad to see you modelling your purchases- they are lush. You'll be pleased to know that my dress fits too and I am ever so pleased with those shoes!
Oh, I did laugh about that 7 year old's comments- what does she know anyway?!!
Have a great week and don't work too hard.
Looking forward to catching up soon and also not forgetting our luncheon with ShabbyChicSarah and CountryRose too.
Sorry for appalling grammar. Too tired!
Yawn xx

Tracy ~ If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Baked A Cake said...

Where ever you go... the sun is always shining! Do you really live in the UK? I am loving those outfits you look so vintage in the H&M number. Your charity shops are so cheap I cant believe you left Sindy behind. Have a fab weekend. Tracy x

VintageVicki said...

Out of the mouths of babes!!

Anyhow she's wrong - you do not look 41.

I'd have snapped up that Sindy - even if just to resell on ebay.

Great clothing finds :)

Have a fab weekend - wonder which celebs you'll spot this time?

Kylie said...

You are gorgeous, thirty-seven or forty one Gem, who cares!
(for the record/your ego you do not look 41 to me)

Now you've got that cook book you can whip up something delish and join in our retro cook-off. Details on the blog. Love you to join us, please do x

Andi's English Attic said...

21. Always answer '21'. Hehehe. Have a great weekend. xx

Jay said...

What a lovely post, it's cheered me right up. And I thought you were much younger than 37! How nice to have met Liz Smith, a fabulous lady.

Katie said...

Love your Cherry tree goodies! The cake stand idea is fab! Have a sweet weekend. Love Katie xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my precious Gem!

I somehow missed your posting yesterday!

OH THOSE KIDS....they never get their numbers right!!!!!!! I am 54, and just last year during a math lesson, I asked them to estimate how many PUSH US they thought I COULD DO. Estimations ran from 0-4. I showed THEM! I did 20 of them CORRECTLY, no bent knees, straight back....and the kids were blown away. I think it gave them a new definition of 54!

You look lovely. I love your finds at the Cherry Tree shop and that little dolly, I HAVE ONE SIMILAR my friend. She is so lovely. Here on our side of the pond, the colors of fall have begun to enchant us, and I am starting my substitute jobs next week. Let's see what those kids from all ages get out of this 54 year old!

All looks well chez toi! Are you enjoying your new HOME??????? How exciting for you that you have your own home now. Enjoy this glorious weekend! CHEERS Anita

Julia said...

What does she know, she's only seven!! Don't take a blind bit of notice, you don't look a day over 37 ;0) My children know that I am always 21! I love your posts they are always fun xx

Tracy Glover said...

Gem! I think you look a lot younger than 37. I think kids say weird things. I used to work in a school as a learning support assistant and kids would occasionally say I looked about 40. Some other kids would think I was really young, so I think they don't really know what they are on about. I secretly think all ids are a bit mad. Odd comment about your clothes too, as I think you dress in a young way too. You are very pretty and lovely.
You should get yourself back there and see if Sinds if still there because the good condition ones go for quite a lot on ebay. I love Sindy.
Can't believe parcel still not there. Can you let me know this week if it comes. Really hope it does. If it doesn't, I will sort another box out.
You look lovely in your purchases. I love Uttam clothes and I had a similar Monsoon dress for Eliska.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. You are a treasure. xxx

kmmms said...

Oh blimey, I didn't realise that girl dug herself such a deep hole guessing your age my love! Can understand it didn't make you feel great but as others have said, kids are NOT good at guessing ages! If it makes you feel better mine have said several times that I have a baby in my tummy. And you have GREAT clothes! I am desperate to come and check out your charity shops, such bargains.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Gem, it was so nice to see your comment last night! I say NIGHT because yesterday was my first substitute teaching assignment and after an hour drive to pick up my husband, go for a walk then prepare dinner, it was already late when I came to my computer! It is nice however, to have the option to accept or decline an assignment.

Thank you for your kind words about my art. It is IN PROGRESS at all times, and I must remember that. It is yet another adventure that this crazy and audacious woman in me has to embark being a part time teacher and a wannabe artist and story teller. But what is life without the challenge?

I hope you are enjoying your new home and I cannot WAIT to see what further adventures YOU TAKE with the children in this new castle of yours!!

Many hugs, Anita

Tracy Glover said...

Any parcel yet chuck? Am getting scared, it had lots of things in it! Hope it has arrived. Sad face.

Anonymous said...

That tweed & applque skirt is too die for, I love clothes with added interest and that one is just perfect for this time of year.