Friday, 1 July 2011


I feel really ropey today. I had some friends over last night and didn't go to bed until gone midnight (even though they left earlier.)

Today I feel nauseous and to quote Cuckoo, VERY discombobulated. This is my mum's favourite word EVER and has been for years. Always makes me chuckle when I hear it.

I feel like going to bed for a nap, but there are always other things to do.

Not sure if it is a hangover, the iron tablets making me feel horrid or what. The Prince slept 12 hours without even the slightest snivel. Which is weird as I played Plan B and Paloma Faith quite loud downstairs with the girls.

We scoffed. A lot. It involved cake, wine (cake and fine wine, reminds me of Withnail & I), olives with feta, biscuits and cheese, crisps, dips, crudites, and we had such a laugh. A few couldn't make it which was a shame but in the end it all worked out for the best.

Nothing seems to agree with my poor fragile tum and I think that's why today is a bit of a struggle.

Still the Prince and I were out and about this morning. We visited a friend who has a mini bouncy castle so of course he had to be chiselled off that by the end.

Today I am delighted with my purchase. Who remembers this book?

Pure nostalgia. Who remembers RALPH??!!!
I showed the husband the section that all girls used to read in the school loos! He was engrossed, it had to be said. Although he will soooo deny this. I loved Judy Blume.

Sports day at school was great yesterday. The Princess is so different to me. So sporty. She came joint first in the running race. She is like a gazelle, fast and graceful.

There she is, complete with that dreadful cap again!
And guess who came last in the toddlers' race......and guess who cried as soon as the race started.

Usain Bolt, he ain't
And I simply refused to take part in the mums' race this year. It was too humiliating last year, running while holding my chest down to stop getting black eyes...

Running like a gazelle? I was more like a Gazebo...


Pink Milk said...

I LOVED that book!!! I can't remember what age I was when I read it (doesn't it contain references to periods etc) - Blondie daughter is 9 years old so too young at the mo I guess.

I ran in the mothers' race last year and thought I was going to die!!! Sadly my problem wasn't big boobs - it was long dangly necklaces, bare feet and lack of ability!! I came 8th out of 16! The alarm bells should have gone off when several of the other mothers stripped off to reveal lycra!!!

Hope you feel better soon - poached eggs on toast always helps me!


fee @ chipper nelly said...

that gazebo line made me laugh out loud....there's no way in God's good earth i would consider entering the mums race. In fact, it would have to take some serious emergancy for me to run at all (can't actually think of anything) so fair doos to you.
Hope you feel better later cos ITS THE WEEKEND. Maybe just keep drinking?
fee x

SarahB said...

Hehehe, yet again you've made me chuckle!!

I soooooo remember Forever - everyone in my school read that, it was the tattiest book in the library!!

You sound like me, I have to hold my bosom down if I dare to run and am definitely more gazebo than gazelle!!

S x

Bee said...

I so WISH I had to hold my bosom down, more like hold them up.....sorry to say but I LOVE it when mum's are asked to do a race, elbows out and I like to win!!!

So jealous of your girlie evening, how lovely, hope you are feeling a bit better now sweetie.


sarah said...

ah i love that book i also have it found it the library for sale years ago lets just say it had been well read it was falling to pieces but had to buy x

Rebecca said...

Oh Forever takes me back, I think I was 12/13 when I read it, funnily enough I was in the library last week with my 3year old and tried to find it, I'd love to re-read for old times sake. I remember my English teacher catching me reading it and pretty much told me it was filth which was on par with Mills & Boon and I should stick to a classic like Jane Eyre!.