Friday, 29 July 2011

Sick bed

It's Friday night and just for a change, I'm on my own.

BUT, the flipside of that is that I've had two glasses of white wine in my posh crystal wine glass (wedding present, last surviving one), a huge bowl of Pad Thai (of course I didn't make it for god's sake, lovely Mr Waitrose did) and an entire bar of Green & Black's Butterscotch chocolate.

Yes I feel slightly tipsy and everso vaguely vommity, but it was worth it. All enjoyed in front of the last episode of Miranda. And I felt quite emotional at the end, although that could have been the wine.

Today has been manic and fraught but also really good fun. My friend came over for the day. I've been friends with her husband since we were 8 but now she and I am firm friends since they got together. She brought her two kids (boy and girl) over for the day.

The house got trashed with four kids enjoying themselves (including a broken jug, given as a wedding present, but hopefully glue-able) and we had a great time. Yes there was a leaky pooey nappy, a little bit of posset on my sofa bed, mashed up muffins all over the sofa, floor, and rug, tinned spaghetti all over the floor, mashed broccoli all over the floor and mud. But that's motherhood right?

This mum and I laughed about how life has changed. There was a time when she and I once ended up in bed with her husband (just to sleep after a late night fancy dress party, nothing sexual) but he suddenly vomited all the bed and bedding and passed out.

So she and I had to sit in a warm bath together to keep warm as all the other beds in the house were full of drunken people. We'd all dressed as something beginning with "M". I was Minnie the Minx, she was a Mouse, her drunken puking hubby was a Magician. Anyway we were shivering after a while so I wrapped tea towels around myself and fell asleep next to John Malkovich and a Mangle (the latter was an impressive fancy dress outfit, let me tell you).

Anyway, I digress. When I woke up, on the lounge floor - with five tea towels pretending to be a duvet over me - I found myself lying next to a Martian in very tight spandex. Oooh it was a sight to behold. He was rather handsome from what I recall and the spandex was very revealing. "Such fun" as Miranda's mother would say.

Fast forward more than ten years and here we are. No alcohol-induced vomit, no tea towels draped over us to provide warmth, no sharing baths, just a mental mayhem of whirling, swirling kids yelling orders at us.

Talking of tea towels (never thought I dull I've become), I am loving this one from Primark. Very apt.

Cherry tree purchase of the day is this top, £4 (bit pricey but I loved it) from Barnardo's. Cheap label...think it is only from Matalan or something. But it's just what I've been looking for. Yes it's rather unflattering and yes I look pregnant,  but I don't care. It's white and floaty.

Oh and I need to pass the following award on to the following three blogs, the reasons being I totally LOVE them, they are entertaining and they are a little bit different.

Happy weekend one and all. It's nearly midnight. I was meant to be in bed by 10pm after a late night out with friends last night. Yikes...


Annaboo said...

Tee hee!
You always give me a laugh.
Wine, choccie, episode of Miranda? Are you actually me?

Love the story about the party. Haven't our lives changed since having kids (She says, looking at the sticky brown dots on the carpet, crumpet-remnants and those whitish finger marks over every once shiny surface) must clean up.

Btw, love that top.
Enjoy your weekend.

Romi and Bob said...

I love your funny tales. It reminded me a lot of me in my younger days.
I've watched Miranda a few times through Youtube. I love her shop!
I like your tins and tea towel. I wish we had a Primarni here.

Andi's English Attic said...

Ah, the days when we did crazy things. I still do of course, but now my kids look embarrassed and tell me off.
Your menu sounds wonderful - particularly the dessert. As a friend would say 'I feel sick, but it's a nice kind of sick'. :D xx

sandiart said...

'Snort....giggle' haha, oh my how funny, the things we did pre kids. I am on my second wine of the night and feeling very mellow (says she yawning) Well I have worked for two hours this morning then cleaned house and three loads of washing this afternoon. My son bought dinner so I didn't have to cook....bliss.
x Sandi

Pink Milk said...

Love, love Miranda! Such fun. Love, love Green & Black's (mint, yummmm) but not tried butterscotch.

Is it a sign of age? I was reading your pre-children story with what I can only describe as nostalgic nausea!! Give me chiselling Petit Filous off radiators and a fridge full of leaky pots of homemade goo (soap/toothpaste/glue) anytime.

EVERY girl should have at least one white and floaty top.

Have super duper weekend.


SarahB said...

*spits teas all over laptop* - love it!! I once shared a bath with a friend after a gravy fight at a party (when my parents were away) - ah, to even fit in a bath with *any* other adult sized person - sigh those were the days!!

Love the top, can see you walking through a cornfield eating a Flake in it.

Congrats on the award!!

S x
(Glad it's not just us that only have one wedding wine glass left)....

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


YOU are a fabulous writer. I was laughing, reminiscing myself of my youth and feeling cozy here with my cup of tea, reading your adventures. I LOVE THE MARTIAN PART!!! "WHAT FUN..." oh dear, I am loving your stories. THANK YOU SO MUCH! MERCI MILLE FOIS that you would honor me in this way. I am still around, in fact, I was so frustrated yesterday because I got to wrapped up in wanting to BE MARVELOUS with my own words that for the first time, I just posted someone else's poetry.....but I needed a vacation FROM MYSELF so I went antiquing and had a splendid day. I figured that if I am going to be the poet I want to be, my blog is not the place to beef up my poetry. I will have a separate private journal for that, but that my blog will be where I AM WHO I AM...hopefully TIME IN THE GYM of my private exercise journal of poetry practicing will give me the muscle I can use to make my blog more into what I envision. I am very flattered that you, a FREELANCE writer, would enjoy my blog.




Nelly said...

Love that story (a mangle you say?) Ahhh how things change when you have children...
Nelly xxx

Country Rose said...

You really do have a lovely way of writing, it's very funny to read. Love the bath and tea towel story! haha
Oh how I look forward to the day's where Rose is on the move and trailing food all over the floor.... or NOT! :S We're renting at the moment and the landlady has lovely cream carpets...!! Somehow I don't think we'll be getting much of our deposit back! Oh well...

Ashley xxx

Alex said...

Ahahaha! Oh you do make me giggle. I can't even imagine the ingenuity that goes into making a mangle costume.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gem,
Thank you so much for my award :)
Love that tea towel and the top,you have great taste and you are very funny too,
Love Kristina xxx