Saturday, 16 July 2011

Like Miranda, I love to Converse

It is a gloomy day but I'm rather enjoying it. The Princess is away for the weekend staying with my parents and the house is so quiet without her (I am missing her desperately but peace is good!)

You can hear a pin drop round at my gaff today.

My parents arrived yesterday in time to collect the Princess from the school run. She bounced out of school so happily, she loves my parents deeply and they have a strong bond from when I used to work three days a week and my mum looked after her.

They stayed for dinner and we had roast chicken with salad and new spuds. Followed by Trifle Crawford in the new cherry tree dishes I bought. My mum loved them and has some similar Laura Ashley ones in the same colour but they are taller.

So my parents stayed for a few hours before driving the Princess back home to theirs. We had such a lovely time with plenty of silliness which is standard in our family. I always spend a good half hour showing my mum all my recent cherry tree purchases and as always, we agree we must get together and go in search of more treasures together.

My lovely mum

My lovely dad
 My dad brought a folder containing all my school reports so am hoping to have a look through all that tonight while the husband is at work. Should raise a few laughs.

After my parents went, the husband and I put the Prince to bed and cuddled up on the sofa with wine, peanut M&Ms and watched The King's Speech. Really good film, we usually wait til the films are out on DVD as can rarely get out to the cinema, what with the husband's mad working hours and no babysitters.

After the film, we watched Miranda which I'd recorded. She makes us laugh out loud every time. The husband said Miranda reminds him of a combination of me, Davina McCall and a friend of ours. I kind of know what he means. I can see parts of myself in Miranda too and I think we would have a laugh if we ever met. I love all her camera "asides". Very funny.

Then we went to bed far too late after possibly a leetle bit too much wine.

My love has gone to work today. The Prince trashed the Princess's room which I am still trying to rectify before she returns tomorrow.

He always climbs in her toy box when she is away
 but knew he was being cheeky so refused to look  at the camera
 Then I gave him a lolly and asked him to eat it in the garden (it wasn't raining at this point, I'm not that cruel!) but then lost him. All the gates were shut and locked but I couldn't find him anywhere. I came into the study to find this...

T-shirt courtesy of Uncle Rob and Auntie Shelley who live in Chicago

He knows he is not allowed to eat in there. Worst still, he is not allowed to lie on the fairly new sofa bed (I won it in a competition last year) licking a Fab lolly.  And his face says it all. I did my "What are you dooooing?" high pitched voice and he just laughed and told me to "shush"....literally. Shush. How very dare he?!

He is in bed now and I am blogging, making chicken soup, tidying up, trying to perfect my crochet (not happening) and then need to do some writing work.

I bought a gorgeous cherry tree skirt yesterday but will show it tomorrow as camera is full at the mo.  Therefore I will leave you with a treasure from the cherry tree bought by one of my best friends.

She knows the husband and I have always worn Converse (I have since I was 13) and she found a pink pair to match mine for the Princess. DELIGHTED was not the word when she gave me them. So now the Princess and I wear pink and the husband and Prince wear red.

I believe she found them in Oxfam for under a fiver...she may have to correct me if I am wrong.


two bones and a bagle said...

Just found your blog. Yeah for Miranda - I love her too she is sooooo funny and I once counted how many times I laughed out loud during one show I think I stopped when I got to 30. Your converse photos are great I have had my checked ones on today for our visit to Ikea. Will pop back soon.

Bee said...

Oh Gem I just want to dive into your know what I mean, they look delicious.

I watched Miranda last night, it is hilarious, I loved her warming the bed dance....just brilliant, has me in stitches but Darr can't stand it, my sort of humour.

We watched The Kings Speech again this week, such an amazing film, espec Colin Firth, can't beat a bit of Colin.

You guys are fully 'conversed' up, we are the same with crocs.

Love your parents photo's, look very kind and caring people, it's wonderful when your children have a special bond with their grandparents, wonderful memories they'll always have.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend sweetness, luv Bee x x x

honeycat said...

Ooohhh i love trifle, its my fav as is sticky toffee pudding and chocolate fudge cake say no more. We watched the Kings Speech a few weeks ago and thought it was fab. Mind you anything with Colin Firth in is fab in my book. Hope you are enjoying a peaceful weekend. Melanie x

Helen said...

Those mini converse are too cute! I have no children but I do have an irrational urge to go and buy some. hmm. I certainly am sure about the earrings, I haven't worn them in 8 years so I doubt I ever will, and it seems a good idea to reunite them with their friends :) If you e-mail me your address I will pop them in the post. I live in Lacock, its strange how almost all the craft blogs I read seem to be written by South-Westerly people.
Helen xxx

Grateful4Crochet said...

My youngest daughter and I also have matching Cons!!!!!!!!!
Ours are yellow
And yes, all 5 in my family have cons, no one else's match except for mines and the youngest however!!!
Cons are hard to find in cherry tree shops too, so well done
I am using your "cherry tree phrase over at my blog this morning, and trying to link it to you, but not too sure how successful I will be given my incredibly sophisticated knowledge of blogging how to (I wish I knew what a sarcastic emoticon was, I would insert it here if I did)

A tale from toadstool house said...

How cute the converse look all lined up! I got my daughter a new pair today,no baragain ,Im afraid ,£38.99, there the black high tops,she s so over the moon with them,it was worth it!have a great weekend,Gemxxxx

Helen said...

I'm not sure how to reply to comments in posts so I'll just reply here! My email is h-_-oneill(at) Yes Margaret does still run the tearooms, she made loads of amazing cakes for a street party we had for the royal wedding, they were delicious. So do you live in frome? If so I'm quite envious of your proximity to the golden goose and that haberdashery shop on the hill (Mollie moon?) xx

Helen said...

I've also just realised you said 'when we lived in somerset', which suggests you don't live in frome! Silly me, I think I should go to bed and try again tomorrow. Xx

April May said...

Love the family converses! Love converse they just go with anything! Your little prince is so cute! a proper little cheeky monkey! xxx

xx home bird xx said...

I can't tell you how much I love that photo of your Converse all lined up. I have two pairs of Converse, like you have been wearing them since I was a teen - I started with a red pair (which wore out) and have a pale blue and a black pair now. Soooo comfy and cool too. Love that the girls have pink and the boys have red... will you keep the pink for the Prince or is that too girly?
I need to watch more TV. I hardly watch any and then I miss stuff like this Miranda...
Isn't your Ma a beauty.

Alex said...

Aw, that Converse pic is so cute!

I love Miranda. We watched it the other night (think they're repeating it on BBC?) and I nearly cried laughing when she tried to hide in a drawer.

Your mum is gorgeous by the way! And she must have had you super young because there's no way she looks old enough to be a granny.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

a) your Mum looks about 30
b) drooling over Trifle Crawford
c) Miranda - one of the only programmes we ALL like. Sometimes worry that I am too like her.
d) love the FAB lolly bit, and liking how you were told to shhush. I have shussh turrets - I sometimes do it without knowing I've done it, and often when there are no children around
e) have little pink converse envy.
happy week, fee x