Monday, 11 July 2011

Bye Bye Noo Noo, Noo Noo bye bye...

Had a lovely relaxing weekend in Whitstable, staying with friends. It didn't last long though. The relaxation I mean. Does it ever when you have children?!

It started so well. I totally rocked the cherry tree shop look and as you will see from the below pic, I am in a 100 per cent cherry tree outfit. The skirt, top and cardie. The glasses were £1 from Primark and my bangles were Sainsbury's. I think the entire outfit cost just over a tenner.

The Princess is wearing a t-shirt her uncle sent over from Hawaii and some cherry tree shorts which were originally Boden.

We walked past my favourite beach hut in Tankerton.

 And then walked past the one the Princess prefers.

 The Prince tucked into an ice cream after falling on his face. Oh such dramas. Again. It got worse for him later though. Sob. Sniff.

And then I fell in love with this gorgeous, quaint cottage on the seafront in Whitstable.

 My friend lives in Tankerton and we walk a mile on the beach to Whitstable which is one of my favourite places ever. It is quirky, cool, vibrant and full of vintage shops, cherry tree shops, clothes shops and lovely one-off shops filled with all my favourite things.

My favourite shop is Vintage on Sea. Two mums run it as a joint venture and sell stunning vintage dresses, jewellery and bags.

That's my lovely friend browsing the dress section which were made from fabric with vintage print

I bought this vintage ra-ra dress. Love it.

I also bought the one in the middle. Oops!
 Then we went to the below sweet shop and spent a fortune (or rather my friend did) on the Princess. If she has any teeth left by the end of the week, it will be a miracle. We ALWAYS go to the sweet shop in Whitstable. It's the law. We scoff chocolate covered honeycomb, fizzy cola bottles, Wham bars, all the old-fashioned boiled sweets. Delish.

And this is such a pretty shop below which sells the hugest cupcakes I've ever seen. Utterly stunning too. The window display is to die for.

The Street was visible when the tide went out. It is one of my favourite things to walk on. It amazes me every time and the kids love it. I feel a bit like Moses, is that weird?

Then disaster struck. Shortly after the below photo was taken, the Prince lost his beloved Noo Noo, seen lying on the table in front of him. My boy loves that cuddly rabbit comforter more than I love Jon Bon Jovi.

Last sighting of Noo Noo. Very much missed. Anyone out there in Whitstable??? Please look for him. Our home isn't the same without him...
 It is one of these blue rabbits from Jojo Maman Bebe (see below link). We have a duplicate but it's not the same as the old, raggedy one. I actually feel really upset about it too, something the husband doesn't understand.

I have emailed all the nearby pubs and am so annoyed that I can't just nip over there to retrace all our steps. It happened when my friend and I were in the vintage dress shop and the husband kindly took the kids for a stroll. But now I understand he retraced all footsteps except the ones when it was just him and the kids. You know, the CRUCIAL steps. It's when he lost Noo Noo. I have deduced this from the photo above. Noo Noo was lost soon after we left the restaurant.

The restaurant staff are on to it for me, but I don't hold out much hope. Their Lost Property box is empty.

I feel utterly bereft. This is as big a deal for me as it is for the Prince. I'm obsessing about it. It's all I am thinking about. I am so frustrated. WHY didn't I notice Noo Noo was in the pic then I could have worked out when we lost him. Grrr.

The Prince and Noo Noo were best friends from day one
Kisses for mummy whilst still holding Noo Noo

Any time the going got tough, Noo Noo helped him through

On a brighter note, the sea was warm enough for the kids to splash around in. I didn't want to leave as I watched the late afternoon sun beating down on the sea. Can't wait to go back. I bought some cherry tree treasures which I will blog about tomorrow as time is ticking on tonight!

Guess who was still in the sea at 6.30pm on Sunday night. A school night. NAUGHTY!!!!!


fee @ chipper nelly said...

whitstable envy - on every level.
This reminds me of the time when #2 son was (v seriously) ill in hospital and we lost Little Mike. It was a rare replica of the one Mike has in Monsters Inc. I was distraught (as was #2 son) and we tried everything to get him back/replace him. Alas to no avail.
It's now 7 years later and still bothers silly huh!
the onl thing that made me feel better was that Little Mike hopefully made someone else (presumably poorly) happy!
TOTALLY understand,
fee x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

So, after writing the above comment I pop over to google said toy (yes, 7 years later, can't let it go!) and find 2 for sale on ebay. Am 'watching' them and will no doubt pay over the odds for 'very rare' toy.
Five minutes later #2 son comes back downstairs to say he can't sleep (what are the chances?!) and I show him the picture of Little Mike. 'Hey, recognise this?' I ask expectantly... 'No' says he 'never seen it in my life'.
fee x

Gem said...

Really??!! That makes me feel better. I feel so gutted. I think I may set up a career in counselling for mums of children who lost their comforter....hubby can't understand why I can't let it go.
I feel cross with him as it's his fault and gutted that I am too far away to properly search for it.
And it still had a lovely smell of my boy on it. I am so gutted. I am currently google earthing the area.
And contemplating writing a story for the local rag. Worth a shot!!!
Hope you are well.
Must google Little Mike, no idea who he is. How funny re your son.
You have helped me!
x x

Gem said...

And no google earthing the area to spot the toy. Am not that mad. Just to see what other shops are in the vicinity. Daren't mention it to the husband again....
Being a private detective!
x x

sarah said...

hi , whitstable looks lovely ,but so sad about the lost noo noo totally know how you feel i have a teddy called pinky i left him on the mobile library when small luckily he was returned but horrible as they get very attached and comforting and memories for you but you never know he may show up fingers crossed and ooh place names if you see my blog you will know tankerton thats quite good ha ha xx sarah

fee @ chipper nelly said...

think I might need counseling!!!
have just purchased a new 'little mikey' from USA for a mere 12.99. Haven't got the postage yet - will probably be the same amount again!
So, bizarrely, you have helped me too! (although you still have small child - I have a disinterested 9 year old!)
I'll do a post on him when he eventually arrives!
Haven't told Cleggy as he's away all week - but imagine he will think I'm bonkers. Nothing new there then.
Lovely comments from you over at mine - aren't we lucky?
fee x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

ps (last comment, honestly) I also blamed Cleggy for losing precious toy too. I would NEVER have lost it!!!

Grateful4Crochet said...

hi, share your pain, when my son was little we drove for an hour and a half to retrace our steps when he lost his favourite toy.
and the trip was an hour and a half or torture as he was absolutely desolate. is so sad when this happens, really hope you find it

xx home bird xx said...

Am on my phone so cant properly see the photos but know im going to get mini-break envy when i read properly. Will post properly in the morn but had to laugh at your comment about googleearthing the area... Until I read your second comment I did actually think you were googleearthing to try and spot the toy. Ha!!! Made me laugh. And then so did Fee's comments about Little Mike. Ha!! You gals have cracked me up. Hope you find Noo Noo xxx

Charis said...

Lovely post... made me giggle! I've never been to Whitstable but sounds like somewhere I would rather enjoy. Good luck with Noo Noo x

Alex said...

Oh no :( I really hope it turns up in a lost property box. How frustrating that the vital steps didn't get retraced!

In reply to your question on my blog, it's a combination of self timer multishot function on my camera and a conveniently placed picnic table! I'm always so awkward in front of a camera and hate having my picture taken by other people but I've got just about used to doing it this way.

Jamie said...

Looks like it was a beeeeeautiful trip! I love the pic of the sail-boats! I am so sorry about the Noo heart breaks for you and your boy! As the mommy of a baby boy who is heavily attached to a little monkey blankey (we call it "Monkey" un-original, we are) I feel your pain! If my boy ever lost his monkey, I think I would cry as much as he would.

sandiart said...

I would feel the same, gosh what we do for our children, it's because we are nurturers and men arn't so they don't get it. Good luck.
x Sandi

pangaloon said...

Hello, I found you via that sweet gal Fee. I love your thrifty style, and that collection of dresses. I will hop back regularly. Have a great day x JO

SarahB said...

Whitstable looks like a lovely, lovely place - love the new frocks!!

I too would feel the same as you about Noo Noo, men just Dont. Get. It.

My youngest and my nephew both had a Peter Rabbit with a little blanket attached that they ADORED until both bunnies almost fell apart - in fact my nephew has only just stopped taking his on holiday and sleepovers and he's 11!!

Fingers-crossed that by some "miracle" you get Noo Noo back....

S x

SarahB said...

Just read all comments - Fee glad you have found a Little Mikey but LOL @ your son not remembering him!!

Gem - I think you should def write a piece for the local paper, it's worth a try after all.

I had a teddy as a child (I called him Pooh Bear but he wasn't a Winnie The Pooh) and our dalmatian puppy chewd him up when I was 19. I kept all the bits and if I come across them (they are stuffed in a box somewhere) I still cry. I'm 38....

S x

Romi and Bob said...

I have looked at this post three times now and I love it. It maes me homesick, but in a nice way. The pics are gorgeous. I love the beach hut and I want to live in the cottage!
The shop looks so perfect too. I love your dresses. They don't seem to have the 'vintage' thing here. Maybe I should start a vintage emporium.
Oh, the cupcake shop too, just lovely, x

xx home bird xx said...

I really need to go to Whistable. It looks utterly gorgeous. What a divine little shop - that pale green colour makes me go all swoony. I really need every item on that little washing line display... Sigh... Had to look at that photo three times. You bought the black floral dress/top? It's gorgeous - my fave of the three too. And you look a lush in that red dress but why didn't you show your face you nutter?

I just asked hubby where Whistable is. He told me it's near Luton. Neither of us has any sense of direction or any geographic knowledge at all but even I know he's thinking of Dunstable. Ha! So where is it? I need to book me a trip there.

Nicki xx

PS, thanks for your comment on my jumpsuit post - everyone has been so nice about it and I was totally expecting some constructive criticism. You would not look like a weeble, you'd look FAB. You absolutely should not be on a diet, you're gorge. I've given up on the diet, just love food (and wine) too much. Anyhow, I'm waffling, but the bees are gone. They were 'lost' bees, not an actual swarm at all but ones left behind. Thank the Lord. Apparently if it was a swarm there would have been between 5,000 and 10,000 bees in our chimney...doesn't bear thinking about.
Nicki xx

xx home bird xx said...

Ha ha ha!!! Sorry I meant you just look 'LUSH'!!! Ha ha!! Think I put you look 'like a hottie' to begin with and thought it maybe sounded a bit overfamiliar. Ha! Soz. What a typo. Ha!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

THIS IS JUST FABULOUS!!! I came by way of Fee who provided a link to this WONDERFUL POST!!! I NEED TO GO HERE!!! Anita

Andi's English Attic said...

A lost, loved toy is just as distressing for mum as it is for child. How about a plea and Noo Noo's pic in the letters page of Whitstable's local paper? You never know. He has to be somewhere. xx