Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The juggling act. And a jug.

Am running on adrenalin today. So busy with work, it is literally coming out of my ears but it's interesting stuff and I'm enjoying it.

Just wish the kids weren't so demanding so I could focus this afternoon and not have to work so late tonight. Hence my brief blog post now, as I know I won't get time later.

Had a good two hour chill this morning though, I treated my friend to a fried breakfast at the garden centre. The Prince played in the play area and we had a good old catch up. She is an utter breath of fresh air, despite recently having her 4th baby. She NEVER moans and appreciates everything. I love her.

Then I raced home, put the Prince down for a nap and worked for two and a half hours non stop, without stopping even for a lunch break. I'm slowly ploughing through it all though so confident I will make my deadline. Juggling juggling juggling.

Talking of jugs..not that sort...I bought the following from an RSPCA cherry tree shop for £2.99. Isn't it cute? Am thinking of hosting an afternoon tea party in the summer holidays so this will add to the chintz!

Feel like I have been too hectic to fully blitz cherry tree shops recently. It's just been here and there, dashing in and out of one with five minutes to kill.

I am in desperate need of a proper mooch and hopefully can do that this weekend when I visit an old friend.

Right, no rest for the wicked. It's gone all quiet in the house which can only mean one thing...trouble!


xx home bird xx said...

Nice jug! Can I please come to your tea party, I think I'm free that day ;-) ha!

You have been making me laugh with your 'losing a follower' drama. I saw it on your blog the other day (was just whizzing through, didn't have time to comment) and then saw your comment on Cuckoo's... Bless you!! Ha! Do you feel as though you've been dumped? Am sure that it was nothing you did or said, it's their loss, plenty more fish in the sea... etc etc.

I think I've lost a couple of followers along the way but quite frankly I'm amazed I have had any followers in the first place!

Congrats on the new freelance work, well done. xx

Charis said...

very lovely jug! I'm currently on a self-imposed charity shop ban (read shopping full-stop) ban unless absolutely necessary! I live in a room in a shared house & cannot fit anymore stuff in there! x

SarahB said...

Lovely jug, very Cath Kidston!!

Thanks for your kind words over at mine hunny BTW....

S x

sarah said...

mm herman would love a tea party !

sandiart said...

I've become a follower, I hope this makes you feel a little less abandoned hehe. Pretty jug btw.
x Sandi

April May said...

loving this jug! summer tea parties sound fab! good luck with all the work!
lotsa love x

d887f522-8e26-11e0-81d0-000bcdcb5194 said...

Thanks for stopping by the fairyglade. I am not sure if I left a comment already as my troubles with blogger are driving me mad and my memory is not what it was. I love the jug. The CS around these parts are very hit and miss and in my case usually miss. I have to say the same about the car boots mostly. I am always amazed at the lovlies that others get. Maybe I am just not looking hard enough. Dev x

LittleGem said...

Cute jug! They are a lot of fun to collect, because you'll ALWAYS need more jugs! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I'd say its worth a trip to bake-a-boo if you are in the area! Have a lovely weekend x