Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hello, me ol' china

Evening all.

Not much to report.


Ha, as if! Actually it's not been totally boring at all.  I've enjoyed today. It's been so hot and sunny.

Went to the Princess's new school this morning for a parents' meeting. The husband came and it was great, although her new teacher looks about 15. Now I feel old. She looks like Stacey out of Gavin & Stacey. It was all I could do not to say: "Oh Stace, what's occuring?"

The handsome dad came and sat next to me as we all arrived. Sadly he is a little too short for my liking but still handsome (hark at me talking as if I can pick and choose men. And hark at me talking as if I am single). The husband knows I think this dad is handsome. He couldn't care less. He's a very trusting, non jealous man. Thank god. I think he knows after 15 years together that he is the only man for me.

Unless Jon Bon Jovi came in of course. He's on my laminate and the husband accepts it.

Anyway as I got up off the bench we were sitting on (to catch the Prince who was running off during the hour long meeting), the handsome dad nearly fell off his perch.

I think it was my weight that did it, the bench kind of tipped up. It then creaked when I sat back could have heard a pin drop. I doubt he finds me a catch. I also bet he hopes he will never have to catch me, with the sound the bench made when I sat down.

Anyway, when the Prince went down for a nap late morning, I got a huge cushion and took it out in the garden and sunbathed for half an hour. It was bliss. I fell asleep while hearing all the kites flying around and crying out their sound.

Here is my gorgeous treasure from the cherry tree today. An absolute bargain at £8.99 from Oxfam. It will be coming out for all my family afternoon teas. Let them eat cake. Ah I wish Nanny was alive, she would so love this! She would always come over for tea and bring a large coffee and walnut sponge cake and a bunch of bananas. Never sure why she brought the bananas but I was grateful!

I also bought this Fat Face scarf from Barnado's for £1.99. Appalling photo - so blurry but I didn't notice til just now. It is really soft.

Tomorrow I have a lovely friend coming for coffee after the school run for an hour or so and then I am flying out to get some food in (and visit some cherry tree shops) as my parents are coming over in the afternoon and staying for dinner, before driving home with the Princess. They are having her until Sunday morning and always thoroughly spoil her!

I will really miss her and the husband is working all weekend so it will be just me and the Prince. Odd. Bet he won't let me out of his sight.

Today he yelled: "Mum! Muuuuum! Up. Now" and at lunchtime I put his plate of food in front of him and he shook his head and said "Hate hate hate. Away."

God what does he think I am, a slave?!

But I feel wistful at the moment as he always used to call water "gorka". Now he calls it "porter". And I feel I shall never pour him some gorka ever again. Another milestone.


sarah said...

lush tea set i have my grans in the loft as scared it will get broke but might just get it down as love it and want it after seeing yours , mine use to buy me pears ha ha health grannies hey, made me chuckle when saw the kites part a while ago someone said look at those kites and i said where i cant see no kites meaning non bird kite didnt no it was a bird derr still get laughed at now .

Country Rose said...

Hahaha.. How embarrassing does the bench incident sound..!? I bet he didn't notice the creaking sound when you sat down... I think we notice these things more than men. Although it would have been pretty hilarious if he had actually flipped off the side of the bench... maybe not so hilarious for you though! :S

Beautiful china! Aren't you lucky with all of your gorgeous finds! :-)

Ohhhh how I can't wait for the day's when Rose starts answering back to me..!! Not!

Ashley xxx

Bee said...

What would have been better Gem is if it had tipped and you did fall, very lady like of course and he had to come to your rescue...Penelope Pitstop help (in a posh south american accent - hay-ulp hay-ulp)

Very pretty tea set indeed, when can I come round? although I don't like walnuts but I could bring my Lemon Drizzle cake or fruit cake, both lovely for an afternoon tea.

The little monkeys who think they know all the answers, little lad has started repeating what I say, highly annoying until I say something he can't quite say and then we start giggling.

Hope the princess enjoys her weekend with nanny and grandad, being spoilt by your grandparents, that's what it's all about, lovely. Enjoy the prince all to yourself, love love x x x

Annaboo said...

Grrrr am very envious of the tea set- a great find.
It's amazing how little'uns get so big, isn't it? My number two calls milk 'Mmmooo' and it's just so cute.

SarahB said...

Hehe, you are so funny!!

When we go to school Mr G and I always look around in awe at all the proper grown-ups - you know men in suits and women in sensible shoes and we feel completely out of place.

We still dress like teenagers, jeans and t-shirts (Mr G works from home so his suit hasn't seen the light of day in a-g-e-s) and we feel like grown-up children not ADULTS. It always amazes me that I am supposed to be the grown-up now!!

Love, love, love the tea set!! I do love a bargain, so often lately I have picked up something that has taken my fancy in a cherry tree shop and it has been sadly over-priced - still love them though!!

You should try a car boot sale again as well (with a hat and sun cream perhaps?!!) I have got some fab things lately and rarely for over a £1.

Am having to wait until the end of the month to start my dressing table skirt as have spent a fortune already this month and need fabric, velcro, braid, hot glue sticks the list goes on!!

Johnny Depp is on my laminate, Mr G knows this. I wasn't allowed to change it to Russell Brand as Mr G thought I might actually be in with a chance there!!

Blimey, it's turned into an essay!!

S x

Cuckoo said...

Shite tea set. Not jealous. Poo head.

Cuckoo said...

Sorry I came over all funny just now....

Call me, poo head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hee heeeeeeeeeee


SarahB said...

Haha @ Cuckoo - I read the comment first and thought "Ooooh no a troll" until I saw who it was from!!

S x

Jamie said...

LOL! I laughed at the bench incident.
Gorgeous tea set. I so wish that people around my parts (haha, that sounds so hillbilly) would use tea sets. Let me re-phrase that. I wish people here would drink tea! It just seems so...elegant.
I'm all about the coffee though.
Have a fun weekend with your prince!

A tale from toadstool house said...

Great treasures Gem,Love that tea set,gawgeous!!!xxx

Michelle said...

Yes, the tea service is lovely, but there is a more important issue - I think we need to see photographic evidence of 'handsome dad'. And while you're at it, the children's entertainer that you've got a crush on, even though he did embarass you in front of lots of people quite recently. Purely for research purposes. Or something like that...
Hope you're having a good weekend xx