Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Princess - updated (Blogger was messing about earlier)

How did my dear little girl grow up so much that she leaves the infant school this week? The school where she sobbed every morning when we left her, for the first two months.

The little girl who would cry when I went in to take a reading group, because she knew I would only stay an hour and then leave her.

The little girl who plays football every lunchtime with all the boys and who hugs Jim the lollipop man every day "because he is old and sweet".

The little girl, who today, made me shed a tear at their leavers' assembly because she had a prime role to play (reading to all the parents while dressed as a news reporter).

This little girl is nearly eight and I don't know where the years have gone. She will always be my baby and I truly wish she didn't have to grow up.

The day she left pre-school 2008

First day at school, September 2008

Poor excuse for a hedgehog, Harvest Festival 2008
Very proud to be a big sister, summer 2009
Cheeky girls in a tent, summer 2009

The Princess

Because it's a mad week with end of term shenanigans, I won't be going to any cherry tree shops for a few days. How will I survive? I shall start getting withdrawal symptoms...


Romi and Bob said...

I love her sparkly pic. She is so pretty. I am dreading tears when Eliska goes to nursery full time in September, but it is good to know it does not last forever. x

Ali said...

love the pic! My little girl is leaving infants too and going up to juniors, I can't believe that my baby is old enough to do that! She is still in the same school so there will be no difference except for missing the afternoon break. But I wont be able to watch her go in anymore she'll just dissapear round the corner with her older brother and I'll be left standing like a spare part! I want to press pause on life like you do on sky+ why does it zoom by soo quick?

Country Rose said...

Love the pic! Very pretty!
It must be so scary seeing them get older and older.. Rose is already 6 months and it feels like I only had her yesterday!

Ashley xxx

Bee said...

Oh Gem, bless you darlin, it's a horrid feeling in the bottom of your tummy isn't it, when they move onto the next stage and then the next and the next, feel for you darlin.

She is a credit to you Gem, she is a beauty with such a gorgeous smile.

I've got all this to come as little lad starts school in Sept, I've bought all his new school clothes and it feels very weird!! I just don't feel ready for this, however I think he is.

Sending you a virtual kiss and cuddle
Luv Bee x x x x

SarahB said...

Bless her, she is such a cutie!! I love the reason why she hugs the lollipop man!!

You must be very proud of her - I know just how you are feeling, my youngest (so my "last baby") is leaving juniors next week - where does the time go?!!


S x

honeycat said...

She is a beautiful little girl. You must feel so very proud. My niece is applying for grammer school this year and is so grown up. She actually applies her makeup better than me or my sister can. I miss the little girl that she was but we have embraced the big girl that she has become. I guess our mums felt the same about us all.
Melanie x

sandiart said...

Your children are soooooo cute. One day I blinked and I swear 10 years passed. Life goes so quickly, treasure every moment, as it is gone in a flash. I cried at the end of every year when the holidays started!!
x Sandi