Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Aussie memories

The dear husband and I have eaten our own weight (mine is considerable at present, thanks to evil iron tablets which have caused "trouble", shall I say in my belly) in thai curry tonight. And wine. All very delish.

We watched a depressing film called Samson & Delilah, about Aboriginal teenagers who escape to the big city, all with dire consequences.

It reminded me of our time travelling around Oz. There were times when we were broke. So poor we lived on oranges and peanut butter sandwiches. We lived in a two-man dome tent for three months solid. Sometimes we were so skint we couldn't even afford to pitch up at a proper campsite, so would pull over on the road. Some nights I craved the comfort of a bed, a room which was bigger than our canvas hang-out, a comfortable night's sleep. But we got used to it.

It seems like a dream now. The adventures, the excitement, the worry, the danger, but we stayed strong (somehow!) through it all.

I remember watching the Aboriginals when we were out there in the middle of the Australian outback, wondering why so many of them had turned to drink. This film was very poignant, very real. I could almost smell the red earth, feel the intense sun beating down on our backs, swatting off the determined flies.

It has made us grateful for what we have.

Glad to have got that off my chest (again, a considerable size, but can't blame the iron tablets for that).

Bought this funny little toy for the Prince from Oxfam for £2.99. It's solid wood and I think I love it more than he does.

"Home James"

"Oh look, we must be at the Safari Park, Gladys"

Oh dear. Someone with teething issues enjoyed this passenger...

"Yes dear, can we help you?"

Anyone know what the writing translates as?
It's now 11.30pm and we have the Princess's leavers' assembly in the morning. Have a packed lunch to make, shower and hair wash to do, and not cleared up from tonight .Oh dear. Morning won't be the most positive affair....


SarahB said...

Mmmmmm, thai curry - that's one of our favourites.

Haven't seen that movie but I was shocked after seeing "Australia" (which I *love*) as I learnt how the mixed race aboriginal children were taken from their families. Terrible.

Still, I can be cheered considerably by a topless Hugh Jackman - which reminds me, Mr G had phase of riding with me (two of my horses are BIG) and while we were out he said "I feel like Hugh Jackman"....

....then he saw the photos and said "Hugh Jackman - more like Huge Fatman"!!

Love wooden toys!!

S x

Annaboo said...

That little wooden toy is the cutest! I love the looks on their little faces.
They've seen a few things, I reckon!

sandiart said...

Pity I didn't know you back then, I would have gladly given you a bed for the night and a good home cooked meal and a few goodies to see you on your way. There are so many injustices the world over, not just for the aboriginals (I am a decendant 6th generation) I do get on the soap box when it comes to injustice.
Love Thai, yumyum.
Wouldn't it be interesting if the toys could talk and tell you of their last abode.
x Sandi

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Gem,

What a lovely surprise it is to receive comments from all over the world. Fee is a great blogger and I am just getting to know her, and I am very glad that you came by to leave me a comment.

Oh, do I remember the days when my husband and I ate the same thing for days while being students. Making a major move from our home state of California to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue our education. After almost 30 years of marriage, here we are, finally settled, with our choice of what we want to eat!!! Life has not always been easy, but it has been sweet. I must look into this movie of which you speak.My husband and I enjoy watching movies that MOVE you and make you wonder about the world, our own personal worlds and choices. AND I LOVE your little truck! Do come back again...I will come to see what you are up to, for I so enjoy friends' affairs around the world! Anita