Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Cuckoo is a crafty bird

Last night I dreamed I was at a Bon Jovi gig and at the end I called up to Jon Bon Jovi, and the man himself came down to have a pic taken with me and we had a few snogs while my sister took photos.

It was heavenly. Til the alarm went off and the husband jumped in his sleep and then snored like a trombone.

Never been so disappointed that a dream wasn't reality. I should have realised it was only a dream - after the gig I offered him a plate of beef casserole that my mum had made for him...he refused it but then kissed me. Ahhhhhh...

Onto cherry tree treasures, I have bought the Princess this Indigo (M&S) t-shirt for £2. Very good condition and will last her this year and next. It came from Sue Ryder.

I then bought this Ladybird book, which is a little more of a collector's item, according to my research, although not in mint condition. I got it for 50p. A bargain as they normally start at £1.99.

I love the innocence and simplicity in Ladybird books. When it was all traditional and technology didn't really exist. Mothers weren't blogging, they were baking. Now they are blogging, baking and crocheting!!!

I also got this book, also 50p, to add to my collection. I have nearly 100 now. Every single one is a treasure from the cherry tree.

 See these jeans below (only pic I can find at the mo, I am in the pashmina)?

I bought them years and years ago from Gap. I love them as they are the trusty pair of jeans that tell me whether I have gained or lost weight. I've had times in them when they are practically falling off me, and times when I really shouldn't have tried to squeeze into them.

Anyway, after I had the Prince, I tried to squeeze into them waaay too soon and my bottom literally fell out of them and there was a massive rip under one of the back pockets, exposing all.

I didn't know WHAT to do with them. Cuckoo did.

 What a clever girlie she is. I LOVE my revamped jeans. She's put a patch under the rip at the back (which stupidly I forgot to photograph but will tomorrow) and put matching fabric along the bottom to give me a right frill.  I love it beyond words. I appreciate the time and effort very much, I know she has her hands full.

 I have been doing some work this evening (well, writing a news story about Noo Noo to send to the Whitstable rags, if I'm honest). This is the view. You can't do THAT in an office day job. In your pyjamas. Wearing no make-up and looking dog-rough with frizzy hair (no pics of that I'm afraid!)


SarahB said...

Do you know I am going to have to look for Ladybird books next time I visit the charity shops (am I allowed to call my ones cherry tree shops?!!)

Your new skirt is fabby and your supper looks yummy!!

S x

Cuckoo said...

Damn that Jon Bonjovi for only turning up in a dream!

Looking lovely in your Jean skirt doll. I love how you refer to me but don't make a link. It's like you assume every one knows who Cuckoo is! Hilarious! I feel like Madonna, no need for introductions nor explanation. Love it! So pleased you're happy with the skirt! Felt a bit trembely when I chopped the legs off and ripped the seams. but soon as the frill was on I relaxed a bit.

I don't get to cherry trees very often but I do look for ladybird books for you and anything Bonjovi related.

I'm hoping to chat to our Clairey today and get the Christening sorted. Xxx

Annaboo said...

Oh my, you are a girl after my own heart- I love a charity shop find (much prefer cherry tree- makes them sound less skanky). And that skirt is genius, I will never chuck out a pair of jeans again!
By the way, am totally with you on the lost Noo Noo saga- my little boy has 'monkey' and I have, on more than one occasion, gone MENTAL trying to find him. We do have a spare, but they're never the same, are they?
Love your blog. Am newest follower. If you fancy it, do pop over and visit my end of blogland- I love crochet and thrifty find too.

sandiart said...

Dreams are funny arn't they, would you seriously offer him your mums casserole in 'real' life.
Oh Cuckoo is gorgeous, I just posted a comment on her blog saying between her, yourself, bee, fee and nicki I am constantly laughing lately, good deep belly laughs. How I wish I could meet you all in person...perhaps one day.
x Sandi

Country Rose said...

Those jeans have been turned into a lovellllyy skirt, what a clever Cuckoo she is! :-) I love the fabric that has been used for the ruffled, gorgeous..!

Sounds like a very enjoyable dream! Love the way you said you 'had a few snogs' whilst your sister took photo's.. I'm sure those pics would have been beautiful!! haha

Thanks for the compliments you left on my blog.. It's always lovely when someone say's your slim!.. or anything along those lines actually..! I don't have far to go on the slimming world diet, don't worry I'm not crazy dieting, love my food wayyy too much! I just have my last 5lb's of baby fat to shift!! Sooo frustrating....just that last little bit!

Ashley xxx

honeycat said...

What an amazing idea. So glad tomorrows forcast is for rain cos ive a few pairs of jeans to revamp. Blimmin brillant that idea is. Melanie x

Andrea at Apples and Pears said...

She is a clever girl and the skirt look fab on you xx