Thursday, 1 March 2012

Zooming around and swimming

I bought this little number from the charity shop yesterday for £3.99. FYI, for my new followers, I refer to charity shops as cherry tree shops. It's just something my mum and I call them. Makes it sound quaint. Or something.

Moving on from cheap retail therapy, the Princess has one hell of a shiner on her cheek/eye after falling in her wooden playhouse late this afternoon. There I was, having a leisurely chat with my neighbour who popped over, and we heard muchos dramatic screaming that only the Princess can pull off.

"Here we go again", I sighed. Then immediately felt guilty when I saw her face. She has a very pretty little face so I was rather shocked to see a rapidly swelling eyelid and red bruise forming over her eye and cheek. "Mum, do not take even ONE photo for your blog. I mean it. I know you too well. I don't want anyone to see me like this" she said, while looking at me sternly with one eye closed.

Poor girl. She really does need to slow down though. Bull in a china shop springs to mind. She is a tomboy, she climbs trees, plays a mean game of football and loves dead frogs, Harry Potter and Horrid Henry. But she also looks gorgeous in pretty dresses, has lovely long hair and plays elaborate games with all her teddies who all have names like Ian and Stephen (with a 'ph' not a 'v'). She's unique I'll give her that (this is the girl who owns a baby doll called Derek-Tom).

So that was today's drama. Along with the fact I overslept and literally RAN the 20 mins walk to school. I left the Prince with the Husband and the Princess and I belted it all the way. Sort of like a poor man's Paula Radcliffe (without stopping to "relieve one's self" on the pavement half way through the race.....)

Talking of running, there's such a eclectic mix of mums at school, it's unreal. One mum apparently runs for eight hours a day. No, really. EIGHT HOURS. I just assumed she worked in a gym, hence all the running gear but apparently she just runs a lot at various points of the day. Complete with full make up and coiffured hair. How she maintains this look is a mystery. To balance it out though, I have seen another mum who shuffles to school in her pyjamas (and not in a cool ironic Slummy Mummy type way).

After checking out jogging mum and PJ mum, I walked the five minutes further to the beach. It was a gloriously warm morning but the cool sea breeze made my cheeks tingly and I hugged myself with excited glee for moving here (must have looked like some self-loving freak show).

But look at it! The sea was far out and it was slightly hazy.

Total "cherry tree" outfit - (except tights which were £1.50 from Primark)
Skirt  (White Stuff £4.99), boots (originally Gap £4) and bag (M&S £2.50)

Love this fabric

I can see for miles and miles 
 Had to get my camera out yesterday. Look what I spied in the sea yesterday morning.........

It would have been rude not to

The sea was FREEZING. I tested it.
But doesn't it look peaceful and serene?

Even some random dog was impressed by this man's actions
 I discovered he swims in the sea every morning in all weathers (even snow storms) - that's more impressive than someone who merely jogs for eight hours a day.

While he swam in the tranquil waters, I watched the morning sky slowly wake up.

Two hours later the skies were blue and sunny. I love watching it try to burn through.

I also made two new friends yesterday on the pier. May I introduce the young whippersnapper Nora who is 97. Yes really.

Love it!

Here she is with Michael who is less than 97, by several years. They took a shine to the Prince (who wouldn't?!) and took him for a joyride.

The hooligans revving it up on the pier.
Boy racers, eat your hearts out

Hanging out with the Homies

And as I watched them trundle home, I had a warm feeling in my heart.

People seem to be friendly here, always willing to stop and talk. A mum at school (who I haven't seen before) flung her business card into my hand this morning and said "I know you are new, come over for a coffee." She has the same Doc Marten's as me but green and wears a funky pink lipstick.

Another one has invited me to her book club. Can't wait. We've started reading Pigeon English and meet at hers in a month's time. Apparently they talk about the book for half an hour and then drink wine and have a laugh. Sounds good to me!


Romi and Bob said...

Hello my dear. Sorry for the general crapness. I did get your message and was meaning to message today. I have ben ill this week, so am ultra rubbishy and slow.
Love the Princess's doll names. Eliska calls all her dolls Tonique which is an awful Czech version of Tony. Really.
The sweethearts taking the Prince for a ride. Aw! Made me happy.
Strange reqest. Could you send me some cumin powder and garam masala, as Czech spices do not taste real to me. It can be the supermarket cheap version and doesn't have to be a big packet. Oo er! Sorry, I'll get my coat. I will email my address. xxx

Grateful4Crochet said...

I love your new friends!!! They are super adorable!!
Also love Derek-Tom as a name!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww Gem what a beautiful post,love the homies left me with a warm fuzzy feeling and yes i agree everyone stops and chats at the coast,hugs for princess,ouch!
Love your outfit and that guy of the bounty advert lol,
Enjoy your weekend xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhhh....zooming about, taking in the fresh sea air, buying a little something, making friends. How lovely is that.....oh dearest, ENJOY your new digs and all will be well. BISOUS! Anita

Musings Of A Gem said...

It's lovely that you've settled well into the area and made new friends. A book club sounds fun!!

Hope you have a nice weekend

Gemma x

Charis said...

What a fab post! Put a smile on my face.. glad to see you're settling in well ;)

Poppy said...

Hello, I would have taken the same picture as you did.....very nice, that picture of the dog that is. ;)
you do so well with your bargains, I must make more of an effort.
I loved everything in this post, thank you for making me smile.

Lou xxx

Missy said...

I flipping love this post and your new mates. What a nice morning they had giving the Prince rides round on their bikes! I bet it made their days. Bless them.
Really glad you're settling in.

(One of the words I have to type in is tenas... do you think 'they' know I have to think twice before coughing and laughing?)
(The other word is anecoc. I'm keeping my mouth shut.)

Alison said...

Aww, the picture of the prince and the elderly couple brought a tear to my eye.