Monday, 12 March 2012

Thank the lord for lovely friends!

I am eating a sausage while writing this blog post and really regretting the fact I have tuned into Embarrassing Bodies. A dodgy willy shown in all its (non existant) glory, is not looking unlike my bit of saucisse that I was hoping to enjoy and I am feeling rather...pigged off, quite frankly.

Ah well, I won't starve. Not after the amount I've consumed today.

I have had such a lovely day today. I invited three bloggy friends over for lunch as we all live in the same neck of the woods. In the past I have been a little hesitant about meeting up, in case bubbles burst and it's not the same in "real life".

Oh how wrong I was. HOW wrong.

Left to right: Sarah, Ashley, Sarah and me!

I had met up with Sarah at Annaboo's House a couple of weeks ago and we had a laugh. So I invited her over to mine for lunch today, along with the extremely wonderful Sarah at Shabby Chic Sarah and the ever so divine Ashley at Country Rose.

Yes the gorgeous shabby chic one and her country bumpkin friend turned up about a zillion hours later than planned due to traffic trouble but we made up for lost time.

These situations are always met with a little trepidation. What if we don't gel like we do in Blogland? What if they had higher expectations than I could live up to? Well, I needn't have worried. The girls arrived, there were "gert" (I am from Somerset, this means  "massive") hugs all round and then we scoffed our way through lunch.

The Prince fell for Rose. Tonight he told me "I love that boy Rose".....I had to correct him, but I knew what he meant. She is adorable. And rather cheeky!

Up to no good. Again!

Sarah (of the shabby chic variety) had brought me these cheery daffs with a lovely hand-made brooch.

She also requested I made my Trifle Crawford desserts which I did.

I was worried we wouldn't have room, but let me tell you, we are HARD CORE at the dining table. Don't invite us four anywhere if you were hoping to keep some left overs for the next day...

I'd made a lemon drizzle cake too but we ran out of time (ho hum, I'll have to eat that tomorrow) as I had to scoot off for the school run and parents' evening.

Sarah (Annaboo) brought me some lovely tulips and these two Ladybird books. Praise the Lord for my lovely new friends. It was like we'd all known each other for years.

Apparently only 30p each! Bargainous.

Look at this sweet drawing found at the back!

Do not invite us to an All You Can Eat. Because we will EAT IT ALL...

And now I shall look once more at that sausage, get the horrid Embarrassing Bodies willy image out of my mind, and continue with my meal at 10.35pm. That programme really is TMI at any time of day.


Musings Of A Gem said...

Meeting bloggy friends is so much fun!!! I met some at the weekend and was a little worried about meeting up and not getting along, but it was fab!!

Hilarious about the sausage...hope you can get the image out of your head.

Gemma x

Kylie said...

Oh I love the drawing in the back of your "lady" Is it Joseph wearing his technicolour dream coat do you think?

Cuckoo said...

That embarrassing bodies program astonishes me. They go on there saying they are embarrassed, worried, been living with the problem for years, too scared to show their partners...and then they flap it all out for thousands of strangers to see in technicolour glory. OMG!

Ohhhhh your trifle crawfords look great. I'm not one for trifles but I've yet to try yours. I may become a convert!

So glad you are having fun having bloggy girl gatherings. It's amazing how our blogs are 'us' just in print. I bet when you read the girls blogs now you can hear their voices apeaking to you in your head.

Would love to catch up sometime when you feel like it.


Grateful4Crochet said...

The four of you all look so gorgeous!!!

Romi and Bob said...

Such fun! Good on you, I often wish I could meet my blog chums. So good that you all get on in real life too.
Ta for sending my parcel, I am looking forward to it.
Have been chuckling at comments re Roman. Perhaps I can persaude him to do a black and white tasteful photo shoot. Or maybe I could just post a pic of him in my pink bobble hat, haha! xxx

Pink Milk said...

What freaked me out most last night was that poor woman who had a stone of breast tissue removed. Imagine having to cart those puppies around??? When they cut her nipple off, I nearly passed out!!

Look at all you lovely bloggers!! Sounds like you had such a laugh. All you need next time is the gorgeous Cuckoo and most of my favourite bloggers will be in the same room!!!


PS. Yes, Zoflora!!! I'm so pleased you love it too - I ADORE the Spring Bouquet one but delivered the Cinnamon one instead which makes me feel a bit sick!

Annaboo said...

Oh, my lovely- what fun we had. (particularly trying to get a decent shot of us all together- mwahh ha haa!)
'twas a good laugh.
Sorry about not eating the lemon cake. If I'd have remembered I would have taken a slice home.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest GEM! You know, I have had the grand pleasure of meeting blog friends in California, here in Minnesota, and I hope to meet some IN EUROPE ONE DAY! And all meetings EXCEEDED my expectations. I swear that WRITING and SHARING your passions creates a link to kindred spirits. I have also SKYPED with beloved blogger friends in Europe and elsewhere and it has been the thrill of a life time. I am glad you are happy dearest. You look GORGEOUS!!!! Anita

Jumbleberries said...


Just found your blog via Annaboo's House - I'm your new follower.

Jumbleberries xx

Gem said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day :) x x x x

Jooles said...

sounds like a fab day :o)
ooooh nooooo.....embarrassing bodies....eeeeeek!
love jooles x

SarahB said...

We had such a lovely lunch - it really was like a meeting with old friends!! Thanks so much for having us - we *must* do it again soon.

Mr G calls Embarassing Bodies "Ar5ehole TV" and refuses to watch it - he was somewhat traumatised by an old fella showing off his anal fissure!! *shudder*


S x

Anonymous said...

So happy for you Gem to have met up with some bloggy friends,sounds like a super day.Love the brooch and the Ladybird

Romi and Bob said...

Hi Gem, I have had a dodgy internet connection, but THANKS for my parcel. It came on Friday, but I couldn't get online to thank you before, you little treasure. Thankyou so much. The chocolate was divine. Bliss. I am going to use the bunting for a summer soiree.
I am making a teeny thing for your pracel to go with dolly, but as soon as that is done, she will be winging her way to you.
Big hugs, you made me a very happy girly. xxx