Friday, 24 February 2012

Random: Wee, pipes, cake, gifts and friends

Before I begin, can I just point you all towards Thrifty, one of my fave bloggers, for her day today. I thought mine was bad from the afternoon onwards but this chick has the slick attitude required when needed:

I salute you, love. Well and truly.

What a day. What a week. Where do I begin? Do I begin by telling you about the shite afternoon I've had? Where the car failed its MOT and needed over £400 spent on it just to get through....or shall I tell you  about our outside pipe which was gushing water into the drive, road and neighbour's driveway? Neighbour knocked to inform me as I wrestled to get two naked children out of the bath. The Prince decided to use this opportunity to do a horse-style wee all over the carpet in his room. You know, the lengthy ones. So much scrubbing was required while the kids whined for their Cheerios (what am I, a fricking restaurant? I've had demands all day for food.) Or shall I tell you about how my day started at 5am (having crawled into bed at midnight) when the Prince marched in and announced: "Mum, mine hot wickabick please. My hungry".

No I won't tell you about any of those frustrating moments (oh....)

I shall tell you about my hot date with the lovely Sarah at Annaboo's House instead. We met at my lovely neighbour's house (those who didn't read my last few blog posts may not know that my neighbour just happens to be best friends with Sarah...small world).

We all had a great time, mopping up spilt tea (me again, it really has been a disastrous day AND I stabbed my eye with my mascara wand minutes before meeting Sarah) and talking about many things, including the wonderful world of blogging.

Here we are, sort of Friends Reunited. And we're going to get together again. Hoorah! She's lovely (aren't you, dear?!)

Talking of bloggy friends, I've had two surprises this week. One from Helen at and one from Julie at and I was thrilled and very grateful.

Helen sent me the below earrings, after reading my blog about a cherry tree bracelet I'd found a while back, as she had the earrings to match and didn't wear them.

 I now have a full set of seagull/seaside jewels!

We are family
She also sent me two gorgeous cards and a mini sewing kit, what a love. I was delighted.

And my bloggy friend Julie sent me  a lovely handmade card and these gorgeous house warming gifts. I am in love with them! They go so well in our home, and yes it's only a rented home, but while we live here, it's our home and I love it.

How cute is this card?!

This lives in the dining room now. Gorgeous!

And this chose to pose in the kitchen

Julie also sent me the Blanket of Glory just before Christmas
(check out those teething cheeks)

Onto cherry tree shop items. I bought these two coats for the Princess this week. £3 each. The polka dot spring jacket (sorry, I've washed it but I don't do ironing, life is too short) is so cute although it looks wide in the photo. The Princess is chuffed with both.

Cute flowers and butterflies design

Whilst it looks wide enough to fit Pat Butcher,
it fits my slender Princess beautifully
 Will blog again over the weekend if time, as I've waffled on way too long here. I need to go to sleep if that pesky kid wants hot Weetabix again at 5am...


Musings Of A Gem said...

Wow - you sound like you need a big glass of wine after all that!!

I hope you have a relaxing weekend :)

Gemma x

SarahB said...

Ah, bless the Prince wanting wickabick (how sweet is that?!!) at 5.00am!! That is one thing I don't miss about having little littlelies ( instead of big littlelies like I have!!)

Great cherry tree bargains as always!!

Isn't bogland fab?!!

Have a lovely weekend, hope it's better than today has been!!


S x

Annaboo said...

Oh, Missus what a shock when I scrolled through my bloglist to see a photo of myself there!!
Ha ha!
We had a great morning, didn't we? The little'uns got on famously and we all chatted like we'd known each other for years!
Very funny moment with spilt tea and panic that we'd trashed the family fortune in the big box.
And may I say what a MARVELLOUS home baked, delicious, still-oven-warm beautiful cake you made.
Till next

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

Home-baked, still- oven-warm cake? I'm coming next time.

Love that the prince is specific about how he wants his weetabix served! Although hot weetabix sounds HANGING. Yuck. Cannot imagine eating it hot but maybe a should try it.

Have a fab weekend - get your bum down to the sea.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Darling Gem,

It is so good to see you happy. Small worlds fill in those large gaps we experience, and you have started to fill in with friends. I knew it would happen. GREAT JEWELRY FINDS! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Gem, you don't know how special it is for me to see you. I am just thrilled that you are feeling better in your new place and thank you for visiting me. I love my BRITISH FRIENDS!!!!! Hugs, Anita

kmmms said...

Ooh love the gifts and cherry tree finds! Must do a roundup of mine at some point (the latter).

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Send gifts to pakistan said...

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